Is getting salty over losing common in Showdown? (gen 1 OU battle)

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I ask if getting salty over losing is common because it makes no sense to me why one would. Pokemon Showdown is an imaginary video game that has no bearing on one's "social status" (and even if it did, why get salty? Games are meant to be fun?). Guy hides the replay then I saw some rename at the bottom to "badgameluckytrash." It's been a minute since I've last played on Pokemon Showdown. Is this type of activity representative of a significant portion of the community?

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For some players (including me) we do not especially want the reruns of a defeat to be shared publicly and in this case in his case he is testing a team so to keep a surprise effect it is better to Hide replay - Sorry for Disappoint you but there is no sign of salt or anger in the opponent but simply a matter of common sense on his part to converse his Test team.


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In any competitive game you will encounter high tensions and emotions running wild. Showdown has rules against harassment, toxicity, and hate, but at a certain point this is the internet. Salt happens. You're going to encounter it from time to time, no matter where you are. You're always welcome to report these things by submitting a Help Ticket.

However, I certainly wouldn't say that this representative of a majority of the community. It's a small, vocal minority that has outbursts on the ladder. I recommend just ignoring them and moving on.

That being said, this isn't a particularly great topic for this subforum. As such, I'm closing this thread.
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