IRL tournament: NYC area: I'm thinking about doing it

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I'm thinking of throwing a tournament in the NYC area around Christmastime for Pokemon and Mega Man Battle Network. Well, here were the basic rules I was thinking of for the Pokemon tournament:

1 uber allowed per team
Soul Dew Latios and Latias count as ubers, no SD count as regular Pokemon
Wobbuffet is not a uber
All items allowed
No repeats of Pokemon
No repeats of items
15:00 time limit, 30 seconds per move
Thinking about using XD
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald only, everybody is subject to an anti-sharking test via mixing records

LMK what you think about this, it's just a preliminary gauge, and I'd like to hear prize offers.

has this even been verified? I know it's not a "smogon" tournament, but still if it's in here, it needs to go by Justin.


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Isn't this just an interest thread anyway? but the rules do suck bad though
The rules kinda come off as "I have this team idea I want to do, and it works best under these circumstances."
But no way am I coming to NYC for Pokemon anyway, so what I am doing here??
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