itt post your favorite movies (or general movie discussion)

Some great flicks posted itt. Seconding Juno, Tremors, Fight Club, Scott Pilgrim, and Uncle Buck. @G80: I've seen bits of some of the movies you posted and they were weird as shit. Gonna definitely try and watch a lot of the movies from your post when I find the time they all look great.

Someone mentioned Eternal Sunshine which is a great movie my wife introduced me to. She also introduced me to this amazing movie:

The Science of Sleep

Great movie about dreams. Gondry has an eye for awesome visuals. You can watch it a million times and still be charmed by the great visuals and trippy story. Speaking of Gondry...

Be Kind, Rewind

If you don't bust out laughing during the Ghostbusters night scene you aren't even human. Speaking of Mos Def being a good actor...

16 Blocks

I love this movie. Somewhat cheesy ending but everyone wants the cheesy happy ending after falling in love with Mosley and Bunker.

Just want to add these last two:

Shaun of the Dead

This along with Hot Fuzz are probably my favorite movies. Can't wait for the final movie in the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy.

Night of the Living Dead

The movie that started the zombie craze. If it weren't for this movie there are so many amazing movies and video games that would never have been made.


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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang There is sex, murder, and mystery, what more do you want? This is one of Robert Downey Jr's best performances and Val Kilmer was phenomenal. its quick witted, has a perfect blend of drama and comedy, probably my favorite movie of all time.

Kung Fu Hustle The plot isn't totally coherent and it lacks some character development, but it is essentially a comedic version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The execution is amazing and still draws you into the film, like Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meet Quentin Tarantino and Bugs Bunny.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly There really isn't much that could be said about this movie. It is a genre defining film and any self respecting movie buff should have seen this by now. It is a timeless classic that is engaging and entertaining.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Amazing fight scenes, engaging story, and great acting really put this movie together. Certain scenes may elicit some laughter because it seems "corny" but it becomes really magical and the actors pull the scenes off extremely well.

King Kong (2005) I guess sort of my guilty pleasure movie, it lacks pacing, and really drags on, but at time it is downright spectacular. Despite being a 30 foot gorilla, it is easy to feel an emotional attachment to Kong and the end of the movie was really heartbreaking for me, despite knowing what would happen ahead of time. Despite its faults I really love this movie and it will always have a place in my heart.


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I can't believe anyone would post "don't mess with the zohan"

my contribution: before sunset

modern classic
1. The Matrix - Delightful action sequences and very good dialogues makes it one of the best in action genre. And intellectual stimulation is always good. They took all great science fiction ideas and combined it into this.

2. The Shawshank Redemption - A drama that does not bore you to death and with a brilliant ending.

3. Good Will Hunting - Another drama and a truly delightful movie.

4. Casino Royale - Best non-Sean Connery bond movie. It excels unlike the previous ones because of lack of high-end gadgets and an engaging plot. Daniel Craig and Eva Green potray their roles so good that you can watch it again and again and still feel you've only wa

5. The Dark Knight - Only because of Heath Ledger.
I cannot remember a film that I have enjoyed as much as

It's not the best film ever but I had so much fun watching it.

Some other good ones but they've already been posted: Uncle Buck, Ferris Beuller, Inception, Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Knight etc


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Surprised nobody has mentioned Goldeneye or The Godfather. IMO Goldeneye > Casino Royale but I love them both.

Also @ detrimi - good choice. 12 Angry Men was a very very good and lesser known movie.

Also, for thems who has seen it:


Just noticed that's my third movie with Paul Newman. Obvious conclusion is I have a man crush on him *shrug*

O Brother Where Art Thou?

I think this is another movie I managed to catch on TV one day, or watched it with a friend having no preconceptions of what it would be like. I: love this movie. Basically it's about three criminals, those pictured, breaking free from prison because George Clooney's character convinces them that he's got loot from the job he was jailed for back at home. They travel high and low to get back home, meeting other criminals along the way, unknowningly become singing sensations, and are robbed by beautiful Sirens. This movie is so fun and just delightful, I love George Clooney's character and those of John Turturro and Time Blake Nelson.

"I am a man of constant sorrow."


I've only seen this once a few years ago, but I'm just trying to think of the more obscure/foreign films that I've really enjoyed. Basically, this film is about a father and son who just lost their wife and mother. The father gets into a business arrangement with a friend, who is auditioning women for the friend's new movie, but he constructed the role so that it was the ideal woman the widowed man wanted for a replacement wife. Basically, he finds what he believes is the perfect woman, but his dream girl is too good to be true, and not very good at all..


GAH, I don't even know why I like this movie so much. The pictured character is the main guy, an aspiring neurosurgeon who has a fixation about "brain death," and studying the 8 or so seconds (iirc?) of life a brain has, even when it's been removed from the body. He takes this concept and creates a formula that prolongs the minimal time of brain life available, essentially creating a formula for zombies. They're not fully sentient, in that they can't pass as normal people. Sort of how those brought back to life in Stephen King's Pet Semetary are alive, but evil. This movie is pretty simple for the whole mad scientist/zombie/everything gone all wrong feel, and the doctor is so eccentric that I find him more amusing than anything.
Crash is fucking amazing. Really sheds a light on racial tensions in America.

A lot of love for Oldboy too. Best revenge film ever.

Goodfellas is great. I love mob movies in general.
watched this the other night and forgot how much i loved it:

as long as I can remember i've been really big into time travel movies. Back To The Future, The Terminator, The Butterfly Effect, The Terminator, The Time Machine, Donnie Darko, stuff like that.
already mentioned movies that everyone should watch: Oldboy, Love Exposure, Hana-bi (pretty much all of kitano's movies), visitor Q

all about lily chou-chou

dare mo shiranai (nobody knows)

sympathy for mr vengeance - saw this recently

the taste of tea
SZW please avoid this post one of the movies is from 1927 and might cause your head to explode

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the best film ever created in every way possible. Airplane is the funniest movie. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the next funniest. Yojimbo is the coolest. Singin' in the Rain is the cutest. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is the bluest. Metropolis is the grandest. It's a Wonderful Life is the sweetest. Ten Commandments is the most fucking ridiculous.
Favorite movie of all time was probably the second Austin Powers. There are a lot of others but I don't feel like mentioning them right now. Except Snakes on a Plane, I'll mention that. And I am pumped for the K-On movie that's coming out.
I just watched the Royal Tenenbaums. It's absolutely fantastic, if a little twee. Luke Wilson has perhaps the greatest beard known to man, and then he shaves it off and cuts his wrist and makes out with his sister, so there's that.

most movies i like have been posted; the dark knight was gripping (to op: you didn't know there was a "comic"? are you fucking shitting me? being the huge comic book fan i am and watching a lifetime of joker stories blend together to create an extremely good live action joker, i kinda of want to stab you.), scott pilgrim recently managed to show how fun comic book movies should/could be (they don't have to be ''realistic'' sometimes), inception...

i am still missing on a lot of kubrick stuff, but clockwork orange, eyes wide shut and the shining are all fantastic movies, each with their own atmosphere and themes.

quentin tarantino is a modern movie master but i am kinda saddened no one mentioned inglourious basterds. most people say it doesn't live up to pulp fiction standards, but i thought it was just explosive fun from beginning to end. the dialogues are gripping, the action scenes fenomenal, the overall story well-put.

i also thought borat and bruno were great, great critiques to american society. probably the smartest dumb movies i have ever seen. guy's got balls!

the human centipede is a recent dutch movie which I love because it is so bad. I think the director is much like robert rodriguez, as in the movie is so badly written it is entertaining. it shows a few flashes of genius occasionally, though.

banksy's exit though the gift shop was easily one of my favorite movies of the year. is it real? is it a hoax? banksy just keeps fucking with our minds.

fear and loathing in las vegas is also another of my favorite movies of all time. drug-fueled adventure thought las vegas? sign me up on that.

four rooms is an underrated classic. it has 4 different writers, including tarantino and robert rodriguez, and is a wonderful comedy on a hotel.

also, why no big lebowski so far?
I just got through Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

It might be my favorite movie ever, but that might be attributed to that "post movie afterglow" thing. My god, was it fantastic, amazing, superb, and every other positive adjective I can think of!

When it comes to Miyazaki movies, I usually say Princess Mononoke is my favorite to watch and Spirited Away is the best overall (terms of plot, characters, themes, etc.) but this one definitely took the title of favorite Miyazaki movie from Mononoke, and once I'm done with the movie afterglow I'll attempt to think about whether it's a better movie overall compared to Spirited Away.

It's damn close, though. And I have to say, I've never been that emotionally involved into a movie before. I felt for the characters and that baby ohmu scene made me legitimately pissed off.
inception, the matrix, kung fu hustle, and the good, the bad, and the ugly are among the ones i really like that were already mentioned so i'll get into something else:

the benchwarmers - probably my favorite comedy film, when you're really in a bad day and want a good laugh i would suggest this!

speed - a movie where keanu reeves does actually a good job at acting. this movie is better compared to almost all of his other films (except the matrix perhaps, which has a plot that just easily defeats the rest). i was very wide awake throughout the whole film.

500 days of summer - definitely my all time favorite. i'm very picky when it comes to romantic films, but this one is over-the-top great because it steers itself away from your typical romance film. not only the plot was great; the actors are also stellar. zooey deschanel does a great job at acting as the "weird girl" while joseph gordon-levitt just fits being with her. definitely worth your free time.
The Prestige. Jesus. Such an awesome film. Just when the end is coming up, and you think you've got the twist figured out, the movie pulls out another that completely takes you by surprise. Awesome cast, great plot, etc. People tend to like Inception and The Dark Knight better, and they are certainly great films, but this is Nolan's best.

Inglorious Bastards. Out of everything that I liked about this film, the thing that stood out the most to me was dialogue. There are so many memorable quotes in this movie, just like in Pulp Fiction.

V For Vendetta. Another highly quotable movie, with one of the most interesting protagonists in film, and it has an ideal that I identify with.

Pan's Labyrinth. One of the most "visually-striking" (I'm not a fan of that phrase but yeah) films I've ever seen, with a beautiful soundtrack. It's been called a fairy-tale for adults and that's certainly true. take a listen to the theme:

American Beauty. It's at some points simply hilarious, and at other points a powerful commentary on the emptiness of materialistic suburban life.

Also I sounded really pompous in this post okay yeah bye

Quentin Tarantino and Zack Snyder are definitely my favorite directors, but I just listed my single favorite movie from each of them

My all-time favorite movie. Great actors, great director, great plotline, and of course, great dialogue.

Really touching movie, if you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it to just about anyone

Awesome movie based on an awesome graphic novel

Castle in the sky, is thee greatest Ghibli film in my opinion. And carrying you is the best film music ever. I love it.

Inglorious Bastards. Out of everything that I liked about this film, the thing that stood out the most to me was dialogue. There are so many memorable quotes in this movie, just like in Pulp Fiction.
YES! Tarantino is fantastic with dialogue

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