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Full of Pokemon that need nicknames, because they've been in my boxes for a few months and I haven't though of a good name. These Pokemon are nothing special, but they mean quite a bit to me. Each Pokemon has a different redis-state and all, and yes, they are all non-RNG bred. The gen each Pokemon is in will be specified, and in the case of 4th Gen Pokemon, they can be given in both 4th and 5th. There will be a Pokemon given to everyone to participates, be it the one that I couldn't find a decent nickname for or one not in this giveaway.
FCs you will need:
4th Gen: 3310 2042 3703
5th Gen: 4040 6323 4797
1. 3 nicknames per person.
*New*2. NOT a requirement, but reasons behind the nickname would be very nice.
2. No vulgarity in the nicknames.
3. You must adhere to the redis-state of the Pokemon. If it's Semi-Redis, only you can trade it. If it's non-redis, you can't trade it.
4. Have fun! If you don't get the Pokemon you wanted, it's not a big deal. You could CMT for it, and all all will be fine.
5. Egg moves are in italics, while 4th Gen exclusive moves will be in bold. Though I can't egg moves onto some of them easily, I can give them certain TMs if anyone desires.
6. More Pokemon can be added as days go by, depending on if I can get any Pokemon bred.

Now onto the Pokemon I need nicknames for:

Jolly Scrafty w/ Moxie ♀ (5th Gen)
IVs: 28/31/31/22/31/31 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Crunch
Honestly? I was thinking of Sugoruko due to Scrafty's Japanese name but it somehow doesn't fit.
1. DaBrat (Jackie Chun)
2. That Swag (waffles101)

3. Twitch (Yoshi.)

Bold Jellicent w/ Water Absorb ♂ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/12/31/31/30/31 248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Spe
Scald / Taunt / Shadow Ball / Recover
Originally had the name NyderiaRex (Spongebob reference) but I figure, I could get a better nickname perhaps.
1. TooBlob4U (Braseg257)
2. Nixie (Impact)
3. Bill Cosby (Jackie Chun)

Jolly Hitmonlee w/ Limber ♂ (4th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/24/10/31/31. Don't know when it'll be EVed, but probably sometime next week.
Mach Punch / Fake Out / Foresight / Helping hand
Fully Redis
1. Happy Feet (antarid)
2. Bruce (a016163)
3. Juggernaut (nachocheese999)

Jolly Pinsir w/ Mold Breaker ♀ (4th and 5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/31/7/18/31 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Close Combat / X-Scissor / Stone Edge / Stealth Rock
Probably the worst thing in this whole thread, but Pinsir has shit SpDef anyway.
Fully Redis
1. Idontbite (antarid)
2. ArmorShell (shineygengar)
3. Nightmare (Coach Gump)

Relaxed Swampert w/ Torrent ♂ (4th and 5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/27 248 HP / 216 Def / 44 SpD
Earthquake / Ice Beam / Stealth Rock / Roar
I honestly cannot think of a single nickname for this guy. He is one of my best breeds by far though, the first one where I ever got 5 31 IVs. I don't even like Swampert that much and I love this big guy lol. I also have one with Double Edge over Roar, if anyone wants it.
1. Ahab (Morethanbored)
2. Frogger (Paksage)
3. Turg (Pink Floyod)

Bold Slowbro w/ Regenerator ♀ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/11/31/31/31/3 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpDef
Scald / Slack Off / Thunder Wave / Psychic
Fully Redis
1. Aegis (Advancer)
2. NoBro (lol95)
3. Ferris (Galladiator)

Jolly Gyarados w/ Moxie ♂ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/22/20/31/31 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Waterfall / Dragon Dance / Stone Edge / Earthquake
Actually not a Gyarados yet, will be EV trained soon.
Fully Redis
1. Falkor (Deschain)
2. SnapSnap (Lord Feraligatr)
3. Warbringer (Pakasage)

Timd Alakazam w/ Magic Guard ♂ (5th Gen)
IVs: 29/22/31/31/31/31 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Psychic / Grass Knot / Encore / Focus Blast
Probably the only thing on here I have never actually used in a battle
1. Shazam (MegaAwesomeazing)
2. Old Spice (czechm8)
3. Uri (deadguydrew)

Jolly Krookodile w/ Moxie ♀ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/24/16/31/31 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Pursuit / Earthquake / Crunch / Stone Edge
The distinction of being my first ever Black breed.
Fully Redis
1. Crikey (LafondaOnfire)
2. Phallugatr (HarelquinBoy)
3. Dealwithit (TsukasaSign)

Adamant Bouffalant w/ Sap Sipper ♂ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/31/18/31/28 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpDef
Swords Dance / Head Charge / Earthquake / Megahorn
1. U Mad Fro? (Axmaster68)
2. JimiHendrix (Harelquinboy)
3. Woolhorn (Bruno Magno)

Adamant Excadrill w/ Sand Rush ♂ (5th Gen)
IVs: 31/31/29/10/31/31 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Swords Dance / Earthquake / Rock Slide / X-Scissor
For a time, this was probably my best Black breed ever, if not one of my favorites. Rarely used this thing before it went Uber though, kind of blows now.
1. MetaKnight (LafondaOnFire)
2. MontyMole (DarkfireX68)
3. Shrew'd (Deschain)

Scrafty: T-Bone
Because it sounds like a gangsta name bruv.

Bouffalant: Disco Stu
Simpsons reference.

Krookodile: Godzilla
Because obvious.
Alakazam: Mindfreak (After the show, plus it's really fun to shou out.)
Swampert: Ahab (Swampert sems like a gruff man of the sea to me.)
Jellicent: Henry V (After the king immortlized in Shakespeare's eponymous play. The one with the battle of Agincourt. Also because EnergyBall sounds weird to whoever doesn't get the joke.)
Slowbro: Speedy
Reason: pure irony
Gyrados: MiniMence
Reason: he has moxie like DW salamence and is just as effective with it
Alakazam: SPOON!
Reason: pyschics and their broken spoons

I also found humor in each of these names. Not really helpful, but some background information never hurt anybody.

@LOF, I remember Brawl Taunts, kinda miss it yadayada...
alakazam-its magic/ brainpower/ physco
really good one- bouffolant-miror B (cuase of the afro)
jellicent-da blob
hitmonlee-chuk noris (roundhouse kick)
execadrill-smackamole/ drillkill
Excadrill: GurenLagan, because his drill is the one that will pierce the heavens! (iirc the games use 10 characters max for nicknames). It comes from the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which stars a mech of the same name. It has an all-powerful drill capable of piercing the heavens (the title itself means "Heaven-Piercing Gurren Lagann"). The name suits an Uber pokemon with drills.

Slowbro: Rage Quit (in the right hands, this thing can be very annoying)

Alakazam: Cereal plz, because he has two spoons and looks angry, probably because his trainer didn't give him any cereal.

Awesome giveaway btw
alakazam-its magic/ brainpower/ physco
really good one- bouffolant-miror B (cuase of the afro)
jellicent-da blob
hitmonlee-chuk noris (roundhouse kick)
execadrill-smackamole/ drillkill
You can only put in three nicknames :/
Everyone else: All looks good so far. NEW RULE: 2. NOT a requirement, but reasons behind the nickname would be very nice.
I know that was only applied now, but I'd still appreciate it if the people who posted prior to this would do that. It's fine otherwise and again not needed.
Alakazam: Shazam!
(Sounds a bit more exciting that "alaka")
Gyarados: Leviathan
(He reminds me of that Final Fantasy Summon water monster)
Scrafty: Sweatpants
(It looks like he's wearing one)
Swampert: Frogger, because frogger was my best friends favorite game when we were kids and her favorite pokemon is swampert so i think shed love it if i gave this to her as a christmas present.

Pinsir: Clamps, because the pincher on his head kinda reminds me of the futurama episode with clamps.

Gyarados:Warbringer because it usually appears when theres war or conflict.
Excadrill: Speedy (like Speedy Gonzales)
Swampert: Fishbeast (mudkip is some kind of fish and its a beast)
Scrafty: TRwinner (he is good in Trick Room teams)
Scrafty: ComeAtMeBro (Scrafty with DD says to opponents, "Come at me bro!")
Swampert: DJ Swampy (That Swampert sprite looks like a DJ, and "Swampy" comes from Swampert. Also, props for having my all time favorite pokemon in a giveaway!)
Bouffalant: U Mad Fro? (You mad bro with fro, like Bouffalant's afro)
Slowbro: BroChills
EDIT: another version of a bro whos slow

Swampert: UleikKIPZ?
Reason: from

Any poke: Juggernaut
EDIT: For Srafty, Hitmonlee, and Krookodile
Cause sounds cool :P
Alakazam: Uri (After Uri Geller, the guy who bent spoons)
Hitmonlee: Bruce (Lee)
Scrafty: Rawkstarrr (I think it was the Little Big Planet ad that mentions it and I think Scrafty kinda looks like that.)
Scrafty: Wolf Haley
Scrafty reminds me of Tyler the Creator's green beanie'd alter ego Wolf Haley

Alakazam: HonusHonus
Named after the front man to the band Man Man for his incredible mustache.

Krookodile: Dealwithit
Not music related! Yeah! Glasses on Krookodile's face speak for themselves.
Slowbro = BrosefStln - slowbro is the chillist bro ever and will stall you to Siberia.
Gyrados= SkulKraken - He's a sea monster and he's gonna bust some heads with his moxie.
Alakazam= Old Spice- sounds unconventional but one of alakazams least appreciated manly attributes is his ever so sweet stash .
Slowbro: Peasant (Because his brother's a king)

Gyrados: Muerte (For he brings death to most)
Jellicent: Pringles (Just look at him)
Nice Giveaway

Swampert: HydroNaut~ Sounds cool :pimp:

Excadriill: Megamole~ Get it lol :P

Jellicent: Nixie~Nixie are water spirits. In German Mythology. Jellicents ghost/water types matches it.
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