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(This thread is a bit "new sincerity" and self-important so if you do not like that please just let me be!!)

It's been about five years since I started with Smogon and competitive Pokemon as a whole. The number seems a lot larger than it should be, but if I think back over what's gone on in my life since I made the move to reclaim my account here, it adds up a little bit more. This thread is kinda intended to be an overview of the last five years for me alongside sharing a team that encapsulates my philosophy. Maybe it's a bit poetic that the team I'm sharing here has had one ever appearance and it was an L, but if anything it's a team that really works with the way in which I intend to play.

This thread is largely being posted in RMT because 1) QQ would likely delete it in tournaments and cite some obscure Internal Revenue Code-esque rule to justify giving me 26 infraction points and 2) TPP can provide whatever the Smogon Version Of Nepotism is by deleting the (rightfully deserved) "you just posted cringe" memes that should be responded to here.

Just me rambling about my time here on Smogon:
I suppose what would be best is that I explain why I'd like to do a personal thread, which just so happens to be about Pokemon. I think many tournament community members know this, but it's probably fair to be blunt and upfront about it now to just about everyone anyway - I am (as are many of us lol) an individual that struggles with some extent of mental health issues. While I don't think, overall, mine are terribly bad and I thank God for that, I tend to have two distinct "phases" and, when in a "depressive" phase, I gravitate towards obsessively working at whatever my IRL job is at the time and isolating away from other people. Not a terribly healthy coping strategy! While I have, especially over the last two years, gotten far better at handling these times, having Smogon and the competitive mons community as a sort of social interaction when it'd otherwise be a bit difficult for me has been a god-send, and I honestly believe I've made really good friends through this website that I would never have otherwise. I don't know if it's just me becoming curmudgeonly or if something has indeed changed, but it feels like a lot of the sincerity is washed right out of the gang and everyone's a bit meaner to one another than I recall when I started. I could be wrong, though.

Starting from the beginning makes sense. Some hawk-eyed folks have already noticed that this particular forums account isn't really my first one - I had an account registered as just "teal" which I never could get the password back to. This account was originally created to be a troll account, and if you look at my first thread from 2007 it was some nonsense post called "Slowpoke Sex" in Firebot that made a lot of people laugh and a lot of people angry. I kinda forgot about Smogon for 8 years after that point, for the most part.

Most of my online life has been spent on a forum called SomethingAwful, which most of you have no idea what it is, but a huge majority of what you find funny or shareable or whatever originates from that website. At the time I posted almost entirely in an off-topic soccer thread, and to make my buddies on there laugh, I did this excessively long troll where I registered for some YuGiOh forum and pretended to be an unintentionally racist 16 year old who was mad that the world thought playing card games wasn't as cool as drinking or having sex. If you ever want to read that thread check this out, it's probably the best trolling I've ever done: (Of Mice and Yugioh ended when I couldn't milk the other posters for more content, so I pretended to have my alias killed off by mad cow disease. It took the Pojo posters like a week and a half to realize nobody has died of mad cow disease in the USA for like a decade)

Once I was done with Of Mice and Yugioh I thought it was a good idea to take the same general idea - creating an entire persona as a troll but sticking to it for such an absurdly long amount of time that the people intended to be trolled can't tell if it is real or not - and applied it to Smogon. My goal was a bit grander but less defined, I thought I could do something really funny if I just stuck it out long enough and rose up appropriately to the notoriously hard-to-breach cliques of power on the website. In turn, I did pretty good! A lot of people seemingly bought the excessively kind character "teal6" played and within like two years I had won Nicest User a bunch of times and also been given the reins to uh *checks notes* run the entire tournament section (???). The only thing I didn't really account for was that I'd actually like the people I played with during the attempt to integrate, and so by the time I got the power necessary to do "something funny" my will to troll had by and large burned out and, haha, joke was on me - I was just another person who spent a ton of time thinking about, playing and talking about competitive Pokemon. To that end I should say I haven't been "in character" for like three years now so when someone like Ojama says I'm being 'fake nice' I can't TOTALLY say he's wrong but I just genuinely haven't attempted to be like that in ages.

So, what is the point of writing all of this out? Well ultimately I'd like to do one thing: express sincere gratitude to the community that has given me a fulfilling and meaningful hobby. In complete contrast to my original goals I found the value of sincerity and effort in something as niche as a non-paying spin-off competitive video game. I just want to take the rest of the time to do a little recap, largely for my own sake, as I have a notoriously garbage memory.

When I first joined Smogon I got kinda lucky, I forget who our manager was at the time but I got drafted into UUPL for two reasons: 1) I lied and said I could play ADV UU and 2) I had a 2007 registration date. This was apparently enough to trick the unsuspecting UUPL manager who bought me, but wisely bought a backup in Hogg , who would go on to be my first and one of my best friends on Smogon. For those of you that don't know Hogg terribly well, as you interact with him you will find that he's a deeply intelligent man, both in a logical sense but more importantly in an emotional sense. He's a good person to learn from. From this point, I grew more in UU, and eventually found my way into "Grand Slam Conversation", a Skype group run by Kink and staffed by some familiar names like Christo , IronBullet , r0ady , Sacri' and Euphonos . (Hogg was there as well). A large part of the group split after a while, but those that remained helped me with my first real tournament run which was Grand Slam IV, and honestly they were great friends at that time. Probably the entire reason I stuck with mons was that period of like 10 months where we chatted in there every day, I wish it had kept going, but as the Discord era came in we all stopped talking as much.

Grand Slam IV, in particular, UU Open, had one other really important moment. At the time, I didn't take the competitive side super seriously, playing casually as I mentioned before. However, after Round III of that tournament I received a PM from Valentine , asking if I was thinking about playing in SPL. I didn't really "get" what SPL was necessarily, but I thought it'd be too above my level, so when he said that if I kept up the level of play I showed in Round III I was certain to be bought, that actually meant a lot to me. That was probably the moment I applied myself more to actually trying in the game, and I had a pretty decent run. What was more important, at the end of that tournament, Val (I think without asking literally anyone) added me to a different Skype group called VoD (which stands for Virgins of Death).

In VoD is where I met a lot of the people that I talk to almost daily now, even. I still remember thinking it was weird how hostile everyone was when I joined, and I didn't know that they were all broke 20 year olds so there was a weird intimidation factor at first. However it wasn't long for folks like blunder , Shake (can't think of his forums name), Omfuga (he has scrambled his forums name for Identity Protection Purposes) and TDK to become pals. VoD was a LOT of fun, and the bigger size of the group meant that it was active almost 24/7. During the SPL VII months we genuinely played several hours of tagpro nightly, which was fun as hell.

SPL VII was also important to me because that's when I was bought by Val for the Cryonicles, which would then become and remain "my team". Our first season was absolutely wild and came down to one of the most legendary games of mons ever, but we were eliminated, and for the first time in the game I actually felt genuine sadness at having lost. I would say right around this juncture I had largely given up any weird trolling motives, because it was clear I was sincerely invested fully. That season was my favorite SPL so far, and I got to meet folks like Teddeh , Fakes and two big influences: Sweepage and Star .

Once SPL VII had settled the next tournament I tried my hand at was Classic II. In the midst of my ADV Cup run I got a PM from BKC who I had never really talked to at that point. We discussed my potential eligibility for East at that time, and to encourage me to continue in ADV, he provided me a pastebin of "team ideas" that were, frankly, incredibly schizophrenic and indecipherable to human beings. There was just lines and lines of stuff like "-camerupt (+ zapdos??) / toxic" that I was supposed to make viable teams off of and win ADV Cup. Of course, this didn't happen and undisputed took me out in the finals because I failed to find the Rosetta Stone and accurately translate Kevin's team thoughts into something usable.

My performance dipped a lot around this time as my IRL was thrown into turmoil, as I decided to move across the world (stopping first in California for a few months) and this caused immense stress on a 5-year-long relationship I was in at the time lol. Utilizing the absurdity of the old WCOP rules I decided to reunite with Val and co on US West (also due to the immense respect I had for Philip7086 ) and justified my spot on the team for the literally 1-day-length-of-time I had spent with a US West IP at that point (seriously, we submitted the roster like the night I landed). This would turn out to be a hilariously bad mistake as I subsequently went 0-4 lol woops.

I moved to Australia not too long after and actually playing mons died down quite a bit, though I was getting more responsibility on the TD side. I was promoted to TD for no reason other than I kept posting that I would indeed be the next TD in the smogtours chat and with a grand total of 6 hours of activity weekly between them, someone thought it was real and they approved me. I don't recall exactly when I became Head TD but I'll probably cut this section short and say that I'm allergic to responsibility online, and the position was sincerely not for me. I felt really uncomfortable with the angry and annoyed PMs I'd get daily, and a massively ramped up workload meant that my response time was not what I wanted it to be.

While in Australia I became really good friends with ABR , largely due to our similar way of thinking on a lot of issues and shared love for playing seemingly endless marathons of monotype random battles. I think I pretty much laid low until around like Grand Slam VI time, where I managed to qualify for that, but more importantly this was around when SSD I came into being. During this time I reunited with friends ict and Poek alongside BHARATH_THEBEST and Star, as well as a ton of other really good allies. I loved Pitvipers and the way the team went, and won my first trophy, which was a blast. Around this same time TDK had brought me into a Discord group where we are rapidly catching up to present day, it's still the one in which I talked to most. Most people call it "the jerk" but I'd refer to it as "Kong", mainly cuz our picture is an image of King Kong from some old Godzilla movie. In this chat is where I met all the folks that I now consider sincere friends, and who know a lot about me in many respects. Those that I haven't brought up just as of yet include Pearl , TonyFlygon , soulgazer (tho you were in VoD), rozes , KratosMana and bro fist . I still chat with this gang nearly daily and I probably missed a few people but sorry about that lol

Back in NJ and with the reorganization of the WCOP regions, my next notable event was getting to play for NE. Shunted into RBY despite my clear CG OU talents, this was actually my favorite team I've ever been on. The NE gang has such ludicrously good chemistry and the chat is always fun to be in. Getting the chance to play with players I looked up to immensely like John, BKC, and ABR was a true blessing. As well, I made really good friends right off the bat with august , who is someone I think I share a very sincere bond with. More than this, I love the entire gang, including the cameo players and yes, even roscoe , who's absurdly mean natural demeanor is a big part of what makes the group tick as well as it does. We won our first attempt in the very last game and spawned some great jokes in our channel. I'll probably never forget PMing blunder mid-game when John was playing asking how it looked, only to get told to shut the fuck up because we won no matter what.

That summer led into SSD II, where I was lucky enough to be drafted by another very close friend of mine, obii . I neglected to mention much of obii before but I should be upfront, he's one of my best friends on the site. I share a lot with him and trust him a lot as a human, and in SSD II he drafted a really awful team where his star players were somehow Leru , elodin and myself (oh and the kingpin was there too). Long story short Posho lost 14 games in one tournament but we still managed to win the tour, giving me my third trophy. I had a good time with these guys.

The next two tours were pretty underwhelming, and I suppose I sorta skipped over all my managing with the Cryos (which is mainly where I met and became friends with CrashinBoomBang . I love that team but I'm a god awful manager, and while there were some funny and absurd moments in the three years where I got to manage, I feel I let down all the players who put their heart on the line for me by not being able to help out more. For that, I apologize to Val from whom I inherited the team, and I wish the best of luck to the next duo to take up the boys. We lost WCOP and (I think not 100% but almost mathematically as of the time of this writing) we are out of SSD III, the latter of which I got a chance to play in OU vs some really strong players like ABR and Empo , so that was fun. I was glad to be drafted by John and especially McMeghan , the latter of which I looked up to as a player ever since I saw his Classic semifinal in the first edition.

This long story leads me to the team. I'm gonna take a break from playing competitively for a while, as I find myself frustrated more than happy, and the highs don't match the lows. In turn, I think it best to mostly observe and participate in the communities on the sidelines a bit, ideally coming back for the World Cup so we can reclaim our throne. I'm a big fan of an anime called Ashita no Joe, and even Joe had to take some time off in order to get his mentality right, so I think that might be what is best for me too in this case! So to call it a day for the time being on my end, please take a look at my favorite team I used this SSD, created via my suggestion and fleshed out by the incredible TPP :


Medicham-Mega (M) @ Medichamite
Ability: Pure Power
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- High Jump Kick
- Zen Headbutt
- Ice Punch

From a competitive standpoint, Medicham is probably my favorite Pokemon. I absolutely love fast, absurd wallbreakers that really reward instinctual and correct clicking. I was preparing to play vs Insult when I used this team, so I thought having a guaranteed-progress mon vs his very NE brand of "cover it all" balance that he had grown into was a good idea. The thing is, he knew I liked Medicham, so I figured he might tech against it (spoiler: he did) and I had to have a secondary way to bust through the team.


Bisharp (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Defiant
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Knock Off
- Iron Head
- Swords Dance

I absolutely LOVE Bisharp in late 2019 OU. The STAB typings and general absurdity of his attack stat + his pseudo-speed make him an incredibly dangerous threat for a lot of balances that either despise losing their item or simply can't deal with a physical attacker that can hit fairies + others. Playing around Bisharp tends to be fairly awkward, as you cannot soft check it through intimidate, and some of the type-resistant mons like Lopunny can't really deal with taking Sucker Punches terribly well. This was, on my end, a good call for the game in question, though I definitely misplayed it.


Tornadus-Therian @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 240 HP / 64 Def / 204 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hurricane
- Knock Off
- Heat Wave
- U-turn

Needing the team to be a bit faster and able to check things like scarf Landorus-Therian, we went with the old classic. I think Torn is a really amazing glue mon, and it's temperamental coverage, speed tier and ability make it incredibly flexible. McM espouses the usage of flexible mons often, and Torn is definitely one. I believe vs Insult I ran with Defog > U-turn, but in general, you'd probably prefer the momentum over the second "off".


Tapu Fini @ Leftovers
Ability: Misty Surge
EVs: 248 HP / 16 Def / 12 SpA / 40 SpD / 192 Spe
Calm Nature
- Defog
- Moonblast
- Scald
- Taunt

Another utility mon, this time with the primary aim of getting hazards off, as well as scaring out grounds and fighting types. We were pretty weak to Lopunny overall, so Fini had synergy with Tornadus in giving us one of two checks to use against it. Taunt and water STAB could be useful when dealing with things like potential Protect Heatran.


Garchomp (M) @ Rockium Z
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

Garchomp gave us our hazards, with a Rock Z set not letting up on the momentum at all. +2 Crush blows away just about anything, though like we saw in game, it wasn't used to its fullest potential. That is perhaps the turn I regret the most is not clicking EQ when it was clear Insult couldn't let his Gliscor get blown to smithereens, but oh well!


Jirachi @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 104 HP / 108 Atk / 44 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Iron Head
- Healing Wish
- U-turn
- Ice Punch

Lastly we are joined by Jirachi, who is the premier scarf user on pretty much any offensive team, at least in my opinion. The ability to threaten scary mons like Tornadus as well as giving an additional life to Medicham or Bisharp was the major reason we liked him here, as well as being a fairly usable Lele switchin would we run into that, though we planned we wouldn't. Because of the Healing Wish in the back, I likely played my Medicham incorrectly, particularly thinking it was okay to get poisoned early on, but if I were to continue using this team, I'd scout for that a bit more.


Overall, I'd just like to thank all of you for giving me the chance to have fun here. I don't see myself going anywhere for good, it's a hobby that can be picked up at pretty much any time, which is so great about mons. I know there's people on this site that don't like me for one reason or another, but I'd like to include you, too (aside from Mr. Tim) in my thanks. It's only due to everyone's efforts and passion for this bizarre game we play that any of it has any meaning, and to me, it holds a lot. Thank you everyone for making my life just that much better!

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