Introducing the new Wi-Fi Battles Blacklist!

Our old system of reporting troublesome users with posts and rules users never followed grew tiring and excruciating very fast. Thanks to the technical skills of Toast++ we finally have an effective system to report users with!

With our new system, our required rules have been reduced substantially. However, you must obey each rule when reporting.

  1. Don't immediately report someone. Talk it out with the other party first to see if your problem was a miscommunication. Of course, if they turn out to be a huge ass, you should report them to us.
  2. Don't report people who are already on the Wi-Fi battles blacklist. They have already proven themselves worthy for the blacklist and do not need to be added again. You should be up to date with the list so that you can simply choose not to battle someone on this list.
  3. You need proof for hacker accusations. save the battle video and upload to get a battle video (via GTS, Youtube) if possible and report it here. If unable to, please describe the error received when attempting to upload.

Click here to see the on-site Wi-Fi Blacklist
Click here to report a user

Simply fill in all of the information we've requested in the template and your blacklisting will be submitted. A moderator will later review your report. If your report requires all the information we've asked for, your report will be approved and your blacklisting will go on site.

The instructions for reporting a user are fairly straight forward, though if it's somehow too confusing, we can eventually draw up a tutorial. I will leave this thread open for a short while in case anyone has questions.
So i have the power to report anyone if it was dc or illegalhacks
Yes. Basically, if someone is breaking the rules set by your match / disconnecting / hacking, this is how you report them. I serves exactly the same purpose as the previous thread, but without the horde of half complete reports.

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