Completed Indefinite Background Status (ASB Leaves of Absence Thread)

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I will be going on indefinite background status. A fancy term meaning I'm not very likely to be here daily, as I will have nightly irl committments for the forseeable future (measured in months).

As a result, I will be suspending:

All battle activity (reffing and battles, including the tournament battle). Consider this a forfeiture as I will be unable to reliably keep to DQ time.
Most regular interaction in #capasb.

I still intend to work on implementation of 6th Gen as information comes in and other side projects, but do not expect that much from me.

My apologies to Void Guy and Unoriginal Name, who will need a sub-ref for this battle.
Good idea in theory, didn't work in practice.


21:23Rediamond"After much consideration, the moderators have decided that the departure thread is no longer enjoying its existence in ASB. While it loved it's time here, it can unfortunately not justify the amount of time it spends in ASB. Also, it is no longer having fun."
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