Jewelry Gen UU Tour - Round 1


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Jewelry Gen UU Tour

This will be an individual tournament with tiers GSC UU, ADV UU & DPP UU being played in a best of three in that order (or a different order if the pair can agree on it).
Hopefully we can have fun while learning about lower tiers in past gens.
This will be a single elimination tournament.
Each round will last a week.
Replays very much appreciated, as these are lesser played tiers, and ones which I (and I'm sure a lot of you) have some interest/curiosity in.

Rules and general guidelines for tournaments on Smogon:
ADV UU information:
GSC UU information:
DPP UU information:

Lavos vs wyc2333
Chill Shadow
vs fatty
The Kyle vs Haru
Bedschibaer vs pasy_g
vs BKC
Diophantine vs KURAI 28
Smallsmallrose vs Ranshiin
cb aaron judge vs Hamhamhamham
vs alive
Sinkyr vs neomon
Drud vs Flares.
vs ChiefWek
Sage vs aceofbabes
Gilbert arenas vs Earthworm
Holiano vs OminousDraco
vs MysitclaHaze

Deadline: 25th September at 23:59 EST.
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