KNIGHTS Child's Play Charity Event Giveaway HAPPENING NOW! Giving away Worlds Shirt!!

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There is a very good chance I will be cutting off my thread from Pokemon - Pokemon trades, as my interests have moved on to other games. So unless you have another game, such as Team Fortress 2, Borderlands, etc, this may be the last chance you have to get at my Pokemon. Donators only. My Pokemon will be semi-redistributable.
Will you be cutting off your thread after the KNIGHTS event is over or sometime soon? :O
Haven't decided yet. It will definitely be open for the KNIGHTS event, but I may cut off Pokemon->Pokemon trades just because I am not into the game as much as I was. There will still be other means of obtaining my Pokemon.
srry i went to a baseball game but i think it was the battletaods thats what its called he was just like whoa im ridding a dragon never had that happen and when you have to jump in that hole on the first or second level why dont you go one or two spaces down and jump then if it doesnt work turn it off then on.

And will you put a notice up to tell us when you get a new video cus my mom wont let me get a youtube subscription thing
How do you subscribe ??

I have a youtube account, but I just never subscribed to anything before ^^"
Just a reminder that the event is happening in 2 days! Also, Pokemon World Championship swag will be given out as well! Hope to see everyone there and tell your friends! :D
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