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okay so we might have one of these in which case feel free to close this but i couldn't find it anywhere obvious on site search or google search so w/e

here we go

This thread was mainly created because 2012 is a KICKASS year for films. We've already had The Hunger Games, Underworld: Awakening, The Woman in Black, Titanic 3D, and The Secret World of Arrietty - not all of which are good films, of course, but highly anticipated ones nevertheless.

Likewise, we have The Avengers, Prometheus, Men in Black 3, Snow White & the Huntsman, Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy, The Expendables 2, Les Miserables, The Great Gatsby, and of course, The Hobbit.

These, among other films, could be good or bad, successful or not. I figure we need a place to talk about them, and any other movies we feel like.

There is one ground rule in this thread: all spoilers must be put in hide tags.

Personally, I've JUST come back from seeing The Cabin in the Woods, a Joss Whedon film, and I have to say I was quite satisfied.

I've been a Whedon fan for a while now - Firefly, Serenity, and the Marvel franchise in particular. The Cabin in the Woods was very Whedon-esque in its clever dialogue, but more so in its premise - it's kind of a meta-film, mocking and at the same time honoring the genre of horror. There are homages to films like Evil Dead while there are twists that satire the "horror porn" trend that Whedon says he's been seeing in films like Saw and Hostel.

It comes off as rather stereotypical in the beginning but quickly turns the entire horror genre on its head, while also creating an element of horror that has a special spot for anyone, no matter what you're personally scared of.

You'll laugh and you'll scream, and more than the horror itself in this film, I really appreciated the way it was executed and the message it sends to the current state of horror.

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going to see avengers tomorrow for a friends birthday :).

also the expendables 2 jfc

abraham lincoln / great gatsby / the hobbit

all should be at least interesting :) + stephen fry in the hobbit, woo
I haven't gone around to see the latest Pitt films (Benjamin Button, Moneyball) as well as Shameless (totally gonna see it it it's educational value) and maybe Hunger games when I,m done.
avengers comes out on may 4th though
Out here in The Netherlands it comes out tomorrow

Recently been to American Pie: Reunion (three times, actually), and I must say it's pretty good, especially if you've seen the original trilogy. If those where not your thing, this won't be your cup of tea either, otherwise it's a pretty dang good comedy.

Battleship was better than I expected. The story is weak, but if explosions are your thing, this should be one of your favourite movies for the year.

Oh and by the way, don't go to the movie Haywire. It's so damn confusing, half of the time I had no idea what was going on. Action was decent though.

Pretty sad that I'm not 16 years old yet, so I can't go watch Cabin in the Woods.
I've only seen The Cabin in the Woods and The Hunger Games so far this year, both of which I liked. This Saturday I shall be going to see The Avengers and hopefully it will be awesome!

As for the rest of this year's releases, I'm gonna throw out Joe Wright's Anna Karenina and Wong Kar Wai's The Grandmasters out there as the two films I'm most looking forward to this year that haven't already been mentioned. The latter's been in development hell for several years now and there still doesn't seem to be a concrete release date for it (though some time this year is likely), but I'd say that, having recently watched two of his other films (In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express), I am very stoked for it.

In terms of other film related stuff, I recently discovered the website They Shoot Pictures, Don't They which compiles and aggregates hundreds of lists/polls of film critics and filmmakers and ranks them. Though their all-time greatest list is filled with many predictable choices (Citizen Kane at #1, for example) there are many lesser known gems amongst them that I hadn't previously heard of or known much about which have piqued my interest. They also have a list of the best films of the 21st Century so far, which is equally useful as all-time lists tend to have an inherent bias against more modern films (the most recent film in the all-time top 100 is Goodfellas from 1990). Long story short, if you're a cinephile then it's a really cool site for getting film recommendations.

The Raid: Redemption

Best action film so far this year. Some of the best choreography in years, and it features a better Tony Jaa for sure.
i saw cabin in the woods a weekend ago, and i think i'd have to see it again to really appreciate it. i went into the movie knowing nothing about it past its title and genre, so when i realized it was more of a horror film teasing at horror films, i was sort of let down only because i didn't know that before going in and just thought it was supposed to be another high-tension slasher flick or something. actually being aware of the premise and plot of the movie, i think i would have approached with a different outlook and thoroughly enjoyed it more for successfully doing what it was made out to do!

the idea itself is actually amazing, although the whole "pleasing the ancient gods" thing was pretty corny.

The Raid: Redemption

Best action film so far this year. Some of the best choreography in years, and it features a better Tony Jaa for sure.

Sounds like a modern version of Game of Death, DO WANT. Actually I'm surfing amazon for new things to buy and we don't have cinemas in my country (plz don't ask) so hopefully it's released.
the idea itself is actually amazing, although the whole "pleasing the ancient gods" thing was pretty corny.
that's the thing though, i think most of the "corny" stuff in the film is intentionally so, from the obviously stereotypical character archetypes to the premise of the facility to the way the characters die. even the way the title opens is a satire of modern horror flicks.
I went to see Ghost Rider 2 last Saturday, and I gotta say it's pretty good. Nicolas Cage does a hell of a job. It combined funny things with serious action. I reccoment it though.

There's a couple of movies I want to see: G.I.Joe Redemption I think it's called, I wasn't expecting much of it because of the last movie, but then I saw the trailer... Something is good when you mix Politics, Bruce Willis, and Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson. The Avengers is a MUST see. The movies individually aren't that good(Iron Man bieng the best) but when you mix'em you get one hell of a movie. Men In Black 3 is also a must.
I haven't I was just saying how bad the individual movies were like ''Captain America'' or ''Thor'', but when you mix them up you must get one hell of a movie.


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Captain America was pretty easily the best one to be honest. It all really comes down to the USO, which added a believable and interesting step in the Cap's backstory, and of course final scene is probably the most memorable of all the Avengers movies so far.

The only bad movie was Iron Man 2, or should I say the two hour ad for Avengers.


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I haven't I was just saying how bad the individual movies were like ''Captain America'' or ''Thor'', but when you mix them up you must get one hell of a movie.
Want to tell us WHY it was bad? Captain America was a fine movie.
Most of these movies are going to be AWESOME!!! However I did not like The Great Gatsby (original) at all. "0_0" Probably will not see the remake.
Gonna see the Avengers the night it comes out here. Just gotta decide between wearing my Cap shirt or Hulk shirt.
Why are you all taking what Darkaxis says seriously? He just called Ghost Rider 2 a good movie shouldn't of even read the rest of his post after he stated that....
2012 is looking pretty good for horror ^.^

Piranha 3DD (Piranha 3 Double D) looks like it'll be some more campy 3D horror fun! Also, in the same vein, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D!

Having grown up in the Jersey pine barrens, gotta say, I'm pumped for The Barrens. Jersey Devil always needed some more luvin in the horror genre ^.^

Halloween 3D might be getting pushed back to next year ;-; We can still hope, though! Also, wtf is with all this 3D stuff this year?

Detention looks like the kind of classic teen slasher film that's always some mindless fun. Can't complain about that >.>

Looper just looks weird, but I still wanna see it. Serial killers sending their victim's bodies back in time ?__?

And of course, the big news: after a tragic lack of horror films in 2011, Lionsgate is back, baby! Gonna be drunkenly watching The Cabin in the Woods tonight! You're Next and The Bay both look worthy of watching as well. What I'm most excited for from them, though: Nurse 3D. Tits and gore... in 3D! This is gonna be a good year ^.^

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