Kitsunoh thread? Naturally!

I admit, I get very little play time with Kitsunoh. few people seem to really stick to her in the long run, I assume because of her very precise moveset and game plan.

She seems to be squarely middle tier, but it's hard to place her. She gets deadly when cornering her opponent, many thanks to her ambiguous Somersault cross up, and the fact that being backed up makes it much harder for downed opponents to back away from the Will O Wisp trap. Probably some good 'mind games' from her sheer maneoverability with teleport, walljumps, leaping overhead and the like.

Anyone here have more to say on the matter? So far TGM has been the best example of a Kit user, though I've seen Fim use her rather well in the past.
...It's only in corners that Kit shines, which makes for taking down Soil tough- Once you get knocked down with Soil you use Dig to bushwhack anybody seeking to keep you down, and since Kit seems to rely on keeping you down as much as possible Soil's ability literally breaks her entire game (Of course, he has to be knocked down but he has plenty of health to spare)
I can beat Wyv's soil with Kit, so it's not too bad. You can punish digs like anything else.

So, with kit everything goes to 2ab 5ab ironhead. It's sometimes hard to combo off of j.2B and it seems punishable on block. Cross up j.C has way more hitstun, very reliable. j.B also seems to be pretty good, but I haven't tested thoroughly.

WoW is everything. You don't even need it on KD. Place it to stop reckless approaches, use it to control space. Use it to make them back up and give you ground. Sometimes I find a WoW that sits just off the opponent in the corner is more effective than one on them. First it controls the ground then slowly prevents jumping escapes. Very useful.

Curse is great but if you are using it consistently, I'd say you need more WoW.

So, after a WoW or combo into WoW, you can do j.b into iron head. I watch TGM do it all the time, yet I can't emulate it reliably. My ironhead misses or goes the wrong way or whatever. I realise it's a timing thing but can anyone help for the rough timing. Early jump attack? Late? I can't find a video of tgm doing it at the moment.

At the moment I think that if j.2B had more hitstun, that'd be nice, since it is really hard to combo off of it on a tall character like Rev. More blockstun, and the move might become brainlessly degenerate, so it needs light touches if toons does tweak it.

Will try and get a video guide of kit down the line!

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