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  • Post which Pokemon you would like to reserve a discussion thread for.
  • Do not post your thread until you have approval from a moderator.
  • Each person will be allowed one discussion thread, generally first-come first-serve pending approval. If you finish your reservation, you may reserve another.

Pokemon List

Alakazam - by edudittA
Amoonguss - by Dreamcatcher
Azumarill - by Kav
Chansey - by Ruft
Heracross - by UHX
Kingdra - by Katy
Krookodile - by ReadTheMango
Magearna - by Spoopy
Magnezone - by garatoi
Marowak-Alola - by Adenela
Mienshao - by Lilburr
Scizor - by Zneon
Skarmory - by Estronic
Slowbro - by War Incarnate
Slowbro-Galar - by ChrystalFalchion
Slowking - by fart goblin
Starmie - by Eve
Talonflame - by lyd
Tangrowth - by Vrin
Urshifu (Single Strike) - by Martin
Urshifu-Rapid-Strike - by QuagsireBiscuit
Volcarona - by ImperialGamer517


[Animated Sprite if available/other official art]
Pokemon Name

Type(s) - [Type]
Base Stats - XX HP / XX Atk / XX Def / XX SpA / XX SpD / XX Spe

Moveset - Level Up, TM, TR, Egg Move, Move Tutor, Pre-Evolution Exclusive, Transfer Only
Newly Obtainable Moves (if any)
Notable Moves
Description of New Abilities (if any)
Description of New Moves (if any)

General overview of the Pokemon, positives/negatives

Potential Movesets

Here's an example where I create a thread about Chansey.

If you have any further questions, you can PM me, Finchinator, GMars, Leo or Indigo Plateau here or on Discord.
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Fuck it, I was gonna take Urushifu but looks like I'll have to take Slowbro smh

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