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Yo, so I had kind of a fun idea that, although not directly pertinent to a certain room and such, would be a cool way for outsiders to better understand the inner workings of some of Showdown's rooms. Pretty much, I'll go "undercover" in a PS room as some new user, interact with the regulars and such, and then see where that takes me. After a while or after I'm voiced or something (if that works out), I'll document what happened and write up an article about it. Hopefully, if all goes well, this could become sort of a regular series or something. I've already picked the room I'd like to do, but to keep it more real I'd prefer not to disclose which room I've chosen to too many people, so I've only told Spydreigon and a friend who frequents the room. I hope that's not an issue, but I don't want a bunch of people knowing and/or interfering with the "study." And if you guys have a better name for the article, I'm all ears lol.
I already spoke with Vacate if this is allowed or not, and he mentioned how he thinks this article would turn out really interesting, and I agree. It would be cool to make it like a "Day 1: title, Day 2: more stuff" etc, to show exactly what went out during your mission as an undercover agent.

Make sure to let at least one of the ROs know, and this should turn out great.
This definitely has its differences from your typical Room Spotlight article. Going undercover and documenting your experiences (hopefully positive) would show the rest of PS! what your experiences are really like, and how you went about attaining certain ranks, etc.

Antemortem, what are your thoughts?
I'm not sure if I'm okay with this. I don't really like sockpuppeting... You would be fooling the staff of a particular room, and for what end? To come clean and say "yeah, so I was lying for the sake of an article." I'm trying to convince myself this is an innocent idea but I'm unconvinced.
Ok here's how I saw this.

The very reason why I'm attracted to the concept of going undercover in a room is essentially because it'd allow for outsiders to gauge more of an awareness to the inside operations of rooms. I highly doubt Mambo is going to shittalk rooms or anything that would shed them in a bad light, it's more like as Spydreigon put it: a journalistic kind of experience that documents one's endeavors as they journey though a particular room and they would showcase it to the readers.

At least, that's the impression I'm getting out of this and why I was quick to approve it, because it definitely seems creative and innovative.
okay, discussed this very briefly with Mambo and as long as it's approached in a humorous, journalistic, and innocent manner, then I have no qualms.
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