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From what I understand, Kubfu/Urshifu is considered a legendary (despite the fact that it is considered rare but the guy who guides you through the DLC also has one?!?). How is this possible if it has a base stat total of 550 and has a gender (I bring the gender fact up because Volcarona has this same base stat total/genders and can breed but isn't a legendary)? Sure, he has a broken ability, and has signature moves that crits every time, but based on common knowledge shouldn't legendaries have a base stat total higher than 600 while also not being able to breed? This doesn't make any sense to me.
Legendaries don't answer to any particular reason more than being labeled as that. Manaphy is the only mythical mon able to breed. Solgaleo and Lunala are the only legendaries that can evolve, which is something unheard of (go tell any Pokémon player in the DPPl era, for example, if legendaries could evolve and they would tell you definitely not, because that's a trademark of legendaries, being unable to evolve). Others have abnormal BST even for legendaries (like Regigigas), and others don't equal the others in BST (Mewtwo, which can be considered the main legendary of RGBY, has 680 BST, the same as Ho-Oh and Lugia in Generation II, but this rule is broken because potato in Gen III, with Kyogre and Groudon having 670).

So, what's so strange about the 550 BST or the gender thing. There's no common knowledge about them at this point. If tomorrow Game Freak decides to make a 5 evolution phase legendary with 900 BST, it'll be a legendary anyways.
Also in terms of Legendary BST having sub-600 is fairly common.
Most "trios" have 580 BST (birds, titans, pixies, etc) and even that got broken before with the Tapu having 570.
Urshifu having 550 is fairly unusual, it's the lowest of the fully evolved Legendary Pokemon (though if we throw in Mythics there's obviously Phione), but still not terribly odd

Though if we consider UBs as Legends, which IS how they're treated in-game but not in PR, then there's Naganadel with 540.
Are you sure bout that.
I'm not owned I'm not owned

Those are unoffocial entries, kinda like Zacian is referred as female in the pokedex entry but doesnt actually have a gender iirc
No no those are explicit (it was even a big deal at the time, first & only gendered legends), the problem was I got them flipped
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