Kingpin Goon #3's Teamdump


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Second SPL but first time I’ve played enough to team dump so let’s have a go at this.
[3:01 AM] obii: dude
[3:01 AM] obii: lick greninja is the future
[3:01 AM] obii: like what if you run into lopunny
[3:01 AM] obii: and they stay in cus they eat ice beam
[3:01 AM] obii: but you just
[3:01 AM] obii: lick.
[3:01 AM] obii: and get the para
[3:01 AM] obii: threat neutered omfl
[3:01 AM] obii: wait its only 30%
[3:01 AM] obii: FUCK
[3:01 AM] miltankmilk: U CANT LICK A FUCKING LOPUNNY

Week 1:
L vs Biosci

The idea here was to try a new angle of BD lax supported by TR helping hand cress and the rest of the team was thrown together in an effort to support that. 4 attack metagross was a set I thought was really cool, especially in a bo1, and I thought BP could probably snipe something in the game. This didn’t go very well as I got beat pretty bad getting trapped early and throwing away my lax by not seeing the scarf on Bulu. Team probably was fine I just didn’t play very well.

Week 2:
W vs marilli

Probably one of the most well rounded teams I built this SPL and I think its still quite a good team. It’s very similar to a team I built in Snake (zygarde, volcanion, finizap, scrafty, steel mega) but this time it was DD zyg and Metagross instead of CB zyg and Scizor. I was really happy with how I played this game and the team really shined. Overall it’s a bit on the passive side and you have to try to keep pressure up in some matchups but it’s a team I’d still trust in tournaments.

Week 3:
L vs Kaori

I had the idea of Mega Gar + Kart in my head this whole week and so I came up with this tailroom build as a way to use these two mons. Hoopa+tran is still quite good I think, especially with trapping from gar it lets you position yourself in a way that can give Hoopa and Tran or Kart room to clean up late game. Pretty simple ideas here with an interesting Fightium-Z kart set that I think is pretty good still.

Week 4:
W vs stax


This was the week I brought Gothlax and I don’t feel like I need to explain what’s going on here. Shoutouts Jake for spooky plate Aegislash and Grassium Bulu is :sogood:

Week 5:
W vs Demantoid

Shoutouts Philip7086 for telling me to use screens because they’re good. Pretty similar stuff to what I brought the week before but with Mew for Lax support and DD mence. I also used DD as filler on CB zyg and got to click it so that’s a victory on its own.

Week 6:
L vs EmbCPT

This was a really good game and I thought this team was also very cool. A ZHB gross + lele which isn’t getting much usage rn, also had SD lando with tailwind from Zap and gastrodon to handle water types and opposing metagross. Replay itself is worth watching

Week 7:
W vs Jhon

Really my first time rolling into a tour game with rain and I’m happy with how it turned out. Notable parts of the team are scarf kart (shoutouts Memoric) and SR pert. One of my favorite teams I built this season for sure and I’m happy I was able to pull this one out.

Week 8:
W vs Croven

Mished Croven with mimikyu here, this is my last time I used Lax and was overall pretty similar to what I used week 4, just with Mimikyu > goth and a few other changes. It worked perfectly in this game and I’m glad that this team is illegal now.

Week 9:
L vs MajorBowman

I’ll probably be rocking this team for a while still because I think its really good. The idea here is to chip everything down into Volc range. I have DEFOG on Rotom because gotta keep the moth healthy and I also learned that P2 learns electroweb so I used him as a bulky speed control unit who can toxic fat targets and still pressure with Ice Beam. Cool team, wish it worked a little better in this game.

Some final thoughts: Obviously my team’s finish is a little disappointing but I’m happy with my personal results. The doubles pool is super stacked and going positive here is a pretty decent accomplishment. Shoutouts to power rankers who saw me go 6-3 in Snake and thought, nah he’s still number 6. Hope I was able to continue bringing some creativity to this tournament even when it was way easier to farm wins with snorlax x_x.

MajorBowman Kaori Memoric talkingtree AuraRayquaza Demantoid thanks to all you guys for letting me throw battles at you all hours of the day, it helped a lot and I appreciate all the test games.
you were incredibly helpful to everyone on the team and I'm extra appreciative because of how hard it is to get good DOU test games and advice in team tours like this. Wish we pulled a better record for you.
Pak You're a real big baller now i guess, get some more bench reps in tho.
Nat glad you stuck with team tours because you showed you're as good as anyone and easily a top 3 golsipod wielder on this site.
cb jose altuve Groudon. trae young
Friends from the spl8 tigers: thanks for cheering me on even if I couldn't join you on the team this year. Wish we didn't play you guys week 9 so I could really root for you guys to make playoffs.
All the dudes on scooters, you were great and even if we couldn't win pokemon games that atmosphere was dope and I had a good time. Elodin's the worst gartic player OAT

not gonna be cheesy and go down the list on discord to write like a high school yearbook, but I really did enjoy teaming with each of you guys and I know all of you are going to find some success in the tournaments coming up. FV and Phil thanks for educating me on the intricacies of Pokemon Go.
Final shoutout to the Kingpin, Ojama it was a pleasure teaming with you. You were a leader on the team from the beginning, did everything you could to steer all 12 slots to a win every week and to keep the team in line. I didn't know what to expect when you bought me in auction but it was great to team with you and I'm happy I got to be a part of this years scoots. You'll get that SPL trophy next year, just be sure to take me with.

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