ITT You’re On a Road Trip With The Whole Entire Smogoff Community and I’m driving

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Loosely Resembling Some Variety Of Bird
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Decided to take a picture on the journey!
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Haha...looks great, right?

I still have no idea where we're going.

Got kidnapped by a 7 year old with a government license to drive and put on a bus with a load of crackheads or some shit, idk the service is terrible, the Babybels are slightly rotten and I'm pretty sure we're gonna take a nose dive off a cliff. At least this guy I'm sitting next to is a chill dude, seems like a pretty good artist too ngl

tangrowth is having an existential crisis lol
*running at mach 20 speed and jumping in the bus trough the window and tipping his hat*

g'day gentleman , ladies and other , may i join you on this trip even tough i just invited myself?
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