Multi-gen Indigo Plateau 6 [9-man won by Finchinator]

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Welcome to the sixth Indigo Plateau Conference.

Congratulations to the 9 players who have qualified! In the first stage, we will have 3 groups of 3, where players with the most wins from each group will move on to the final. Players were seeded based on the least amount of losses they had.

Group A: Djokra (6-6), MetalGro$$ (9-3), TectonicDestroyer (4-10)
Group B: Finchinator (10-4), Nalorium (5-9), SOMALIA (6-8)
Group C: Gilbert arenas (8-6), Thiago Nunes (5-9), Oibaf (8-6)

Please play against every opponent in your group, in gens 1-7 OU.

Deadline is 12th April, 11:59pm gmt -4.
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Metalgro: Rby (L), Gsc (L), Adv (L), DPP (L), Bw (W), Oras (L), SM (W)
Alice: Rby (L), Gsc (L), Adv (L), DPP (L), Bw (l), Oras (W), SM (W)
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Sry for double post, but can group A request an extension? Me an metalgro have been struggling a bit to find a time, but tomorrow should be fine. The score of my and metalgro game decides whether alice and metalgro is a bo7 or not, so they are holding that game off for now.


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HSOWA is there going to be any activity decisions or an official extension made through this weekend? It seems the two other pools are not resolved (although the series between MetalGro$$ and Djokra will 100% decide the first one).
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