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name: Stealth Rock
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Knock Off
move 3: Earthquake
move 4: Taunt / Pursuit
item: Rocky Helmet / Groundium Z
ability: Intimidate
nature: Jolly
evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe


* Stealth Rock provides crucial entry hazard support for Krookodile and its teammates and pressures some of its common switch-ins such as Togekiss and Mega Aerodactyl.
* Knock Off heavily damages common Psychic- and Ghost-types like Latias, Starmie, and Chandelure and cripples defensive Pokemon such as Alomomola and Blissey with the removal of their items.
* Earthquake provides a secondary, consistent STAB option for Krookodile, which can heavily threaten foes such as Alolan Muk. Tentacruel, and Empoleon.
* Taunt helps Krookodile keep entry hazards away from its own side of the field from slower setters like Hippowdon and Mega Aggron while stopping walls such as Blissey and Quagsire from recovering HP or afflicting Krookodile with status.
* Pursuit puts pressure on Dark-weak foes like Latias and Gengar and can effectively trap and remove them to benefit its teammates.
* Stone Edge can also be used in the last slot to hit Flying-types such as Togekiss and Moltres, but it lacks the utility of Taunt or Pursuit.

Set Details

* 252 Attack EVs maximize Krookodile's offensive presence so it can deal with Pokemon that it checks more easily, and 252 Speed EVs coupled with a Jolly nature allow it to outspeed common foes like Gliscor, Tentacruel, and Lucario.
* Intimidate cripples physical attackers such as Mega Aerodactyl and Mega Aggron, increasing Krookodile's longevity and ability to set up hazards against them. It also helps Krookodile take hits from some of its checks.
* Rocky Helmet further pressures physical attackers, damaging all contact move users, allowing it to weaken some of its answers like Azumarill.
* Groundium Z can also be used, powering up Earthquake to a 180-Base Power Tectonic Rage, allowing Krookodile to OHKO or severely weaken foes like Scizor and Mega Aggron.
* Leftovers can be run as another option, providing Krookodile with a form of longevity.

Usage Tips

* Krookodile should be primarily used early-game to set up Stealth Rock, taking advantage of its good matchup against other Stealth Rock users such as Gliscor and Hippowdon to either cripple them with Knock Off or afflict them with Taunt.
* After Stealth Rock has been set up, Krookodile can utilize its access to Taunt and its offensive typing to pressure Defoggers like Gliscor, Empoleon, and Latias to keep its hazards up.
* Knock Off should be used liberally, particularly against defensive teams, to remove items early-game and as such cripple the foes and make it easier for Krookodile's teammates to break them.
* Earthquake's high Base Power and overall good neutral coverage means it can be used frequently; it can especially be used to weaken or KO bulky hazard removal in Empoleon and Tentacruel.
* If running Groundium Z, the Z-Move should be saved for breaking past a particularly bulky target like Mega Aggron or OHKOing a crucial threat that avoids it otherwise.
* Pursuit can be used when predicting a Pokemon that is severaly threatened by Krookodile to switch out, particularly Latias and Chandelure due to Krookodile's ability to survive an unboosted attack from them and retaliate for an OHKO on both.
* If Krookodile is severely weakened and Stealth Rock is up, it can be used to switch into some of its physically oriented answers, such as Breloom and Scizor, to lower their Attack with Intimidate and potentially chip them with Rocky Helmet damage if that is being run.

Team Options

* Krookodile fits best on bulky offense and balance teams due to both its offensive and defensive capabilities.
* Krookodile's vulnerability to the ever-present Fairy-type moves from foes such as Sylveon, Mega Altaria, and Primarina can be problematic, so bulky Steel-types like Empoleon, Cobalion, and Doublade can act as switch-ins to them. The aforementioned teammates can also switch into Grass-type moves from Serperior and Celebi as well as U-turn from Scizor and Mega Beedrill.
* Pokemon that appreciate the constant chip damage that Stealth Rock provides and have the ability to force switches to capitalize on this are also appreciated; as such, strong wallbreakers like Primarina, Heracross, and Nasty Plot Celebi are appreciated. These teammates can, in addition, take advantage of Krookodile's Knock Off support.
* Krookodile's average Speed stat can leave it outsped and pressured by foes such as Serperior and Starmie; a faster partner that can take advntage of these checks, such as Mega Manectric or Mega Aerodactyl, is appreciated due to this. In addition, a Choice Scarf user such as Latias or Infernape is also an option.
* Due to Krookodile's lack of recovery and the fact it's prone to being chipped and worn down, Wish support from Sylveon and Alomomola patches up this issue and enables Krookodile to set up Stealth Rock more consistently.
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