Let's Play! Kanto Turn Back! (A Pokémon Red Nuzlocke Challenge)

"You look fly today."

Kanto Turn Back, a Pokemon Red Nuzlocke run by tackhead9
Hello, fellow Pokemaniacs! After years of dabbling in the fine art of Pokemon, I have seen the highs (sweeping teams of legendaries online) and the lows (getting completely thumped by a Rotom-Wash), and I was ready for a new challenge. So I thought I would put my skills to the ultimate test, and start up my very first Nuzlocke Challenge! Oh my stars!! As I am yet to obtain the newest entries in the franchise, I figured I'd honour 20 years of Pokemon by taking it back to where it all began. That's right, I'm ready and raring to relive the glory and abuse the mechanics (Dragonite w/Wrap, anyone?) of gen 1.

This is all uncharted territory for me, so if I've done something particularly daft or offensive, please let me know and I shall endeavour to fix it! As an aside, this video series is intended for mature audiences only. There's nothing too overly sinister, but I swear like a sailor who's stubbed his toe, and I don't want to corrupt the children.

Here are the rules that I have set before myself for this run...

1. Fainted Pokemon must be released as soon as possible. I think this is fairly academic.

2. Only the first Pokemon encountered in an area can be captured. Again - can't call it a Nuzlocke otherwise, can we?

3. No healing items! I know this is an optional rule, but I'm running with it, despite how much I hate myself for doing so.

4. Nickname all Pokemon. I do this anyway. My favourite was a Seedot I named HE IS VIGO.

So please enjoy! If I've done anything that is a Nuzlocke no-no, please let me know! I may be a noob-locke, but I'm willing to learn. Here is a full list of the episodes for your edification.

And hey! If you're pressed for time (or you're just sick of my nonsense), I've also stripped each episode down to bite-sized highlight videos.

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Oi vey! A new episode this way comes!! I hope the first batch wasn't too overwhelming, I could have released them one after the other, but the 'next video' tab on Youtube would have revealed my tomfoolery, so I figured I should just plonk them all out as one happy batch.

In this seventh episode, our boy Tybalt treks deeper into Mt. Moon, no doubt about to run into some serious trouble in the form of the wicked Team Rocket. Can he get through unscathed?
I took my sweet time, but I'm back in action (Jackson?) with the newest episode of my Nuzlocke run. Tybalt has just hit Cerulean City (and it says OUCH), but he realises that his fledgling team of birds and bulb are hardly ready to face off against Misty and her henchmen. He resolves to amble northward to buff up his party at the famous trainer hangout of Nugget Bridge. He might even see an old friend there... Using the word 'friend' in the broadest possible sense, mind you.
Episode #9: Ciao, Bella!
Bill's sea cottage still lies ahead; a destination that our party has actually suffered a casualty for. To rectify this, Tybalt will abuse a strange little quirk of this area - routes 24 and 25 are considered two separate locations, which means two unique opportunities to grab some Pokemon! Excellent! Our dwindling numbers can certainly use some bolstering. Outta the way, Nugget Bridge goon - we've got 'mons to nab.
Episode #10: Cottage Cheese
Useless bee creature in tow, Tybalt continues his slog towards glory - Bill's sea cottage lies just off to the east. There's only a smattering of opposing trainers left to fight, but they all seem to be filled with murderous intent. Keep on fighting, guys! You're so close. You're... TOO... close.
Episode #11: Bikes, Burglaries & Bungling
With nary a single bird at his disposal, Tybalt retreats back to the (relative) tranquility of Cerulean City - free from the prying, eager eyes of murderous trainers. He takes his time to really soak in the atmosphere of this blue burgh, even taking the opportunity to stop by the local bike shop and check out the wares. The path through the burglary house is finally open, so Tybalt concludes he ought to make his way through there, blissfully unaware of the trouble that lies on the other side.
Episode #12: I Staryu, You Starmie
Go to the gym. Have a swim. Then you WIN. Yeah, that last one may not rhyme, but it's the mantra of every trainer who enters the Cerulean City gym, famous for its water-type enthusiasts and its rather curious pool layout (bridges directly above the water? That sounds like an OH&S issue...). Tybalt didn't bring his bathers, so he'll have to take a dip some other time. For now, there's a gym badge waiting for him, and he's got a certain Ivysaur just itching to dish out some Vine Whips!!
Episode #13: The Butterfree Effect
It’s a little late, but the newest eppie of the Pokémon Red Nuzlocke run is here, and there is no shortage of ACTION. With Vermillion City looming nearby, Tybalt saunters through route 6, handily disposing of trainers left, right and centre. However, there’s a particularly nasty looking bug catcher (probably named something like Elijah) who has a trump card that can single-handedly dismantle Tybalt’s hopes and dreams. Has our hero met his match??
Episode #14: Party Up
Another day stolen from the threshold of death, Tybalt explores the sunny shores of Vermilion City. This calm seaside town yields not only a few useful knick knacks, but a couple of opportunities to grab (what else?) more delectable collectible Pokémon! Will he find his fortune in the long grass? Or the nearby Diglett's Cave, loaded to the gills with moles that are ripe for slavery?
Check out the highlights here!
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Episode #17: Rubbing Old Men for Fun and Profit
Possible cruise ship activities... Soaking in the sun's rays? Tucking into the enormous lobster dinners?

...Nope! None of this for old Tybalt. That sinister thug has taken solace merely in the misery of others. The last line of defence, the rival (who shall not be named here due to indecency) is hoping to put a stop to this madness... But can Tybalt's fury ever truly be quelled??
Check out the highlights here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imitJdrt_aQ
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Episode #19: The Resistible Rise of Joe Bevins
Tybalt is baaaaaaack! Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your wife...
In this episode, he makes tracks towards the infamous Rock Tunnel, aspirations in his head of building his woeful army. Alas, a bevy of trainers stands in his way once again - but he's got the trump card this time! In fact, it even looks like our old deceased ally Trump. Why, it's the new (and improved) Magikarp, Joe Bevins! The daycare man may have buffed him a little, but he's got a long way to go...
Check out the highlights here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIUQsmNNkpk
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Episode #20: Enter the Shadows
Oh no! We’re mere yards away from the sinister Rock Tunnel, a dark and scary place filled with bats and trainers who walk around in the pitch black for some unknown reason. To help combat this (literally), we’d best bolster our forces and catch some strong and useful new Pokémon! …I mean, that’d be ideal, but odds are, I’ll just find a new playmate for Ciao Bella. Le sigh.
Check out the highlights here!
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Episode #21: A State of Confusion
What happens when you challenge the deadly Rock Tunnel absent your most valued team member? Well, there's only one way to find out...! That's right - in the interest of drama, Tybalt enters the spooky darkness of the infamous caverns without his precious Ivysaur at his side, and even Dougs the Dugtrio is nowhere to be found! How will the rest of the team fare, no fearless leaders at the forefront? Spoiler alert: it won't go well. But not for the reasons you'd expect...
Check out the highlights here!
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Episode #22: Selfdestruct
Something wicked this way comes… Our protagonist Tybalt leads his troops deeper into the Rock Tunnel, unaware of the danger that awaits him. He’s kept his nose clean for a while now, leaning on his powerful team members through several victories… But today, things are about to change. Because someone is about to go out… with a bang!
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Episode #23: Heroes Always Arrive Late...
Pour one out for our fallen homies Krueger and Butts, but we must press on regardless! Now that we're devoid of a single party member with Flash, we're left lumbering through the darkness of the Rock Tunnel, bumping into walls and rogue trainers lurking in the shadows. When all seems grim, could it be that the unlikely Joe Bevins will emerge as our saviour? Can the plucky Magikarp evolve in time to save our sorry souls?
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Episode #24: Cannon Fodder
FEEL THE WRATH OF JOE BEVINS!! Tybalt has gritted his teeth and furrowed his brow, and sets his sights west towards Celadon City. There's no time whatoever for pleasantries however, because he's got a new toy to play with in the form of Gyarados.
We've long awaited this moment... welcome to Joe Bevins' coming out party! I hope you brought some band-aids.

PS. Watch to the end to find out how YOU can make a difference!
Check out the highlights here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRmEpBF4ZBk
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Episode #25: Stevielution
The votes have been tallied, the polls are closed, and a throng of eager people await the results... How will we be evolving Stevie the Eevee??

Once we're done with that, we've got some super important shopping to do as we blow all of our cash at the Celadon City shopping centre, then it's off to the Game Corner to chase our losses. Hey, what's with that guy lurking in the back? We'd better go bother him for no reason...
Check out the highlights here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vG0A_Qm-sWg
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Episode #26: We're Rats! We're Rats!
Down into the depths of the Celadon Game Corner we go, right into the illegal activities of the nefarious Team Rocket. It looks like they're up to no good again - running their spinning tile ring right under our noses! We'll have to shut them down before it's too late, but we'll have to be careful - they've got a horde of nibbling rats at their disposal. They're furry and forlorn!
Check out the highlights here!
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Episode #27: Poot's Last Stand
There's an audible buzz in the air... Though normally it would be caused by the plucky Beedrill Ciao Bella, she is now dead. That buzz you hear is the growing roar of the revolutionaries; the four party members remaining who will stop at nothing to claim their vengeance. Poot is leading the charge, as he takes on the big boss himself. Viva!
Check out the highlights here!
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Episode #29: Spooky Scary
I hope you're not squeamish, for this episode might do you a frighten. Tybalt invades the Pokemon Tower (also known as Lavender Tower, but only by me), ready to make some dead Pokemon even deader. But whoa, whoa, whoa - there's a lively competitor roaming the halls, and he's out to kill!!
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Episode #30: Dead Man Wakking
Up, up, up we trek through the Pokemon Tower, besmirching ghosts and ghost enthusiasts alike as we go. Rumours are forming that the nasty Rockets have taken Mr. Fuji hostage on the top floor. Are they trying to shake him down for some money? Or merely discussing their favourite episodes of Friends? Either way, we'd better save him, ASAP!

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