SS OU Kings Rock suspect test preparation (PEAK 1721 30-0)

Is dropping Blissey the way to go?

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Edit: RIP. So much time preparing and they decide to not hold a suspect test :( Maybe next time incase maybe Weavile gets tested.
Hi everyone! With a potential Kings Rock suspect test coming up, I wanted to see if I could get the reqs so I can vote in my first suspect test. So I made this squad and destroyed everyone on the ladder. I didn’t lose a single game with this team. The only loses came from a meme hax hyper offense that I was testing so I would have went 30-0. Anyways this is a hard team to break. GL trying.

Table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Team building process
3. In depth overview
4. Other matchups
5. Weaknesses
6. Replays
7. Proof of peak
8. Outro

1. Introduction

After hours of trying to get Wailord stall to work, I decided to take a break and do something else. A kings rock suspect test is coming up and with the 1500-1700 range being notorious for the most bizarre things, I decided to make a stall team with near flawless RNG for this range. The idea originally started with the idea of light screen Toxapex to obliterate future sight and Corviknight as a pressure user for rocks, and to limit the number of hazards. The first team had something like Blissey AV Reun, but I really wanted Buzzwole since Weavile is rising in viability and 1400-1700 loves to spam Tyranitar and Rillaboom. So the final version which I would have gone 30-0 to get suspect reqs with was near identical to a stall team that That’s Quite Unfort built. Well anyways, with that out of the way let’s get into this completely broken overpowered team.

2. Team building process

Like I said in the introduction the idea was to build a team with light screen Toxapex, a cool tech dismantles future sight. Beating future sight isn’t the only thing it does though, it’s good for safeguard volc, and providing safe switch ins to your other Pokemon at times. Originally I had scald haze as the other 2 moves other than recover, but it ultimately came to knock toxic since there wasn’t much haze did for the team with enough counter play to handle pretty much every setup form, and then a combination of toxic and knock gives much better overall utility than scald.

I also wanted to make a team that could tolerate some hazards, but have a defoger. I also just wanted a pressure user to go along with Toxapex. The standard ID body press set does the job here well on stall and by running shed shell, it messes everyone up running Magnezone. A lot of times you can just not let it get knocked and then you win a lot more games, so I definitely wanted Corviknight with Toxapex.

The team needed a solid cleric and unaware support to stop setup so you guessed it, Clefable. Clefable on this team uses the standard CM unaware set on every stall team for stopping stored power users, safeguard volc, and just setup in general. I made it boots so it can switch into hazards vs hyper offense and not lose half its HP.

I wanted a good matchup against Kyurem, Lele, and taunt CM Fini so Reun does the job here. It provides some offensive pressure with the infestation night shade set, and Kyurem and Lele can be move locked and then you can switch out, or stay in. Some extra knock utility is always great so Reun does its work here.

:buzzwole: :blissey:
Blissey used to be in this spot but low ladder loves using Tyranitar, SD Kartana, Weavile and other weird physical attackers. So I really wanted Buzzwole here. The combination of Buzz + Clef + Pex + Corv checks every single physical Pokemon in the tier and Buzzwole comes in cultch many times with toxic support, and fighting STAB.

And finally, the last member of the team is Garchomp. Garchomp fufills the role of a ground type which every stall team needs, and it checks Heatran and gives rocks. It’s also a good status absorber with the move rest and it gives more toxic support.

3. In depth overview

For each Pokemon I’m going to be explaining why I choose that Pokémon, what it specifically does for the team, why I choose the item and EV spread, and why I choose the moves it has. Now, let’s get into it.

Buzzwole @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Impish Nature
- Ice Punch
- Roost
- Drain Punch
- Toxic

Why Buzzwole?: To beat those annoying Tyranitar, SD Weavile, and SD Kartana teams. These are a lot more common in low ladder than in mid/high ladder.

What it does: Buzzwole on this team hard counters Weavile, banded ttar, Kartana, Crawdaunt, Bisharp, and Terrak. It also provides additional toxic support to cripple things that check it like Zapdos, Dragapult, Landorus, Mandibuzz, opposing Buzzwole, and Volcarona.

Item and EV Spread: The EV spread is just max defense so we can better tank things it checks like Bisharp, Weavile, and Kartana. Heavy duty boots is over rocky helmet so we have a better matchup against lead Mew hyper offenses. Without boots, we would lose to these teams.

Why these moves?:
Drain punch - Drain punch is for fighting STAB and to hit the things it checks like Kartana and Bisharp. What‘s good about it is that you get a decent amount of HP back after using the move and you’re not limited to a defense drop like close combat. You can use it over and over again.

Ice punch - Ice punch is for coverage and to hit things like Chomp and Landorus, but toxic can deal with those most of the time. Overall a good move to have for Buzzwole.

Toxic - Toxic is here because it makes the most sense. We don’t really need bulk up and leech life doesn’t really do anything helpful here but toxic can issue good constant damage to get us where we need to go for the team.

Roost - Roost is madatory to have on a defensive Buzzwole set like this. It needs the recovery to keep taking hits.

Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 72 Def / 184 SpD
Careful Nature
IVs: 9 Spe
- Knock Off
- Toxic
- Light Screen
- Recover

Why Toxapex?: The interest in Toxapex here was to have its awesome defensive typing and new light screen set for future sight. Pex too good.

What it does: Toxapex checks Urshifu-R, future sight, Dragapult, Tornadus-T, Blacephalon, and Volcarona along with switching into and checking a variety of other mons. It’s our main weapon since it has toxic and knock for crippling the opposing team and regenerator so It doesn’t faint.

Item and EV Spread: The Pex spread we are running here is spdef for the things I mentioned above with black sludge as the item. I had a hard time deciding whether it should be shed shell, sludge, or boots, but I ended up making it sludge for a better Pult and Blace matchup and made Buzz boots to be better against hyper offense. The 9 speed IVs are to outspeed Marrowak in trick room so we don’t lose to UnzipsC on the ladder.

Why these moves?:
Recover - Mandatory unless you’re using the infestation set which we aren’t.

Light screen - I wanted to have this move so we can destroy future sight and never see it again so we can go back to using normal stall teams. MUAHAHA

Knock off and toxic - We do not need scald haze because burns don’t really help us much with a full entire Buzzwole and we already beat almost every form of setup already. So knock and toxic for the extra chip off your opponent.

Clefable @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Aromatherapy
- Soft-Boiled
- Calm Mind

Why Clefable?: Clefable is for fairy unaware coverage and anti sweep prevention with CM. It’s also for status removal with Aromatherapy.

What it does: It stops things like dd Dragonite, Hawlucha, Blaziken, CM Clef, safeguard volc (with a combination of light screen with pex), stored power mew, non LO Garchomp, and dd Pult. It also has Aromatherapy.

Item and EV Spread: Max defense for the above. Heavy duty boots is preferred over leftovers on this team so it can switch in and out and for a better matchup against hyper offenses. All leftovers does is get chipped by hazards and then we lose the game.

I think the moveset is self explanatory. It wouldn’t really make sense to run anything else here unless you have a super good 1000 iq idea.


Reuniclus @ Assault Vest
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Infestation
- Knock Off
- Psyshock
- Night Shade

Why Reuniclus?: To destroy Tapu Lele, Kyurem, and Tapu Fini. It also applies offensive pressure with infestation.

What it does: Reuniclus for this team is the main Tapu Lele and Kyurem switch in. It gives knock off support, it can bait and kill Toxapex on opposing stalls, and it helps with crippling the opposing team in general. It also survives 2 specs Dragapult shadow balls if Pex ever gets a spdef drop.

Item and EV Spread: I think it’s obvious why I’m AV. Without it we wouldn’t be able to do that much and the team would lose to Lele and Kyurem which is not good. I’m not 100% sure if I’m using the right EV spread but I’m just using max spdef to be rly tanky.

Why these moves?
Knock off - Knock is a solid option for this Pokemon and it helps in crippling the opposing team. Removes leftovers from Fini and etc.

Infestation - This move is here to add on damage to the opposing Pokémon. It’s also just for trapping and forcing out Slowking Gs, Toxapexs, and Tapu Finis but infest does nice damage for this Pokemon.

Psyshock - After testing, this is move is definitely better than psychic here. Using another move over this doesn’t really target the things you want, so we are running psyshock.

Night shade- This move is here to do constant damage along with infest or whatever. It’s the main damaging move for this set. Just like Blissey.

Garchomp @ Leftovers
Ability: Rough Skin
EVs: 252 HP / 200 SpD / 56 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Toxic
- Stealth Rock
- Rest

Why Garchomp?: BAN HEATRAN PLEASE. I have Garchomp so we can beat Heatran, have a ground type, and setup rocks.

What it does: Garchomp for this team switches into Heatran, absorbs status and sets up rocks on something like Toxapex, and toxics every non steel type. It’s the mon I find myself leading with the most since it can get an early toxic on Landorus or set up rocks. It keeps the team from losing to Regieleki.

Item and EV Spread: Leftovers is over boots so it can better deal with Heatran and since you have a Corviknight to get rid of spikes, you’re fine almost all of the time. We are running 56 speed jolly nature so we can outspeed max speed Heatran but I doubt you need that much on rest chomp. I may decide to take some away.

Why these moves?

This should also be self explanatory like Clefable. We need hazards on the opposing side at many times and Heatran must be stopped or else you will lose so many more games.

Corviknight @ Shed Shell
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Defog
- Iron Defense
- Body Press
- Roost

Why Corviknight?: For decent removal, to beat Garchomp, Excadrill, Rillaboom noobs, Melmetal, Scizor, Landorus-T, Hippowdon, Swampert, and to keep rocks on the opposing side assuming they don’t have double defog.

Item and EV Spread: DO NOT CHANGE CORVIKNIGHT’s ITEM. Corviknight has to be shed shell or else we will lose to Magnezone almost every time. But can’t it just get knocked? NO. We have an entire Buzzwole that beats every single knock user in the tier besides Tornadus-T. Don‘t use another item unless you like losing to that Dnite Weavile Melmetal Fini squad that i’ve played at least 20 times already. The EV spread is max defense to better equip ourselves against banded Melmetal and there’s not much we need spdef for with an entire Reuniclus.

Why these moves?
Defog and roost are essential here. We need the body press ID combination for opposing setup like SD Scizor and to put pressure on the opponent.

4. Other matchups

So, with that out of the way, here are the matchups we didn’t cover on how to beat from the in depth explanation.
:Blissey: :Ferrothorn: :Tapu bulu: :hydreigon: :zeraora: :gengar: :zapdos-galar: :victini:
Blissey - Against Blissey I usually find myself going Garchomp to check the moveset first in case it has rocks or thunder wave. After you have the moveset, you can easily beat it from here. Go Garchomp if it has twave. If it has rocks go Corviknight to remove the hazards or setup your own rocks with Garchomp. If it has toxic you can pp stall it and go Corv and Pex.

Ferrothorn - Against Ferrothorn, go Corviknight. Defog everytime 2 or more sets of spikes are up and pp stall the leech seeds. Switch out to pex if needed.

Tapu Bulu - You have, a Buzzwole, a Clefable, and a Corviknight……

Hydreigon - Clefable is the main switch in here. If you’re scared of flash cannon and it’s nasty plot, doubling Pex into Clef takes it out.

Zeraora - Zeraora cant heal, so if it uses a move on Garchomp it hurts itself. You can go to Buzzwole or Clefable if needed but they both don’t like being volt switched.

Gengar - On hyper offense, this can be a problem. Otherwise, Toxapex switches into and prevents it from healing.

Zapdos Galar - Toxapex checks the move first. If it brave birds it takes recoil damage and you can go into your Corviknight. If it CCs you can stay in and toxic it.

Victini - Toxapex can switch in and help pp stall the V creates and bolt strikes. Garchomp switches in otherwise. If it’s banded and under sun, all you have to do is forfeit.

5. Weaknesses

There are 2 types of weaknesses, minor, and major. Let’s start with minor.

Minor weaknesses

:Tapu Koko:
Why?: With it taking down your ground type and taking down Reuniclus with a combination of u-turn and thunderbolt, Tapu Koko is a problem.
How to play around it?: Predict and pp stall the thunderbolts. Toxapex can always live a thunderbolt if needed and your Reuniclus gets back to full HP. Addtionally, Garchomp survives a dazzling gleam and OHKOs with earthquake. Try to get it knocked if you can.

Why?: I do not believe Dragapult is a weakness to this team. It is only on here due to demand.
How to play around it?: Toxapex is your main Pult switch in. If it ever gets spdef dropped, Reuniclus can survive 2 specs shadow balls and knock it off.

:Blacephalon: :choice specs:
Why?: Specs Blace 2HKOs everyone on the team except Toxapex. If Pex ever dies, you can’t win.
How to play around it?: Toxapex survives 2 shadow balls from it. Use Corviknight to remove any hazards from your side. Try to get it toxiced and get lucky you don’t get a spdef drop.

:Tapu Fini: (Whirlpool)
Why?: Whirl pool Fini picks up at least 1 kill on the team since it breaks through Reuniclus. However it is not impossible to win against it.
How to play around it?: Trade it off for Reuniclus. Knock it off and then finish it off with one of your other Pokémon.

Major Weaknesses

Luckily Dracozolt is dropping in viability so not much worries here,

:Heatran: :choice specs:
Literally no switch ins except max spdef Ttar. Just forfeit and ezzzzz.
252+ SpA Choice Specs Flash Fire Heatran Eruption (150 BP) vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Slowking in Sun: 306-360 (77.6 - 91.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

6. Replays

Ez ride to suspect reqs. Like I said I would have gone 30-0 if I didn’t meme on this account and used a haxz Slowbro G hyper offense. - Vs future sight , modest Specs Lele, and non specs Blacephalon - Auto win matchup - Auto win matchup (Heatran) Auto win matchup (Heatran) Vs Pots 123 team Vs Double defog (DRAW) Vs opposing stall

7. Proof of peak


Like I said before. Would have gone 30-0 if I didn’t meme. Anyways I still got suspect test reqs counting the memes so that’s good.

8. Outro

This is one of my favorite stall teams and I win literally every game I play with it. It does not have many weaknesses at all the RNG for this one is extremely low. Have fun loading this team in room tours and seeing people rage!!

Next project: Wailord stall


I‘m going to get 1900+ with a Wailord stall team and try to convince the mods to put it on the VR. IMPORT


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Super cool team! You might have mentioned this already but you seem pretty weak to Arctozolt Hail. Bolt Beak + Blizzard shatters pretty much every Pokémon on your team. If you pivot around you risk it setting up a sub and basically 6-0ing. Buzzwole can tank two Blizzards but only if it's at 100%, and if it freezes or crits you auto lose.

Have you considered replacing Garchomp for Swampert? It runs essentially the same set and is much better at handling Blizzard Arctizolt but also Tapu Koko and somewhat Dracozolt. The lack of Dragon, Fairy, or Ice weakness give you an extra switch in to Dragapult, Glowking and Nidoking if needed. Granted Swampert loses to Freeze Dry Arctozolt but if it's running Freeze Dry > Blizzard it loses to Buzzwole.

There might be more to it but based off your description it does pretty much everything Garchomp does but helps check a few more things. Yeah it leaves you a little weaker to Kartana and Rillaboom but it's not like Garchomp was beating either of those. Damp is pretty bad but it protects you against Regieleki and Lando Explosion.

Major downside is you lose Rough Skin, which is admittedly a big deal.

There's also specially defensive Flygon who is a bit softer but can Roost > Rest and is immune to Spikes, and can Defog them. It doesn't get rocks for some stupid reason so you'd either have to run them on Clefable, not at all, or make some major change like Skarm > Corvi.

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