Jewelry Gen UU Tour - Quarter Finals


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Jewelry Gen UU Tour

This will be an individual tournament with tiers GSC UU, ADV UU & DPP UU being played in a best of three in that order (or a different order if the pair can agree on it).
Hopefully we can have fun while learning about lower tiers in past gens.
This will be a single elimination tournament.
Each round will last a week.
Replays very much appreciated, as these are lesser played tiers, and ones which I (and I'm sure a lot of you) have some interest/curiosity in.

Rules and general guidelines for tournaments on Smogon:
ADV UU information:
GSC UU information:
DPP UU information:


SoulWind vs Earthworm [GSC, DPP, ADV]
(Sage vs OminousDraco) vs Ranshiin [GSC, ADV]
Diophantine vs wyc2333 [GSC, ADV]
Chill Shadow vs xJoelituh [GSC, ADV]

Deadline: 10th October at 23:59 EST.
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