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Well, it is official. I have too many 3/4 flawless IV Pokemon...I need to trade them off. And I figured that most of you out there would be better suited and such out there.

To put into other words, I have a lot of Pokemon that need to be traded off because they take up space (because of searching for quint-flawless via breeding). These do include some HA Pokemon, like Goomy, and this list is expected to expand as I search for more quint-flawless. I'll make sure to update it as I do some more breeding. In terms of trades, I have different tastes here and there, so I'll update those as well.

I hope you all benefit from these trades and I'll make sure I get to you all as soon as possible!

As of Nov. 1st, 2013

Current Pokemon in Storage (with spreads)
Fennekin (Modest)

(x3) x/x/31/31/31/x

Out of Stock

Tastes for this Week
No preference...if I like it, I'll trade, and that isn't hard to do.

Infiltrator Noibat (Modest/Timid planned)
Blue Flower Flabebe (Modest planned)
Natural Cure Phantump (Adamant planned)
Intimidate Mawile (Adamant) [close to offering]
Sap Sipper Skiddo (Adamant)
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Hi, please add IVs for anything you're offering even if they're just leftovers from breeding, PM me when you have done so and I will re-open this thread.
Okay, sorry about that. IVs are up now...will update those when they come out.

EDIT: Updated for "Tastes" for the trades.
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Anyone have any suggestions for a Kalosian Pokemon I should breed? Please post below to request a trade or a future breeding spree!

EDIT: If no trades occur by next Friday, then I authorize the closing of this thread. If trades DO occur, then the thread will remain open till no demand is evident.

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