KISS-- An OU Warstory

Wow, that was a great story as it actually showed what you thought between each turn instead of 'lolo scizor switched in and zapdos took the bullet punch', boring rehash of the log. Good job!

Also, I really like the color scheme of your team. ~_~
Wow Ibo = chou? Damn, gotta learn the alts of good players XD.

Good battle! I agree that Enzo was playing too conservatively, but at least there's a polished method to his conservatism (I can play pretty conservatively too a lot of times). Too bad chou saw through all that huh? :P

Overall, I was very impressed. I liked the creativity on the sets (CB gyara with taunt, scarfed swampert, special sub t-tar, BP on celebi over u-turn to beat pursuit) but I was even more impressed by the way you ochestrated the battle with strats. There would have been a few things I may have done differently (eg. just switching to scizor when faced with t-tar and u-turning straight off the bat rather than going to gyara first), but I guess that's just personal preferrance.

Definitely archieve material. Battle could have been slightly better, so I give this 4.5 stars.

Eo Ut Mortus

Elodin Smells
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While pizazz in warstories doesn't bother me, the straightforwardness of this warstory just feels better here. Enzo probably should have probably played a bit more rashly, but I can definitely relate to his playing style and type of team, which made me enjoy the story all the more. Good battle and especially great writing.
This was a truly fantastic match. A lot of good thought from both players. Certainly beats the standard "This pokemon was out and killed the opponent's Pokemon until it got killed" warstories you frequently see.
After reading all of the warstories lately (kd's got some solid ones too) I've really have to comment on this one. You really did a fantastic job breaking up that defense, and it's really well done in telling how exploiting the hole led the game to a new direction. I was impressed with the warstory at that point when the first pokemon went done. All competitive players should have ran into something like that at some point, and I really liked how you handled it with nice double switching and solid prediction especially when it seems like it goes nowhere sometimes. Also always having a strategy.

To be honest Enzo not playing too intense prediction or whatever didn't bug me. Solid safe moves are never often the bad option especially if you've got a solid team with many options(phrased odd).

Really nice battle, congrats on win.

EDIT: Also liked the simple format, was refreshing.
Awesome warstory Chou!

I've never thought about Scarf Swampert before, it's very unique. Creativity is best don't you think?

Anyways I liked the simpleness of the formatting and comments. I might write a warstory myself. =o
Awesome. I was stuck the whole time. Prediction was abundant. I'll also repeat that the opponent was too conservative, never taking chances that might have won (or lost) the game.

Oh, and gimmicky Swampert sets ftw.

Chou Toshio

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@Enzo being conservative: Keep in mind he's kicking my ass on the ladder at #22. :P It's been a long as time since I've done any serious ladder climbing. Stupid Thesis Research . . .

@Scarfpert: Keeping in mind this set is a direct rip off of one of Brian McCann's teams.

@Modest-Boah: I didn't invent this one either. Don't remember who did.

[/Humility Inform]

I can only really take credit for Gyrados and Scizor's sets, and they're not that far off the beaten path.

Scizor is just your standard CB, just with 400 EVs split between HP/Sp.DEF and The rest in Speed/ATK. I don't remember what they are off the top of my head . . .

@Straight-forwardness/writing style-- The writing should match the battle, not the other way around. There's nothing wrong with writing flashy and funny when the battle itself was flashy and funny. This battle felt more like the Cold War, so I wrote it dryly.
Another great warstory Chou. I loved reading your stratagem word for word, like someone above said, it absorbed me.

That being said, you gave your opponent a lot of credit for playing safe, but what it really seemed like was playing scared. He waited for you to make a mistake rather then trying to gain the advantage (as shown by the constant battering of Swampert by your Scizor), which to me seems like a bad way to play against any experienced battler like yourself.
excellent commentary and a very thought out battle between two skilled opponents.

it's stories like this that are going to be my blueprint when (if) i ever write a warstory. :)
good warstory, the only reason i even read these is to get an idea of what is going through the players heads (specifically the writers) and you did this very well

as a few people have said, despite the battle being close the whole time, you were controlling the tempo the entire time and endo was only playing to counter what you were doing (not picking on him, from the poke's you each had it would seem that this being how things went was rather inevitable, provided you both played well and you did!) and his core got slowly chipped away
I read this Story before I went work this morning. I was nearly late... because I wanted to read it all! ^_^. I've only started to play D/P, and reading this Story has helped me with a few things. Thanks.

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