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Jellicent can be a great supporting pokemon in Ubers. Its nice typing and Water Absorb gives it many resistances and immunities,and along with its bulkiness on both sides thanks to its high HP, makes it a good counter to many pokemon. However, being a grouded pokemon, Jellicent is affected by all hazards, although the damage taken can be healed off with recover. It has a decent Sp. Atk stat, and with moves like Toxic, Boiling Water, and Will-o-wisp, it can be great for support, spreading status throughout the entire opposing team. Its ghost typing can also allow it to be used as a spin blocker.


name: Status Jellicent
move 1: Boiling Water / Surf
move 2: Recover / Pain Split
move 3: Energy Ball / Ice Beam
move 4: Toxic / Will-o-Wisp
item: Leftovers
ability: Water Absorb
nature: Calm
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD

Set Description:
Counters any choiced Kyogre and Manaphy.
Can switch in on many types and can last incredibly long thanks to Recover.
Boiling Water and Will-o-wisp stops physical attacks from hitting Jellicent's weaker side.

Additional Comments:
Boiling water should not be used with Will-o-wisp. Toxic is a better option against non-physical attackers. Will-O-Wisp is better used with surf, as it gives it a solid Status move. Pain Split can be used to wear down opponents when you're low on health. Ice Beam hits Grass and Dragon types, energy ball hits Water and Ground types (namely Kyogre and Groudon) . Toxic can be used to wear down other walls and stall out Special attackers.
Calm makes Jellicent a strong special wall.

Teammates and Counters:
Can be paired with Ferrothorn, as the two cover each others weaknesses very well. Ferrothorn can set up hazards while Jellicent spinblocks. You can switch Jellicent into Ice and Fire moves, which can be super effective against the dragon and steel types (Scizor) on your team.
Walled by other special walls.
No investment in Sp. Atk makes it hard to take down pokemon with decent special bulk and threaten it with super effective moves.

[Team Options]
Great synergy with pokemon that resist types super effective to Jellicent, such as Ferrothorn.

[Optional Changes]
Hydro Pump can be used instead of surf, especially under rain.
Shadow ball can be used in the 3rd slot for STAB.
You can invest more EVs into defense to help its physical side.
Lum Berry can be used, as Jellicent does not like being statused.

Bulky Waters and grass types. Bulky waters usually end up in a PP war, and Jellicent isn't powerful enough to KO grass types with ice beam.
Dark types such as Tyrannitar can hit with a super effective move.
Unscarfed Kyogre can hit with Thunder.
I'll clean this up a bit when I have the time.


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Tbh, Burungeru seems like a mediocre poke in Ubers. It is immune to water attacks, but vulnerable to electric attacks, and Thunder is very common in ubers. Plus it can't take physical hits very well at all.

Burungeru is also outclassed as a spin blocker by Giratina and Giratina-O.
What exactly is Bloongell walling in Ubers? It is 2HKOd by Timid ScarfPalkia's Thunder or LO Spacial Rend, which aren't among the strongest moves. If used as a Manaphy / Kyogre check alone (Thunder or Grass Knot will hurt)...I'd rather just use Latias.


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Jellicent fails as a Kyogre counter thanks to Thunder and not being able to hurt it outside of Toxic, Manaphy is never choiced and can actually set up on it thanks to Hydration and Jellicent having lame offenses, and pretty much anything else in Ubers can muscle past it or set up on it. Mediocre Speed and offense combined with only 100/70/100 defenses (good in OU, not so great in Ubers when most SWEEPERS have comparable or better defenses) and weaknesses to Electric-, Grass-, Ghost-, and Dark-type attacks kinda make Jellicent a mediocre defensive Pokemon. It takes Physical hits very badly unless it can Burn the offender on the switch and it's defenses aren't good enough to handle repeated high powered special attacks. I'm sorry, but I see no real use for this in Ubers.

Besides walling mono attacking Kyogre, I don't see what Jellicent can do really well. It's terrible offenses and average defenses just aren't enough to compete in Ubers. It's sad that Burungeru can't even wall Mixed Palkia. Almost any pokemon in Uber can beat Jellicent. Kyogre commonly carries Thunder in most sets so you can't wall it. Jellicent can't damage Kyogre carrying Rest either which is the only variant Jellicent can wall.
As a wall it is outclassed by Giratina completely who has much better defenses and can actually phaze+damage things. Being slower than every Uber and unable to touch Forretress, Ubers top spinner is also a major hindrance.

I am sorry, but Jellicent just isn't fit for Ubers.


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