Item Concept

So, my wife and I were talking about this the other day, and I figure that here would be a better place to talk about this sort of thing.

What if there was a hold item that allowed a Pokemon to have a 5th move? Hypothetically, and for balance issue, something like being able to hold TM13, and have Ice Beam added to your repitoire (assuming you can learn it in the first place). I said just make it allow any 5th move, but this seemed a better idea to her.

You'd have more coverage, to be sure, but you'd miss out on Life Orb, Choice items, and Leftovers. It would also allow you to do really stupid stuff with Trick or Switcheroo.

Don't know if this would be the place to talk about this sort of thing, but...does anyone think this would affect anything - being able to essentially not use a hold item, in exchange for an extra attack?

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