KNIGHTS Child's Play Charity Event Giveaway HAPPENING NOW! Giving away Worlds Shirt!!

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Not sure if this is still going, but I subscribed and will check out your videos sometime this week.

username: WonderlandRobber

This is really cool what you are doing :)
This was indeed still going, but the last message i got from a "KNIGHT" was "Well, we're getting shut down, unless something changes by 4 pm (it was 2:30) West coast time.
They may have gotten shut down Approximately 18 hours early, something to do with "No supervision" :(
Indeed, we did get shut down. Apparently, 18 year-olds are incapable of governing themselves and require an additional 3 years before they figure out how to do that. Go figure! -_-

That being said, I am still very proud of the work that we did. We raised around $400 for the cause and we are still going strong in raising that in real life. A HUGE thank- you to the members who consistently watched it and kept us company in the lonely hours of the night, Petycon and Meow in particular, and an even bigger thanks to the ones who donated even a little bit to the cause.

As far as the Worlds items go, I am most likely going to be auctioning them on ebay for Child's Play as well. If anyone is interested, please PM or VM me and I will gladly give you information on getting them.

If you have earned a credit, please remind me on my thread and I will update accordingly. Thank you so much for the support Smogon! I really appreciate it. :)

Scarlet: Which one was it? :P
Battletoads. Freaking hilarious all the way through. I never gotten past the pit of hell part myself, so I was interested in seeing level 3. o.o

And credit I guess?
No, not at all! You are welcome to subscribe for a credit, and you can also donate to receive infinite credits until the next event! :)
If it's not too late to participate, I'll subscribe now! My YouTube username is the same as on Smogon, Ebondragonx.

Edit: I have just successfully subscribed :)
Sweeet! You guys are the best! :D

If anyone is interested enough, we made a Forum as well. It's mostly for our own members to organize events and discuss things better, but we've opened it to the public so you guys can stay on top of what we're doing and just chill with us (if you so desire)
darksoul, make sure you PM me the list of people that made a monetary donation so I can award them credits in my thread as well
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