Jarardo's Drawings


Awesome drawing as usual. Love your style of shading, so simple but not so simple it's out-of-place.

EDIT: Doubleyeaaaaaaaaah.
Thanks peoples!
Funny thing about the shading, I was just playing round with it when I did Gliscor and it just seemed to click so I've just been going with it ever since! Well I just use one layer for shadows and another for highlights. Hmmm... Now I wanna play around with my shading to see what kind of richer values I can get :P
Go Rotom-W! Nice pose. The shading and outline of the door makes it seems almost claylike, which is cool too.

And the picture shows exactly what Rotom does when the enemy sends in Tyranitar to use pursuit, who promptly dies to W-o-W and Hydro Pump. It happens all the time.

*Shameless Double Post*

Just whipped up a random gastly, wanted to do some cool stuff with the smoke but my brushes were aggravating me so I just gave him a muppet mouth.

I've been running dry on ideas for poke-art so, i'd appreciated some requests.
omgggg that is an awesome Kirikizan! Could you shrink it down to 100x100? I might want to use it as an avatar >>

If you're running low on ideas, how about a Spinda? I'd prefer it using Psycho Cut, kind of in the style of the Sucker Punch Kirikizan.
Are you still looking for requests? Because I've got something if you are. Could you make me a doom vending machine? And by that I mean, could you make me an imaginary rotom-v (vending) form? Design it however you like, but I think the trick would be to find a way to differentiate it from the similarly shaped rotom-f. Possibly a large plexiglass front panel displaying the soda bottles inside? IDK, its up to you. If you do display any soda bottles though, all I sell is diet dr pepper (someone asked me what I sold in chat once, I came up with this and I just stuck with it).

EDIT: Just wanted to make it clear, it doesn't need to have a plexiglass panel, I was just trying to provide an idea to help distinguish it from rotom-f. You do whatever you do.
Here's the Psycho Cut Spinda!

That's sounds like a cool idea, Doomvendingmachine! I got it sketched out already and should be done by tomorrow!
No problem!

Some random doodles drawn up:

And friendship induced evolution

I have a bit of a conundrum, I tried finishing my nuzlocke from last year but looking back at them, the ones I didn't finish weren't really entertaining. I want to start something else but I don't know if i should just wait till Black and White are in a America or just restart something else. I also wanted to try making a warstory comic but I can't find any good battles to catalog. Any ideas/input would be appreciated!
The Nuzlocke Challenge was hilarious! I loved the curse part.

I suggest you draw Dynamic Punch Wooper.


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Stantler used Gravity!

I'm eager to see how you can interpret this.
Wooper used Dynamic Punch!

The reason a made it into a whole comic is that I just felt that it couldn't be portrayed accurately through only one image. I can't do this often as it takes time and I'll only make a comic of something unless it's specified in a request. Speaking of comics, I have decided I will at least make a pilot Nuzlocke Challenge comic when BW come to america and gauge the reactions on wether or not to continue.

Speaking of requests, I've got Alchemator's and giggity69's brainstormed/sketched out kinda and will hopefully get them done soon! And I'm still taking them, I just changed the thread title because I didn't want to sound desperate :P Keep in mind they may take a while because of school/other non-pokemon related projects.

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