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It's a sad state of affairs for Jynx in Stadium OU. The nerfs to sleep and addition of Team Preview make its main niche—the one-two punch of a speedy Lovely Kiss followed by a Blizzard freeze—far rarer and much less impactful. Regardless, being the most reliable sleeper available is still a decent niche to have, and Jynx can pave the way for teammates like Rhydon or Zapdos to bring down the hammer thanks to the status requiring a turn for the foe to wake up. Additionally, Jynx's other traits remain relevant: Blizzard gives it a fantastic matchup against Pokemon like Exeggutor, and its Psychic resistance lets it handle opposing Psychic-types like Alakazam and non-Surf Starmie. However, at the same time, its drawbacks remain; Jynx's limited offensive coverage and just barely good enough Special leave it easily stopped by Pokemon like Chansey and Starmie, and it also struggles to break past Substitute. Furthermore, its pitiful physical bulk means Pokemon like Snorlax and Tauros can effortlessly abuse it to score big damage on Jynx's team, sometimes forcing it to be death fodder.

name: Sleeper
move 1: Lovely Kiss
move 2: Ice Beam / Blizzard
move 3: Psychic
move 4: Rest


Jynx is the fastest Pokemon with access to a 75% accurate sleep move, making Lovely Kiss an elementary choice; however, be aware that Rest counts under Sleep Clause in Stadium, and Substitute is also capable of blocking status. Given Stadium OU's penchant for long games, Ice Beam is a valid choice to fish for a freeze; factoring in every hit connecting, Ice Beam should score one around 82% of the time. However, Blizzard is a solid choice for raw damage, 2HKOing Exeggutor, which is especially effective if switching in on a predicted Rest. Psychic complements this for generally neutral coverage, acting as Jynx's main port of call against Water-types like Cloyster that resist Psychic, as well as hitting Gengar for super effective damage. Rest lets Jynx stay healthy throughout a game while triggering Stadium Sleep Clause and blocking paralysis attempts from Pokemon like Alakazam and Starmie, as well as Exeggutor, which has trouble breaking through without Double-Edge. However, be wary of a potential switch-in on the turn Jynx uses Rest, as being too predictable could end with a KOed Jynx.

Outside of Rest, Jynx can use other options, but dropping Rest makes Jynx far more vulnerable to status. 7 Defense DVs alongside Counter to guarantee a KO if Tauros Body Slams it. Seismic Toss is uniquely useful for dealing with Jynx's Substitute issues, breaking Alakazam and Starmie's easily; however, because these aren't guaranteed sights, the move is niche. Regardless, it also finds use for forcing Slowbro to Rest early. Alternatively, Mimic can be used to take a potentially more useful move, such as Recover or Thunder Wave from Alakazam and Starmie. Substitute is usable for scouting switch-outs and protecting Jynx from paralysis, but the damage cost is quite steep on Gen 1 standards, making this ill-advised. Jynx should generally be used on teams that appreciate its sleep-inducing prowess for high payoffs, such as those with Zapdos or Rhydon, as well as teams with set-up sweepers like Slowbro.

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Seismic Toss deserves to be mentioned especially in Stadium, it is a good move to pressure opposing Slowbro overall and break opposing Substitute like Alakazam even with a Spc drop of your side.

QC: 1/2
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