Jackie Chanless Mafia! Shendu wins!

i dont really understand why you guys are lynching ipl unless its him contacting inexperienced players in which case i still dont understand.

no lynch for now
I'd prefer not lynching today

btw, for anyone wanting to contact me, be sure to send your PM to "Mr_Goodbar", not "Mr. Goodbar" (my role PM was sent to the latter so I just want to make sure no one else sends stuff to them...)
December 25, 2009 12:23 AM

So you guys really do not like this imperfectluck character huh? Oh well, say good bye.
:transforms staff into a golf club:
You all watch as the Monkey King whacks imperfectluck in the head several times in the head with the golf club, with the last hit lodging the head of the club in imperfectluck’s skull and breaking off.
The Monkey King proceeds to rip out imperfectluck’s innards and read them.
Imperfectluck was:
Dear imperfectluck,
You are Andrew Ryan.

As the father of the main character in Bioshock and the founder of Rapture you were the controlling force in your little underwater city until Atlas came and turned it topsy turvy with his bible smuggling. Fathering Jack, after having an affair with a stripper you and him are the only two individuals that can make use of the life support systems that are scattered around Rapture, due to your unique DNA. However, since coming to the surface you have not found time to build any of these life support systems so you will not be invulnerable.

During the night you may send a pm to blue_light stating 'Night X - Would You Kindly? (XXX)". That night you will kindly ask that person to say whatever is in the XXX the next day. The XXX may not pertain to voting however, and every post that person makes during that day must contain the XXX or otherwise you will not kindly bash their head in with your golf club.

You are allied with the J-Force. You win if the J-Force wins.
HAHAHAHA, you guys lynched one of your own, what a bunch of dip shits. Hmm… it’s getting late, why don’t you guys go take a nap I am sure there will be some interesting….surprises waiting for you in the morning. Good night and don’t let those Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of stick their feet up your ass.

It is now Night 1, Night 1 will end in 24 hours or if all night pms are sent in (if you do not send in your night pm you will be subbed out)


Banned deucer.
I voted him because he was acting the exact same way he was in cereal mafia, being pretty vague towards questions he seemed to agree to answer, and stupidly blunt with his questioning in pm.


I did stuff a long time ago for the site
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Someone needs to step up, get cleaned by a inspector and lead the village. I'm fine with TIK or myself leading (I don't have a very important role).
Again, we need an inspector to clean whoever it is does end up leading the village.

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