Announcement Iron Boulder is now banned from SV UU

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After a council vote, Iron Boulder has been banned from SV UU. Iron Boulder initially began with mixed opinions when it first dropped to UU, with Booster Energy sets not making the splash that was expected of it. However, after time, the main set of Expert Belt AoA is what pushed Iron Boulder over the edge in the eyes of the council. Iron Boulder is pretty strong naturally and sits at an absurd Speed tier above dominating threats like Greninja, Tornadus-T, and Latios, making it very difficult to revenge kill outside of priority users and Choice Scarf Mienshao. It’s got the perfect coverage to take out all of its checks, utilizing Earthquake to drop Steel-types and Rhyperior, Megahorn for Slowking and Hydrapple, and a nuclear Close Combat boosted by Tera Fighting that makes it very difficult to really handle defensively in addition to offensively. The combination of Speed and coverage is what makes Iron Boulder too difficult to handle, as even checks like Hydrapple and Metagross simply switching into one of its attacks now ends up with momentum still in favor of the Iron Boulder user, who is able to click the appropriate coverage move and take out its checks with ease. There’s really just not much long term counterplay outside of Hippowdon and trying to out offense it, and this doesn’t even account for other sets in the mix like Choice Band and Swords Dance, plus having different tera options to circumvent said priority attacks makes it that more difficult to handle. As such, Iron Boulder is now banned from SV UU. Tagging dhelmise and Marty to please update the ladder. As you can see, Pelipper just fell short of the threshold of being banned. While there currently is no set action on Pelipper, it is still a topic of discussion for the future and will continue to evaluate it alongside other controversial Pokémon such as Zapdos in the coming weeks as the metagame develops.
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