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This will be an article about the Game Corner room! It'll be about the various games in the room in detail, both scripted and user-hosted. It'll explain them and include some tips on how to play them. I'll also explain the "bits" system in the room, which has all to do with the scripted games, and why people are so crazy about it! It obviously has to do with PS, hasn't been covered in the last few issues, even though there's been a GC article (Together with Survivor). That article doesn't really cover any games well, nor explains anything in detail and only gives a very blunt introduction. This article should dive deeper into the room and give a better vibe of it. I've asked Astara, a Room Owner if I could do this, and she was very positive about it.

I realize that the last article took a long time. I do think that this was mostly because w0rd quit and didn't update it even when he didn't yet. I took a little long at the start, but notifications didn't notificate me the thread was active until I was tagged, luckily it came out right eventually. I hope I can do this as I'm pretty sure it should turn out well!

- Scripted Games Introduction
- Bits System
- Scripted Games
- Various Scripted Games
- PM Games
- Various PM Games
- Tours
- Non-Scripted Games Introduction
- How you can host them
- Non-Scripted Games
- Various Non-Scripted Games
- What to do with your ideas.
huh I could've sworn we had an article on Game Corner already, but after a look through seems like the only one was shelved.

I'm cool with this, looks like you've got a good amount of detail.
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