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Hey All,

Sorry this is a week late. I figured that I'd share some of my matches on the now finished International Challenge with you all. Unfortunately, I decided to do this only this morning and managed to save only 12 matches. What's worse is that I can only upload 10 matches online for your viewing pleasure. If anyone knows of a way to upload the last two elsewhere, let me know and I'll link them to the appropriate match summary. Nevertheless, I'll share with you what I can.

I finished 31-13, going 10-5 on my first two days and then 12-3 on the last one. I played all 45 matches, but one of them was a disconnect on my opponents part and counted toward my battle count but did not register as a win. My rating came in at roughly 1720. For this first part, I'm going to pretty much reiterate what happens in the battle with a little of my thought process mixed in. At the end, I'll share my thoughts on the competition and things I took away from it. You don't have to watch the battles, it's only just a huge pain-staking undertaking I took up for you're pleasure. But please don't skip out on the things to take away. You could at least tell me I'm wrong or share your own irrelevant opinions. Now that all the boring details are out of the way, let's get to my team:

Team Overview


Speed control is something you can't overlook in VGC when it comes to team building as manipulating the order in which your attacks go off is crucial to picking the best possible moves.The idea behind this team was to control speed with the likes of Ho-Oh and Gengar, and then use the rest of the team to nail my opponents for massive damage.
Weavile was there predominantly for Rayquaza, faster Fake Outs, Knocking off Cresselia, and any favorable match ups. It's natural speed also meant that it attracted priority moves and would get off some decent damage before kicking the bucket. Since the sash worked best on Gengar, it held a Life Orb for some much needed damage output. I did not use Weavile much though as Smeargle was on every other team and so Gengar's Taunt was more valuable in those situations.
Speaking of Gengar, Icy Wind is absolutely amazing for ruining anything not Trick Room oriented. The sash let's me get off a Taunt and usually fire off a Sludge Bomb to deal decent damage. An immunity to Fake Out is amazing as I am free to Taunt all the world's Smeargles, Cresselias, and Xerneases, effectively butchering them barring a Mental Herb. Scrappy Fake Out users also have to worry about getting KOed or taking other damage from Gengar's partners.
Speaking about Gengar's partners, Ho-Oh is usually my go to accompanying lead. Apart from being an extremely reliable way to get Tailwind up, it has amazing bulk allowing it to tank a surprising number of attacks including Kangaskhan's Parental Bond Double Edge, Kyogre's rain boosted Origin Pulse or Scald, and a number of non-STAB Rock Slides (Shoutout to Theorymon). Sitrus Berry is a must for extra longevity and helps me get off Brave Birds in a pinch. Sacred Fire is an amazing tool to spread burns for chip damage and combined with Tailwind, is probably the reason that most Pokemon choose to target it over its other partners. My spread leaves damage output a bit wanting, but it is completely worth the extra bulk It walls like the likes of Xerneas so that's amazing, but gets walled by Groudon.
Speaking of Groudon, it hits hard. I run a physical variant to hit hard regardless of weather. Overheat is virtually useless but I keep it here just in case a Ferrothorn comes in after Ho-Oh is gone or a Pokemon needs a little more damage to be KOed and I don't want to risk Precipice Blades. I chose Dragon Claw over Rock Slide as nobody knows how amazing Ho-Oh is to use and it has helped hit the likes of Giratina-O, and Rayquaza, and Salamence, for some reliable damage (I get walled by Togekiss but that is usually gone by the time Groudon comes out).
Speaking of Salamence, mine is shiny and it looks awesome. It acts as a great check for Groudon and Rayquaza, and Intimidate support in very valuable. Aerialate Hyper Voice and Double Edge hit surprisingly hard and let me wreck opponents of both sides of the defensive spectrum. It also threatens Xerneas pre-Geomancy and does considerable damage to Kyogre as well.
Not speaking of Landorus, I initially ran the Incarnate version for its ability to OHKO most Primal Groudon, but apart from that, its damage output was seriously lacking and it was too frail. I switched to the Assault Vest Therian version and have not looked back. Most of my team is immune to Earthquake so that fits in well. I don't have any particular reason to include this but with its respectable bulk and Intimidate, it offers great support to fill in the patches of my team (it hits Ho-Oh with Rock Slide). Also Explosion hits like a truck and is a fun move to use. I am considering running a Jolly version to out speed all variants of the Primals, but its never has really been an issue so probably not happening. Importable version below.

Ho-Oh @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Pressure
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 180 Def / 60 SpD / 12 Spe
Careful Nature
- Brave Bird
- Sacred Fire
- Protect
- Tailwind

Salamence @ Salamencite
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 50
EVs: 20 Atk / 236 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Hyper Voice
- Double-Edge
- Protect

Weavile @ Life Orb
Ability: Pressure
Level: 50
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Icicle Crash
- Fake Out
- Knock Off
- Protect

Gengar @ Focus Sash
Ability: Levitate
Level: 50
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Sludge Bomb
- Icy Wind
- Protect
- Taunt

Groudon @ Red Orb
Ability: Drought
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Precipice Blades
- Overheat
- Protect
- Dragon Claw

Landorus-Therian @ Assault Vest
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 50
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Explosion
- U-Turn

And now onto the matches.

Match 1: Vs. Kadoya
Battle Video Code: YDTW-WWWW-WW3F-VSH4

My Team:

Opponent's Team:

This was a straight forward match. I lead Gengar and Groudon because after an Icy Wind I would out speed all of his Pokemon and Groudon has a field day with his team. I was afraid that he would open with the Cresselia and Kyogre lead but it becomes a little mind game in that case. Fortunately, he led with Raichu and Rayquaza and I went on with my strategy.
Next turn, fearing that Precipice Blades was inviting Cress in and wasting the turn with Groudon I threw out a Dragon Claw at Rayquaza for the KO and Sludge Bomb at the Raichu. The subsequent switch to Kyogre in place of Raichu was questionable but it essentially allowed him to preserve an emergency Fake Out and bring in Cress for an inevitable Trick Room.
The moment Cress switched out next turn, my heart dropped because I had thought he ran a max speed Kyogre and tricked me into having Groudon eat a water move and simultaneously KO both my Pokemon (I am going to build a team around this gimmick now). Fortunately that was not the case and my Groudon launched a Precipice Blades KOing Raichu and leaving Kyogre in KO range of a Hyper Voice from Salamence. Both my Pokemon faint from an Origin Pulse.
I sent in Ho-Oh and Salamence, mega evolving the latter. The Trick Room went up and my opponent double targeted Ho-Oh with Scald and Ice Beam seeing it as my win condition. Being the anti-meta Pokemon that it is and thanks to a super bulky EV spread, Ho-Oh tanked both moves and with the help of Sitrus Berry, stayed alive after the Brave Bird KOing Kyogre. With Cress healthy but stranded alone, the match was over.
Match 2: Vs. TKOWL
Battle Video Code: UV3G-WWWW-WW3F-VSHT

My Team:

Opponent's Team:

I felt the despair as soon as our leads were revealed. I was anticipating Crobat/Tailwind or Cresselia/Trick Room and play according to which strategy my opponent led with. When he led with both, I had no clue what strategy to prepare for or what was coming out in the back. Since Gengar and Salamence are naturally fast, I figured he would go with Trick Room. The tears started flowing here, as I met a Tailwind and Ice Beam, losing my Salamence in the process.
From here on, I thought that stalling out Tailwind would be a nice idea but I honestly had no clue how to go about it since I would have to take a Super Fang every turn and I didn't have the HP to spare. I sent in Ho-Oh and killed two turns, setting up Tailwind, eating a Super Fang, and switching Gengar to Groudon.
Even after stalling the Tailwind out, a clever switch to Kyogre prevented Overheat from touching his Crobat and another Tailwind was set up. Rayquaza comes in the following turn and the match results in my opponent's favor.
Match 3: Vs. 000aj
Battle Video Code:HUVW-WWWW-WW3F-VSYE

My Team:

Opponent's Team:

I saw the team preview and knew what my opponent was going to lead. I figured that Hyper Voice and Icy Wind would be the best answer to the Jumpluff/Groudon as I would be getting a free switch in to Groudon and,with a low sleep roll, Jumpluff would be crippled or KOed.
The turns played like clockwork, Mence slept a bit, Jumpluff was crippled, Sash Gengar ate a Fire Punch, Groudon was slow. My opponent switched out Groudon, I guess to mitigate speed loss and hopefully put Gengar to sleep with Jumpluff, but a Protect on my part left it slow without sun and Giratina-Origin came in. Jumpluff fainted, to be replaced by Kangaskhan, and Giratina disappeared,
I guess my opponent did not fake out Salamence or Sucker Punch Gengar because he didn't want to waste a move to Protect, but sometimes you need to play like that to ensre the turn work out how you want it to. I doubled into the Kang with Sludge Bomb and Double-Edge, KOing it, and Giratina-Trash (I have been extremely disappointed by it in the past) fails to KO my Salamence with Shadow Force. His Groudon comes in and Shadow Sneak onto Salamence KOs it, as Fire Punch KOs Gengar, but not before Icy Wind hits both his Pokemon, essentially ensuring I win. Watch the video these last turns, because I play really well and I don't want to spoil the hard reads where I know Groudon will Protect and I double into the Giratina, sealing the deal. Woops, its been spoiled now.
Match 4: Vs. GS*Mikey
Battle Video Code: T86W-WWWW-WW3F-VSJ6
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

I don't remember why I led with Landorus here, but I guess I didn't see Xerneas or feel a need for Tailwind. The lead match up goes in my favor with Intimidate neutering Kang and Smeargle being Taunt bait. I figure Protect and Earthquake work well since I was expecting a Scrappy Fake Out and Smeargle to Dark Void. Surprisingly, Kang switches to Liepard and Smeargle reveals a scarf. As it turns out lady luck still has my number and I pick up her call to see Dark Void miss Lando, allowing Earthquake to KO Smeargle and dent the Liepard.
It was obvious that a Liepard next to Kyogre, when my opponent knows that I carry a Groudon, means Liepard is waiting to Role Play. I decide to sack Lando thinking that, but lack the common sense to KO the Liepard and Sludge Bomb the Kyogre instead. Long story short, I send in Groudon in next turn and eat a Origin Pulse, giving my opponent the win.
Match 5: Vs. Simipour
Battle Video Code: 96KG-WWWW-WW3F-VSJZ
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

I saw Togekiss and I wanted a lead that obliterated it. I don't think that Salamence gets the OHKO, but how I played depended on the second Pokemon my opponent chose. If it was Xerneas, Sludge Bomb and switch to Ho-Oh. Groudon meant Hyper Voice to reduce possible Eruption damage and KO Togekiss with Sludge Bomb. Kang meant Protect Salamence and Sludge Bomb Kang. All that speculation meant naught as Xerneas and Kangaskhan turn up to greet me ;-;.
I figured that Intimidate might prove to be valuable and opt to switch out to Ho-Oh, who at this point can take anything next turn and set up Tailwind. Gengar getting faked out was a possibility but not one that would cost me much.
Dazzling Gleam and Double Edge onto Ho-Oh is obvious here so I go for Tailwind and decide to switch in Groudon to try and tank the attack, which it apparently can't do without falling into KO range of Moonblast. This is ultimately a misplay as I now have nothing that can KO Xerneas without being wrecked by Kangaskhan or the Groudon that meets me (after Kangaskhan gets KOed by a critical hit Sacred Fire + burn damage). Admittedly, I should not have given up so soon as some smart protects might have put me back into the game, but that is all in retrospect. The match goes on with me watching my team fall one by one.
Match 6: Vs. Jose
Battle Video Code: PH8G-WWWW-WW3F-VSKB
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

I know that a max speed Breloom is fast enough to spore most my team and Fake Out from Scrappy Kang would ensure that it could fire one off. With that in mind, Gengar and Salamence can try to KO it with a respective STAB move if it was not sashed. Once again though, the Pokemon I prepare for is a no show ;-;.
But Xerneas and Crobat was an interesting lead. I think my opponent thought he had nothing to fear because no dragon would want to stay in on the King of Fairies and Gengar could Taunt at best, or that I would focus on KOing Crobat. Crobat is always an after thought since they all Tailwind and there is not anything I can do to stop that. Also the King is slower than my leads, and my opponent is brutally reminded that as I double into it and KO putting myself at a serious advantage.
Kang comes in to put on Fake Out and Sucker Punch pressure but surprisingly Protects as Crobat switches out to Breloom. I want my Gengar to stay alive and decide to Taunt the Crobat slot, ruining the novelty that is Breloom.
Sucker Punch is no longer an issue as my opponent needs to KO Salamence or he definitely loses this match. I could have used Protect, but I figured that It was best to punish any sloppy play at this point and locked in Hyper Voice. Salamence bites the dust, and Gengar gets an Icy Wind off.
I bring in Ho-Oh since I either get a Tailwind up and sweep with whoever is out or next turn Groudon out speeds and beats the rest of my opponents team. I'm sure these moves are telegraphed, and my opponent certainly was not out of the game, but I guess he expected me to protect with Ho-Oh instead. With Tailwind up and spirits presumably broken, I take this match. See my thoughts on this match towards the bottom.
Match 7: ???(Japanese Characters)
Battle Video Code: PHUW-WWWW-WW3F-VSR8
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

My opponent brought along a pretty generic, but tried and true team. As a result of countless encounters with such a team I decided that I would try to Taunt and Sacred Fire the Cresselia if it led and set up Tailwind in all other scenarios. There was a point where I would lead with Weavile because Knock Off pushes most Cress to KO range of moves like Hyper Voice and Sacred Fire and the like. But against the tried and true team, Weavile lacks a bit since Xerneas can walk over it and make the game an early 3-4 if I fail to KO it. The mind games that ensue are not worth it.
Xern and Kang come out and I knew my opponent was one of those players who actually thought things out when he made the move of using Fake Out on Gengar, preventing a Taunt, Icy Wind, or Sludge Bomb and so on. Anyhow, he gets the Geomancy, I get Tailwind.
I choose to Sacred Fire Xerneas o bring it into KO range from Groudon's Precipice Blades and Icy Wind with Gengar, feeling that my opponent would Double Edge the Ho-Oh, attempting a KO before it managed to burn the Kang. But my opponent being one who thinks and all, he uses Sucker Punch on Gengar as he would risk a burn before being able to attack with Double Edge (thanks to Tailwind) and that would truly be a waste of Kang. This allowed me to get in my Groudon early though and threaten to KO both his Pokemon next turn.
A Sacred Fire successfully connects with the Kang and Precipice Blades goes on to KO Kang, but misses the Xerneas. Cress comes in and I'm expecting it to set up a Trick Room as Xerneas will die this turn. It honestly does not occur to me to Protect Groudon even though it is easily KO'ed by Moonblast, having taken chip damage from Dazzling Gleam the turn before and so I lock in Precipice Blades and a Brave Bird on to Cress (I feared that Sacred Fire would miss and waste a turn as Trick Room went up unpunished). However, I guess my opponent anticipates that move and decides to Helping Hand Moonblast, much to my surprise, my Ho-Oh. Being so anti meta touhgh, it tanks it and comfortably Brave Birds Cresselia. Unfortunately, Xerneas just barely survives the Precipice Blades.
Xerneas Moonblasts Ho-Oh next turn for the KO and Groudon retaliates with an Overheat laying it to rest. Cress gets up the Trick Room this time around as his Groudon meets an intimidate from my Salamence.
I have to Protect Groudon at this point, and hope to severely dent the opposing Groudon with a Draco Meteor. I'm surprised yet again as his Groudon, after the obvious Skill Swap with Cress, uses Hone Claws. I did not need to wonder why as Draco Meteor takes off just over 50% of his health. Everything in my life clicks into place and I understand his moves and set ups. Groudon is a specially defensive variant that is probably EV'ed to survive an Earth Power from opposing Groudon. This leaves barely any investment for attack and so he runs Hone Claws. Unfortunately, that forces him to leave out a coverage move, like Rock Slide, to reliably damage Ho-Oh and that is why Xerneas was so hell bent on taking it down.
Anyhow I'm in a bind now as Groudon used Protect and would be KO'ed before it can fire off an attack and Salamence cannot KO his Groudon at -2. Literally having no better move, I lock in another Protect and go for a Double Edge onto Groudon. I cannot stress how many people fail to do this. It's better to double Protect and waste the second move than it i to hope your opponent messes up. If you think two Protects in a row are cheap, than stop using Dark Void Smeargle.
And I am rewarded, my Protect goes up. Precipice Blades from the opposing Groudon turns into a waste, and Double Edge leaves it with 1 HP or something. Salamence eats a Psyshock from Cress not taking much damage.
Protect is my best move again, but being a hypocrite I decide that I should go off for a Dragon Claw rather than press my luck for a third Protect. His Precipice Blades connects but, praise the Intimidate, I survive with 2 HP and KO his Groudon with Dragon Claw.
Trick Room runs out next turn and I still have both Groudon and Salamence staring down his Cress for the win. A super special kudos to this opponent for giving me one of the best battles I had in the IC, as well as playing so well, and for using that unique Groudon set.
Match 8: Vs. Nagi
Battle Video Code: NH2G-WWWW-WW3F-VSS8
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

Every now and then you come across a team preview where you just do not not what your opponent will really do. Seeing the Talonflame, I figure that I might as well get up my own Tailwind as to not be completely out sped and obliterated by hard hitters (bad memory from the day before).
Interestingly, my opponent leads with Salamence and Groudon, which I don't really have an answer for, but I figure that I should Icy Wind to obliterate the Salamence and Brave Bird into Groudon to reduce potential Eruption damage. He responds with Eruption and Hyper Voice, KOing Gengar and reaching the itch in Ho-Oh's back that it could not.
I get a free switch in to Salamence who, after taking a Flamethrower, Hyper Voices, KOs Salamence. Ho-Ohs Brave Bird bring brings Groudon into the red.
Talonflame comes out and my opponent practically yells that he will Tailwind and Protect. I figure that I might need Salamence to bait out a Dazzling Gleam from the Xerneas in the back, assuming that Talonflame KOs Ho-Oh before it touches Xerneas. So I safely switch out into Groudon and set up my own Tailwind.
Next turn I Protect with Ho-Oh, blocking a Brave Bird, and KO his Groudon, allowing him to bring in Xerneas. Instead of using Geomancy, he decides to Protect Xerneas and KOs Ho-Oh with Brave Bird while Groudon's Precipice Blades accomplish nothing.
I'm sure this is the misplay that costs my opponent the game, as he Brave Birds Groudon instead of Salamence. It should get the KO since I have no defensive investment (had 89 HP remaning), and that would allow Xerneas to get off 3 Moonblasts to KO Groudon. Anyhow, Salamence uses Hyper Voice, Xerneas uses Dazzling Gleam (as per protocol and Salamence's life purpose), and Groudon Dragon Claws into the Xerneas because I'm the best idiot, but I also needed a back up plan in case Talonflame KO'ed Salamence with a Brave Bird. I end up taking the win as Xern fails to KO Groudon with a Moonblast and gets knocked out by Precipice Blades.
Match 9: Vs Jebedex
Battle Video Code: JZYW-WWWW-WW3F-VSTX
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

If I recall correctly, this was a Trick Room team that ran Smeargle. I figured that I would lead with Salamence and Gengar to hit Smeargle with a Hyper Voice and Icy Wind, or Hyper Voice guaranteeing the KO. My lead calls have never been correct in the past and that does not change this time around as Kang and Cress lead.
I figure that I would Taunt the Cress to try and stop the Trick Room and Draco Meteor the Kang, who at -1 was not going to be able to hurt me in a significant way. Kang, surprisingly switches out to Smeargle, who survives my Draco Meteor with a graceful dodge. That and a Mental Herb allows Cress to get up its Trick Room.
I just want to break the sash on Smeargle so badly at this point and any chip damage on Cress is a bonus, so Icy Wind seems like an ideal choice. Cress goes on to Ice Beam Gengar as my Salamence switches to Ho-Oh to avoid being put to sleep. I want to point out that I would have lost if turn 1, Salamence was hit by Ice Beam and Gengar was Faked Out. With this in mind, I'm always switching out Salamence if it sees a Cresselia out of KO range. Back to the battle, Smeargle Dark Voids my field and misses Gengar.
With the sash broken, I'm spamming Taunt because it neuters the Smeargle. Cress switches out for Kang and both of my Pokemon sleep peacefully. The next turns are a bit uneventful. Kang attacks Ho-Oh with a Double Edge and he tanks it like usual. Smeargle throws out Wide Guard to stop Icy Wind but eventually gets Taunted and is forced to switch out to Cress who also gets Taunted. Ho-Oh wakes and Sacred Fires Kang who fails to KO with another Double Edge because of a burn. Trick Room runs out too.
After Kang gets KOed, Kyogre comes in and my opponent forfeits as I switch in Groudon to nullify all water attacks.
Match 10: Vs. Lega
Battle Video Code: JRLW-WWWW-WW3G-9VZT
My Team:

Opponent's Team:

My opponent has the same team as the one in match number 9 (hah, now you have to read it!) except he has a Groudon instead of Smeargle. I decide to go for the same leads and we have the exact same turn 1 as the last match except its Kyogre who eats the Draco Meteor, and not Smeargle being a ninja. Now Groudon can't safely switch in because a Skill Swap would help obliterate me. My best move is to Taunt Cress and Protect Salamence in case of an Ice Beam. The turn plays out as I thought and Cress Skill Swaps, I get off my Taunt and Protect. Kyogre ends up using Water Spout which Gengar survives thanks to the sash.
Groudon gets the free switch in next turn in place of Salamence, Cress switches to Kang, and Gengar Protects an Ice Beam. I want to save Gengar since both Kang and Cress cannot touch it and switch it out for Ho-Oh. Groudon gets Faked Out and Ho-Oh eats an Ice Beam like a champ. With Kyogre not being able to really hurt either of my Pokemon and the weather being in my favor, I anticipate a switch this turn. It is the perfect time to bring in Gengar again since it doesn't fear Kang, Cress' evil Trick Rooms plans need to be put to a stop and I'll need Groudon to win the weather war. Ho-Oh throws out a Sacred Fire, burning Kang and getting a critical hit, like the anti meta tank champ that it is and easily takes a Double Edge. The next turn, it takes a Helping Hand aided Double Edge, which knocks out Kang from recoil. Brave Bird and Taunt nail the Cresselia for a little over 25%, knocking out Ho-Oh in the process.
My Salamence meets his Groudon and I focus on KOing that. It takes the Draco Meteor and Sludge Bomb and fires a weak Eruption to KO Gengar. To my surprise, Cresselia uses Struggle. It will inevitably knock itself out and so I'm at even more liberty to focus on his Groudon and Kyogre, which are ultimately unable to handle both Salamence and Groudon.

Things I would like to share with you all:

*Kang, Xern, and Groudon are a conjoined cancer that harm the body that is VGC16. They are commonly accompanied by Crobat and Smeargle. If you counter team to beat these and a Kyogre, you will win a good majority of your matches barring the ones where your opponent realizes Trick Room is a thing. You'll probably lose those. So build your team however you want. You don't have to stick to those three as a core. If we don't experiment (and hopefully share) the meta will remain stagnant and centered around these three. Ho-Oh is an example of one of these and it is pretty fantastic with AMAZING bulk, support options, and even offense.

*A second protect goes a long way and too many people fail to see that a 50% chance to win is better than hoping your opponent slips up. Don't go for three though, that's just greedy.

*There have been too many matches where I got an Icy Wind followed by Tailwind on the next turn because Kang focused on Ho-Oh who it can't really deal with anyway. Groudon then comes in and KOs Xern and a sometimes burned Kang leaving me with Tailwind, a bulky beast, and extra Pokemon to deal with what's left of my opponent's team. These matches essentially start 3-2 in my favor because people are too hasty in making decisions. People need to learn to think more than 1 turn ahead and evaluate the consequences of their actions in the long run. It is tough to do in 45 seconds, but that's why we practice.

*<rant>#BanDarkVoid. I have opted to not share a replay (because I'm still salty and tired and 10 matches are a lot to cover, but I have the passion and desire to talk about this and hope you yung'uns will hear an old feller out) where I straight up outplay my opponent from the get go, but a timely speed boost followed by an accuracy boost sealed the match. I've lost to other Dark Void abusers, but due to misplays in retrospect. This replay just forced in how even when you play at your best and you continue to do so, and your opponent is in a bind and they continue to be in a bind, you can lose it all. And it isn't like this is completely RNG based. More often than not (64/100 times) you will have half of your VGC team crippled if you fail to stop you opponent from doing this one thing at any given point in a match. Dark Void missing both your Pokemon is less likely to happen. If Spore was used in place of Dark Void, I would not have to pray for a miss or try to stall until it does.That just makes the game ridiculously unfair as all well thought out plays depend on a RNG against your favor to work out. All of them. You know what else requires extreme luck? Rock, paper, scissors. Use Dark Void in that game and nobody would complain. Again, I am salty about this one match and I guess blinded to an extent in terms of reasoning as a result so feel free to disregard as I tweet the tag. But don't disregard it. Embrace the darkness. #BanDarkVoid</rant>

*I'm not complaining about the win in match number 6, but I seriously think that my opponent could have given me a run for my money up until I got the Tailwind up. KOing Ho-Oh and bringing in Crobat the following turn would have given him a much needed Tailwind and I would be crossing my fingers as Breloom could have flinched its way to victory. If nothing else, please take away that you should never give up and all those complaints about how fast paced this meta is result from an inability to think and make the best possible plays, from people who lose hope the moment things start to go in their opponents favor. A lot of respect for that Breloom though.

*You have a team of six Pokemon, the least you can do is make sure they work with each other. You can argue that Xerneas is not that good because everyone prepares for it, but you also see that a lot of people also fail to give it the adequate support it needs to do its job (to deal damage, not tank it). It also isn't a one trick pony with Geomancy.

*The only time you can over prepare is when its to the point that you're too tired to think straight. Remember to stop and relax if you feel yourself hitting a slump from playing to long. It helps a lot.

*Battle Videos show you how much of a scrub you are and how you can play better. Save them, ask what you would/could have done differently and how your opponent would answer.

I've been waiting for Ubers to come into VGC for a long while. Its purely personal preference, but I was into Ubers before becoming enamored by VGC so it was nice to be able to use these Pokemon again. I know I come off boastful in some match descriptions, but I need to let myself know I've done a job well done because my mom won't. I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thanks for reading and long live VGC16!

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