joke formats to retire in 2021


what are birds? we just don't know.
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"it's not X unless it's from the Y region of France otherwise its just sparkling Z"
tired and obnoxious! miss me with this bullshit

"sure sex is great, but have you ever <done something mildly satisfying>"
congrats on the sex and being so casual about it. we can't all be so lucky! just plain rude.

"new <thing> just dropped"
actually i quite like this one. this one can stay. especially when its about a new animal discovery or something


absolutely nobody:

me: <dumb non sequitur>"
oh shut up. just shut up


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i am already retired. i am typing this from a retirement home, i'm 95 years old

(i am actually dictating it to one of the nurses here - i don't post in metagame threads because it's too hard to get the nurses to spell the names of pokemon)
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Pretty much any joke format could die and it'd be fine by me. Once it catches on and spreads, it usually stops being funny, assuming it was in the first place. X:/Y:/Z: formats in particular are the bane of my existence
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