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[11:10] <@GoldenKnight> ok yeah eric can i make a small thread for this in the lc subforum?
[11:10] <~ete> of course
It looks like we aren't alone! This Japanese Little Cup can be found here http://www27.atwiki.jp/littlecup/. If you guys find anything interesting to add go ahead, I'm sure there is plenty to see. Here's some stuff I've found to get started.

  • This wiki has basic analysis and a rule list that is similar to our own. As an example, both Dragon Rage and Sonicboom are banned along with Berry Juice.

  • Any Pokemon that was once fully evolved is banned, such as Gligar, Onix, and Porygon.

  • They play their games on Pokemon Battle Revolution

  • They understand the EVs in Little Cup and have their own method of EVing in the games


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haha in addition to the ban-list banning pokemon that were once fully evolved, munchlax, ponyta, magby, and elekid are also banned.

dratini must run rampant in their metagame, as will any set up sweeper. scarf gastly is also probably a large threat.


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Why would Munchlax, Magby, or Elekid be banned? They are "baby" Pokemon that were added as pre-evolution mons.

This sounds pretty cool; their rules do have flaws but they have their merits as well (Onix and Porygon are not "too good", but they easily got rid of Misdreavus and Gligar this way).

What do they say about Rotom?

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I think Munchlax, Magby, and Elekid (as well as Wailmer and Ponyta) get banned in Japan because their base stat totals are 360 or greater.
looks interesting
at least I won't be dealing with any sub-sneak-miss here. And no gligar walls as well.
This might turn out to be an even faster metagame than the one we have here.

and with elekid banned, I guess my scarf-pichu might do the trick :P

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