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I promise I'm probably a nice king.

Yeah, I know I basically died and none of you knew where I was at. Fact of the matter is that real life is a bitch and enjoys shittin' on your shoes. However, I have managed to break free for a bit and am attempting a revival of sorts. Long live the King eh?

Welcome all to my art tread. I tend to dabble in alot of fields of art media, so I will do my best to make sure they are all represented. My main goal with this thread is to ultimately have a one-stop location for all my artwork, past, present, and future.

Basically this thread will be broken down into three parts; Hand drawn art, Pixel Art, and Music. Now I have tons of work in this thread, and as a result, this can easily become a giant clusterfuck of large images and greatly bog down anyone running on a crappy PC. So to prevent this as well as make things nice and neater, I will instead provide you guys with thumbnail links to my images. This is meant to be an art gallery, right? What better way to show off a gallery than with tiny previews to lure you into the bigger picture. Links certainly don't do justice in this case. I'll only preview a few from each section Just as a sort of mini sampler for you guys, eh? ;)

All I ask from you kind viewers are that if you are to provide critique,(which is always openly encouraged!) please try to be as helpful as you can to help me improve. Art is by its very nature ever changing and mistakes are going to happen. I will of course not mind either if you simply stop by just to share your thoughts on my work, however good or bad. If one can't handle opinions, one shouldn't share his work, hahaha. :)

Now on to the the meat of this thread, yes? I will start off with my non-colored artwork. Now be warned, the vast majority of these are ancient, (I'm talking back in '03 ancient) so the quality of these aren't to be as good and therefore I'm merely posting as a sort of milestone of how far along I came.

My subject matter is mostly random, But I guess I tend to focus mainly on Pokemon, even though I'm also a huge fan of the Megaman and Castlevania franchises as well. In fact, like 90% of my art is based in some part to video games, hahaha.

Enough dilly dally, have at thee!


Back in High school, my main thing was Megaman Battle Network. I loved it and loved designing new Navis and enemies for it. Eventually this gave way to my current enjoyment of the X series. The later pictures were all my ideas for characters and Mavericks for my own Megaman X fangame that never took off. :(

Now we start moving onto my pokemon phase. A lot of these are ideas for new Pokemon as well :p


It was right around the time of a few years back that I actually regularly colored my pictures. I started off really horrible, and until recently was I happy with my style. I graduated form several styles too.

My first ever colored picture, the previous picture of Chargemen.Exe up there.
After MMBN 6 came out and ChargeMan had an official incarnation in the EXE series, I took my rendition and altered the design and made him into a navi of my own. Thus, the birth of RailMan.Exe
Eh, a yucky Navi named SharpMan.Exe
Colored picture of Minoshia
Ox Fire from Megaman Starforce

Alternate artwork of Railman.Exe, in a more dynamic pose.
An old wallpaper design I made when Megaman Starforce 1 was announced. It sucks.
Title screen for an old Castlevania fangame I had in development, meant to star Soma Cruz as the main villain.
An echidna based Grass/Fire type pokemon
A Fire/Grass type based off a cockatrice

Chansey, I hate it.
Milotic, the elegant 20 foot sea serpent pokemon.
Lapras, one of my favorite pokemon.
A Ground/Poison pokemon based off a Basilisk.
A Ground/Poison type based off of one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Pestilence

A Water/Fighting type merman warrior, modeled after tessenjutsu, the art of fighting with fans.
Revenankh, a Ghost/Fight type based off of the Gibdos from the zelda games.
Munchlax being fat and hungry.
Idk, a panda lol
A Normal/Fight Gorilla Pokemon, named Hibabango

A Ghost/Steel type, First picture done in a new CG style. Kinda looks like Dr. Doom
Mamoswine, my favorite Pokemon ever.
Luvdisc and a Luvdisc evolution.
Shaymin, I hate this now.

Banner for an online magazine
A portrait I made of an old ex. Bad memories ahoy
A business card design. Sold it for money dolla dolla.
A monster called "The Martyr" Reminds me of Zedd from the Power Rangers.
Darm, the final boss of Ys 2

Ursaring in a suit with a beard.
A Dragon/Electric type inspired by electric eels.
Different angle of the head of the same dragon.
Battle scene showing the dragon battling MegaSeadramon in the ocean.
Charizard redrawn as a Fire/Steel type. Badass.

Kyogre redrawn as a Dragon type.
Kyogre redrawn as a Ground type. Tremors anyone?
Groudon drawn as a Water type. Lol.
Megaman X drawn as a woman. MEGAWOMAN XX GET IT? LAWL!
Wallmasters from The Windwaker, drawn in that same cel-shaded style from the games.
Blue Chuchus, also from The Windwaker. Also emulates the same cel-shading style.
A Dark/Fighting werewolf Pokemon. Grr.


As most of you (hopefully) know, I like to dabble with the pixels and make stuff sometimes.I believe my pixeling career began sometime in '05 back when I was obsessed with the Megaman Battle Network series so I began to sprite my own navis and viruses. eventually it morphed down into my current interest in pokemon. Looking at all my sprites chronologically will show you I came leaps and bounds since '05. Sprites/FiraDon.png Sprites/turtisheet.png Sprites/Chargeblink.gif Sprites/Shell-Shockshoot.gif Sprites/DeathVirusAV.gif Sprites/Singer.png Sprites/wolfmug.png Sprites/RailsheetUpdate.png Sprites/Prominence.png Sprites/cygnus-spriteyay.png Sprites/GospelDragonincomplete.png Sprites/JazzGuitar.gif Sprites/b94b7fa1.png Sprites/WizIcesprite.jpg Sprites/Bomb-OmbSheet.gif Sprites/GaleMan.gif Sprites/OxSprite.png Sprites/framer.png Sprites/Skulleton1.png Sprites/Ninja_Bandit.png Sprites/ElectriGrowth.png Sprites/Icebugpartysprite.gif Sprites/IceBugsheet_finalsprites4.png Sprites/eggsall.png Sprites/Revenankh_sp.png Sprites/Gilaman_flames_dith.png Sprites/gilamanfront_female.png Sprites/gilamanfront_female_shiny.png Sprites/gilamanback_male.png Sprites/gilamanback_male_shiny.png Sprites/malepose_normal.png Sprites/nwshiny.png Sprites/femaleback_normal.png Sprites/skeleton.gif Sprites/Ghost_Badge.gif Sprites/Dragon_Badge.gif Sprites/Tundra_Badge.gif Sprites/Water_Badge.gif Sprites/Armor_Badge.gif Sprites/PsychicBadgeDone-1.gif Sprites/GrimBadge.gif Sprites/Avian_Badge.gif Sprites/Amazon_Badge.gif Sprites/Mountain_Badge.gif Sprites/Barb_Badge.gif Sprites/thunbadge.gif Sprites/Bug_Badge.gif Sprites/kitsunoh-male.png Sprites/kitsunoh-maleshiny.png Sprites/kitsunoh-female.png Sprites/kitsunoh-femaleshiny.png Sprites/kitsunohback-male.png Sprites/kitsunohback-maleshiny.png Sprites/kitsunohback-female.png Sprites/kitsunohback-femaleshiny.png Sprites/Thundra_sheetcopy.png Sprites/slowerd.gif Sprites/haunting_anim.gif Sprites/stellennis.png Sprites/breezer.png Sprites/collosoil_full7819097616-iaza.png Sprites/2wgexqt.gif Sprites/almost5722810390-iaza.gif Sprites/slim.png Sprites/slimefast.gif

Phasma Enigmagorio: Time of the World

This is my long anticipated video game music remix project I started about 3 years ago. It has finally been finished with a total track count of 82. This encompasses tons of songs from games that have touched me in some way or another. My only wish is that these inspirational songs can inspire others like they've done for me.

First Step Towards Wars (Ys)
Palace (Ys)
Holders of Power (Ys)
Dreaming (Ys)
Chase of Shadows (Ys)
Final Battle (Ys)
Last Moment of the Dark (Ys)
Rest In Peace (Ys)
To Make the End of Battle (Ys 2)
Ice Ridge of Noltia (Ys 2)
Protectors (Ys 2)
Overdrive (Ys 2)
Termination (Ys 2)
Release of the Far West Ocean (Ys 6: The Ark of Napishtim)

Mystic Cave Zone (Sonic 2)
Dr. Robotnik (Sonic 2)
Final Boss (Sonic 2)
Endless Mine (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Flying Battery Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Sandopolis Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3 & KNuckles)
Lava Reef Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Death Egg Zone Act 1 (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Act 1 Boss (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Act 2 Boss (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Volcano Valley Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3D Blast)

Metalman's Stage (Megaman 2)
Wily's Stage 2 (Megaman 2)
Sparkman's Stage (Megaman 3)
Snakeman's Stage (Megaman 3)
Tenguman's Stage (Megaman 8)
Storm Eagle's Stage (Megaman X)
Flame Stag's Stage (Megaman X2)
Bubble Crab's Stage (Megaman X2)
Gravity Beetle's Stage (Megaman X3)
Sky Lagoon Area - Zero (Megaman X4)
Eregion (Megaman X4)
Magma Dragoon's Stage (Megaman X4)
Storm Owl's Stage (Megaman X4)
Axle the Red/ Spike Rosered's Stage (Megaman X5)
Shadow Devil (Megaman X5)
Sigma Battle 2 (Megaman X6]
Running Through the Cyber World (Megaman Battle Network)
Battle Spirit (Boss Theme) (Megaman Battle Network 2)
Proof of Courage! (Megaman Battle Network 2)
Great Battlers/ N1 Grand Prix! (Megaman Battle Network 3)
Vs. Alpha (Megaman Battle Network 3)
Vs. Nebula Grey (Megaman Battle Network 5)
Surge of Power! (Megaman Battle Network 6)
Vs. Cybeast Gregar/Falzer (Megaman Battle Network 6)
Legendary WWW Area: Pharoahman's Stage (Megaman Network Transmission)
Departure Megaman Zero 2)

Battle Theme (Final Fantasy)
Boss Battle 2 (Final Fantasy 2)
Battle 1 (Final Fantasy 4)
Boss Battle 1 (Final Fantasy 4)
Battle Theme (Final Fantasy X)

Poison Mind (Castlevania)
Bloody Tears (Castlevania 2)
Beginning (Castlevania 3)
Bloodlines (Castlevania: Dracula X Rondo of Blood)
Ruined Castle Corridor (Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow)
Garibaldi Courtyard (Castlevania: Curse of Darkness)
Jail of Jewels (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)

The Final Duel (Lufia and the Fortress of Doom)
Sinistral Battle (Lufia 2)
Sinistral Battle (Lufia 3: The Legend Returns)

Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country)
Gang-Plank Galleon (Donkey Kong Country)
Stickerbush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong-Quest)

Miniboss Battle (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Thrust Up! (Power Quest)
Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Phantasia)
Fatalize (Tales of Symphonia)
Self Discipline (Riviera the Promised Land)
Reminiscence (Fire Emblem GBA)
Operation 1 Soldier Blade)
Go! Go! Go! (Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete)
Chinatown (Revenge of the Shinobi)
Memories of Puyo Puyo/ Password Screen (Puyo Puyo/ Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine)
Guile's Theme (Street Fighter 2)


In This section, I merely post the newest piece of art I've done. In today's installment, we have what happens when you gene splice magnets and turn a seemingly doofy and harmless Magneton into a Dragon type. Can you tell my current YuGiOh obsession is leaking into my art style?

Well that's all my art for now. I rarely take requests as I never really have time for them, but you can always ask and i dunno, you might be surprised. Besides, the worst I can say is no. ;)


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Remember me? I grew up.

What I would love to see from you is an Aggron. Your smooth, clear line art and aptitude for posing things well should help you.


P.S. Do you write?


formerly Doran Dragon
I still have a long way to go if i ever want to become your rival in spriting! at the moment I'm probably at the skill level that you were at when you made the kitsunoh sprites...

get ready cause I'm getting better at a breakneck pace and you going to have a new Pixel Rival 8)


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Thankies for the feedback guys, I agree, it's a shame I missed the boat on that lol.

And Doran, It's always nice to have rivals! I've officially declared Wyverii my sprite rival, but you can be one too! To be honest, I've not sprited in a millenia so I imagine I am quite bad now. :(


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I aim to become wyverii's rival too. Spriting is like riding a bike. you may forget for the first five minutes but then it all comes crashing back :D

oh, and may i ask, how do you make your sprites move similar to the way they do in the pokemon ds versions?


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Hopefully that is true, I don't want to be sitting at my computer scowling when the sprite polls roll around and I forgot all my techniques.


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Oh, just a bit of fancy pain trickery. The movement the pokemon sprites use in the games basically just cleverly manipulates two frames. Generally, they will do a mix of skewing, rotating, and resizing the sprites to create more of an illusion of movement than you would normally get with two frames.

the joy ids that you can do all those effects in paint! It takes a bit of patience and trial and error, but the effort is always rewarded.


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really, you did that all in paint? well I got some stuff to learn. but first I'd have to get enough patience to do multiple sprites of the same thing. I must say I do love your non pokemon spriting, cause it puts off a very creepy vibe.


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Mhm, it requires a bit of trickery, but it's all doable in pain. You should see some of my canvas' when I sprite, it's a mess of body parts and multiple copied bodies and oh it's just very disorganized.

And I do enjoy spriting non-pokemon works, as I believe it's essentially to go off into other ventures too. I just happen to have a more macabre view on things.


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KoA, this is probably my favorite thread on all of Smogon. Like seriously this is a fucking PALACE of art; every piece is cool and unique. 5 stars, welcome back! :)
Shame you couldn't enter CAP, that thing is very cool (although it seems Doug's Voodoom was going to win no matter what...). I'm guessing it's some kind of werewolf but if there's a more detailed explanation I would certainly like to hear it.


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Very nice to see the man, the myth, the legend return!

I loved going back through some of your older stuff, and then comparing that with the amazing colored works you produce these days. Your style and creative spin has not changed, but your execution just gets better and better. I'm disappointed the werewolf didn't make it into the latest CAP -- it's a wonderful piece!

Great work on the new art thread, and I look forward to seeing you back in your old stomping grounds in Create-A-Pokemon. We kept the light on for you!


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Honestly you guys have no idea how glad I am to be back. I missed Smogon and my friends and especially CaP. Seriously, it holds such a place in my heart and I can single-handedly thank it alone for pushing my art to what it is today.

Though I've returned, the transition won't be too smooth. I work two jobs and at the moment I'm working doubles on both everyday. (second shift on one, then third on the other, both are 24 hour places...) I literally only get to have 6 hours at home just to sleep and do it all again.

And I will explain the werewof piece, but not at the moment, it's naptime for me lol...


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Okay, So once again, Like Dracula and my Castle, I revive from the shadows once more, no pesky Belmonts plz...

Well, let's just say that I've experienced way more of life than I ever wanted to since my last post here.. I've went through alot of changes, and my art is no exception to that. MY style got grittier, darker, almost evil if you will.. By all means, I feel I got even better, but my normally neat drawings got replaced with ink drawings, which if you've ever noticed, come off strikingly dark. The majority of these were doodled at work, and therefore a lot remain unfinished and will likely remain so. I still deem them worth enough to show off though :)

Collosoil, except angrier and out for blood
Gross Dragon, I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be..
Named the Rape Monster. But either way I'm sure it sucks.
Rape Monster number 2. Now with tentacled clawed hand!
Revenankh using a move. Strength I think. Grrr!
Pretty sure this was supposed to be a Turkey bird demon or something idk.
Giant Zombie Collosus. With a creepily veiny arm!
After about 3 days staying up, I hallucinated at work and saw this monster come at me from the ceiling. :(
The Black Knight. I'm pretty sure this is loosely Fire Emblem Inspired
Tree Demon. His bark and bite are both of equal ferocity!
A severed dead head. Do not click if you do not like severed dead heads.
Is it an angel? Yea it is.
Sea Serpent. Was trying to design my own for a yugioh card I guess?
Is it another angel? No, It's the True form of Darm as the Black Pearl. Dumbass. (Final Boss of Ys 2)
Man-eating books. They say knowledge is all consuming heh heh!
Reptillianne Charmer. An unfinished concept for a "Reptillianne" themed yugioh card.
Some kinda Knight/Gundam hybrid lol.
Double Demon. Two heads, 2 hands, and one murderous spirit.
This is the monster that guards my wallet. Zero people have stolen it since he was put on duty.
Flame Dragon. I kinda liked the "bulky" look of him.
Baby Gergoth! The Zombie Dino boss from Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow.
Eye see you.
Gigatech Dragon. My idea of a Cyber Dragon fusion. Looks kewl.
THe Black Knight from before facing off with an evil animal monster.
Our buddy Revenankh again, standing in a pose reminiscent of Ryu. Gonna whoop ass.

Zombie Skull Twins. They share a common bond. For killing. Loosely based off of Yoglecks and Omulgun (Bosses from Ys 1)

Graphic and overly scary interpretations of Gastly and Haunter. Were they to really look like this, No one would ever go in Lavender Town..

Sneak peek at the album art for my upcoming music collection. What? You didn't know I was making such a thing? Well read on then..

In addition to my drawings getting an uplift, my music has as well. I'm near the end stages of my Album Project: Tentatively named "Time of the World" It's a rather large (nearing 70 tracks) collection of remixes from some of video game's (in my opinion) most influencial soundtracks. There are tunes spanning from the Megaman, Sonic, Lufia, Castlevania, and Ys franchises. (with a heavier emphasis on Ys, as this project was originally going to be an all Ys project) Among lots of others.

Basically the only things I really need to do is finalize a few tracks, finish the album art (preview above), and find a feasible fucking way to distribute the 300+ meg collection (help on that is greatly appreciated). I have included these 3 sample tracks though, so you guys have a bit of knowledge on what to expect from this :)

Termination (Final Boss theme from Ys 2)

Bloodlines (Intro Stage theme from Castlevania: Dracula X)

Lava Reef Zone Act 1 (From The same named level from Sonic and Knuckles)

Did I do a good job reviving my castle again this time around? ALso updated first post with relevant info. :)

Enjoy guests!


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Sadly no, there are no recent sprites to date. Collosoil was my last one.. BUT, I may pick it up again this time around for Cap, so we shall see ;)

Anywho, a few more pics today.

Someone dared me to draw Happiny in a non-cute way, so I created this abomination, nicknamed Happinevil:

And also my cute lil sketch of Reuniclus! :3 I must say, he's become my new favorite 5th gen pokemon as of late haha:

And in case you guys weren't following the CaP Art polls: Even though I entered my puppet design, I still have two drawn and colored sketches, which is unheard of for me lol. These were the two I didn't go with:

That's all for now! :)


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Hullo peeps. A lil bit of an art dump today. :U

Firstly, my entries for the Smogon B/W Pokemon thingers, PLaced in a spoiler just cuz there's a few of them:


AAaaaaand: I just got my new tablet today, and I'm working on being comfortable with it. I already know it's going to take me a bit of time getting used to the pen sensitivity and looking at the screen when I draw. :(

But lineart is made much easier with this method, and corrections easily made. Coloring and technique is what I'm going to struggle with most... :(

First pic is a traceover of a pic of myself because that's the easiest way to ease into something:

Second is a sketch of a creepy peacock demon idk lol:

It is my hope that in the upcoming weeks, i get more comfortable with my tablet. It certainly allows my art to flow out faster!


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Grr still tryin to get used to this thing. I'm having a hard time with trying to get neat lineart and picking a coloring style. :/

Anywho, here's a quick doodle of yin and yang peacocks:

And my latest, Shaymin. I tried the whole "cute" thing again. While I very much am pleased with the actual form of the picture. I hate the lineart and the coloring.. This will take time to get used to and I'm definitely updating this pic as I get better because I like it too much to ignore:

Please mind the terrible tablet work for the time being x_x

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