Is it too late to get experience up on VGC 13 now that XY is here? Also tips on how to start please?

OK, so... popping in.

Kind of a deep (?) question here, but I'll try my best to explain the situation briefly haha.

So I'm just starting to develop interest in the official metagames. For the past almost decade, I've been investing my competitive Pokemon time in the singles metagame, and unawarely steered into the unofficial singles metagame that is being held up majorly by this community.

I take pride in my experience with the unofficial singles metagame, but now I'm interested in starting fresh and hop on the official metagames instead.

I see three immediate barriers before me: it's doubles, the stat calculations are different, and.... it's doubles. The difference in clauses I think can also fall in the "it's doubles" problem I guess.

Problem is, I only developed interest like literally a few hours ago. With XY releasing just 5 days ago and its massive changes, I'm extremely anxious as to how I should actually begin studying VGC at this very moment. For one, I'm happy that the big changes means that it'll be easier for me to catch up. On the other hand, I also fear that whatever catching up I might do will become obsolete because the XY metagame is still pretty much up in the air. It's a dilemma I have.

Regardless of whatever I felt however, I'm still going to try and get as much knowledge/experience/whatever I can to quickly get the competency in the new metagame.

Is it still advisable to get some experience in VGC'13 right now to get a boost to ready up for XY?

What should I start with? I've just been reading up on quite a number of VGC and Doubles articles/Pokemon specific startegies and team building, and I'm not sure when to hop on the simulators to try stuff out, and what procedure I should be using for my learning process.

P.S. I... I'll worry about IV Breeding/hunting/RNG later when XY is set in stone hahahaha.
to be honest, I would just wait for XY. One of the last BW2 regionals was this past weekend and the last (I believe) is in 4 days. Sorry to break the news to you. is a much more VGC-oriented site, so I would definitely check there if you're interested in learning VGC.

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I actually think it would be a good idea to brush up and get an idea of the BW2 meta because of the few number of new Pokemon this generation. Sure, weather got nerfed and there's other mechanics changes, but a lot of the staples stayed the same throughout several generations, for instance Latios, Heatran, Cresselia, Tyranitar, Trick Room, weather, etc. I would imagine several BW Pokemon will remain relevant also, such as Hydreigon, Amoonguss, Volcarona, and the genies. Things will be different in XY but it won't be a completely clean slate either so I think it's good to at least be somewhat familiar with how doubles works. You can play online using Pokemon Showdown or read up on strats on the aforementioned Nugget Bridge.
Yeah I'm planning on getting some on Pokemon Showdown whenever I have time. it's just not the top priority right now for me... I'm wasting too much time on Pokemon-Amie for my daily dose of Pokemon hahahaha best Pokemon feature ever.

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