Headlines Iranian protests

Protest have been going on for a week in Iran, after the death of a woman arrested by the morality police.

I honestly am very scared of how the Iranian regime is going to react to this
I didn't know this story was a thing at all. This must have happened earlier during the school week or something. Normally I try to keep my feet out of the cold waters of international political beliefs, but a recent... how I can word this...? "Uncertainty period" I've been having about this kind of thing lately makes me want to post. I'm going to keep this short since I still know practically nothing about these headlines.

Quite frankly, I don't know what disappoints me more- the fact that a "morality police" actually exists in another country far away from me, or the fact that this group doesn't seem to be in line at all with whatever's happening over in Iran right now. All I'm going to say about this is that free will can be a much touchier subject than a person might think at first, since it's almost too easy for people in positions of power to use their own free will in an effort to surpress that of the general public. As much as I hate that something like this has to happen, I think awareness of these kinds of stories is almost always a good thing, even if that's for the purpose of helping me to open my eyes and try and appreciate my own life more than I would have otherwise.


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absolutely horrible what happened to that poor woman. this current iranian government is atrocious and it's obviously paramount to support the movement and protests that are occuring currently. as long as this illegitimate and immensely unpopular regime stays in power, there is not much hope for an end to the tyranny and the violent and bloody repression of people's rights and freedoms in iran.

an unfortunate situation for iran, which has been detrimentally affected by the continued involvement of the united states and the west in general in the region. by putting middle eastern nations like iran under siege for such an extended period of time, they've created conditions that make it much more difficult for these nations to evolve and develop their governments and cultural attitudes. what sucks about these protests, as important as they are, is that the u.s. will probably continue to use it as leverage and reasoning to interfere in the region, which is consistently one of the major factors in the delay of progress in these countries to begin with. i'm not very optimistic that things will change in iran, but i do hope.
This happens so often that this is barely news. Every few years protests happen and they get crushed by the government. Same thing will probably happen here. In fact it's so common in Iran that they have Wikipedia pages for each year that compiles all Iranian mass protests. Hopefully it happens with minimal loss of life or that the government will make some peaceful concessions that inch the nation closer to becoming a democracy, instead of an archaic theocracy.

Just don't hold your breath.
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I don't think Iran should become a democracy. Democracy shouldn't be an aim of rightness.
It can stay as a Theocracy but less repressive against womens.
I disagree - the protests aren't only about women's rights in iran, but also are a consequence of the shitty situation the country is in. This regime does not care about human rights, or its population in general - we could talk about Iran being the 2nd country in the world in terms of executions, about torture, minorities rights such as lgbtqs or Bahais, the economical situation Iran seems to not really care about as they continue to support paramilitary groups in the middle east meanwhile their own population struggles to just survive.

The Islamic Republic is not even legitimate - they managed to progressively eliminate other political forces that contributed to the 1979 revolution, like communist or liberal movements. When Irak declared war against Iran, the Iranian government took this opportunity to get rid of political opposition by calling them enemies of the revolution.


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The human and civil rights issues of Iran are truly unfortunate, and hopefully the protests lead to proper reform of some kind (even if it's extremely unlikely it will given how similar attempts at uprising (like Bloody November) have failed in the past. While most of the issues are a result of the government being garbage, the US does not help matters whatsoever with their constant double standards for and greenlighting of Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi to consistently harass Iran. This also applies to the fact the US did nothing about some dictators like MBS and Assad (nice red line Obama) in the region relative to what they should, which indirectly keeps this cycle going forever by presenting the idea the free world will not do anything about them whatsoever. Also, the needlessly harsh and two-faced policy the US plays with Iran more than almost any other nation, like the pullout of the nuclear deal (and the subsequent toying of it) and consistent sanctions on it don't help matters either. In an ideal world, this government and those highest up that force repressive policies involving things like hijab and the US releases their sanctions if a less extreme system comes into being, but all we can do is watch for now and show the greater world doesn't tolerate dictatorships like Iran (like the rallies in Australia).
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