Kala's Mishmash of Graphics [Open to random requests]


uwu kill myself owo
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Yo, figured I'd make a thread showing off some random stuff I've made for myself or friends when I'm bored. Don't have any actual skills or talent when it comes to art so I just edit alot of stuff in Photoshop and sometimes the results are decent. Doing the graphics for the Smogon youtube series "Playstyle Analysis" right now so check that out if you want (shameless plug here). And below is some other random stuff I've made.

A small animation I made today actually, wanted to do something based on the avatar I use on Showdown. I suck at spriting anyway so, figured I could manage this at least.

A pic I made for a friend's Skype group, nothing much to say about this one beside that Groudon stutters a bit because matching animation speeds on different gifs is annoying so I didn't bother.

Another one I made for a friend, gave him som heat.

Was browsing through different XY animations, thought this was too good to pass up. For context on the background, google "Midsommarstång" or "Små grodorna".

Some edits I made to match some of my friends' usernames or favorite Pokemon (get it, Dumbreon.. hehe.. I'm so original)

My first .gif edit, took ages because I didn't know how to do it at first and this has tons of frames. Also did this on a laptop at 2 am.

My current avatar, had alot of fun making this one and Shoop da Whoop is like 10 years old now so might as well bring it back.

Edited the ORAS logos for some friends that they used in some ORAS romhacks just for fun, turned out pretty good. How it looks on a 3DS

Otherwise I like making gifs out of random videos I like, so if you want to request anything like that or anything in the style of the above, just make a post and I might get around to it.


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These are some amazing graphics, Kalalokki. I especially loved the graphics you made for the YouTube video, fantastic job on that. I hope to see you contributing to more Smogon YouTube videos in the future. Keep up the great work n_n


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That wingull graphic is so good!Awesome thread you got there, keep the food work up. :)
can you do this guy
but making an 'ok' gesture with his hand and a single tear coming from each of his eyes?

thanks in advance

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