Jirachi Giveaway [Gen7] ("Offline")

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Welcome to my giveaway,
Everything is fully-redistributable unless stated otherwise.
Mods don't close porfavor

How to receive:
Add my FC: 0834-6466-2661 IGN: Bluemew
Make sure to post only when it says online and leave your IGN and FC
I will request the link trade once I go online

Careful | IVs are all HT | Serene Grace
Wish, Protect, Iron Head, Body Slam
EVs: 250 HP / 196 SpD / 64 Spe
[OT: WISHMKR ID:20043 ]


~Max Medicine/Items
~PKHex/Hombrew (To clone)
~RNG reporter
~EonTimer v1.6
~Lua Scripts/Bots
~Warp codes FR/LG

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Glad to see you back after so long! I'd love to receive a Mew! My FC is in my signature. My IGN is Atharv. I assume this is in Sun and Moon?
Adding you now
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