Kyurem (QC 2/3)(Write Up Complete)

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Alright, I revamped things up somewhat. Audiosurfer or Pocket or whoever else feels like it, look over the Teammates sections and lemme know if there's anything I need to drop/add before I take this over to GP.


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Even with Earth Power, this set still hates many common Steel-types such as Scizor and Bisharp among several others which can survive Earth Power. As such, teammates that can reliably handle Steel-types, such as Landorus-T, Heatran, Volcarona, Conkeldurr, Breloom, and Hitmontop, make for useful partners.
Added Bisharp here, since some may wonder how Conkeldurr and Breloom would deal with Steel-types like Scizor and Metagross ;x

  1. Above all Steel-types, Heatran is probably the most annoying, since it 4x resists Blizzard. I would emphasize this. I would also avoid suggesting Pokemon that cannot touch it, such as Chandelure (unless you specify it as HP Fighting / Ground Chandelure).
  2. Landorus-T is great for Intimidate support I suppose, but it pretty much forces Kyurem out, because otherwise it would have to eat an Earthquake. I think Sheer Force Landorus and it's Earth Power is more fitting here. It can also use Psychic / HP Flying for Fighting-types
Breloom is also capable of doing some efficient damage to Steel-types through the use of Technician Mach Punch, though only frail Steel-types will be OHKOd by the move.
I'll just say that it's Mach Punch is great for nailing Tyranitar (another nuisance to BlizzSpam) and Bisharp, as well as inflicting >50% to most Heatrans.

Bulky Attacker:

Good - nothing more to add here (well except for the part below)

In General:

You talk about Steel-types a lot and how to deal with them, but you forgot to mention two equally important threats to Kyurem. Volcarona can set up Quiver Dance on Kyurem-B without Draco Meteor / HP Rock or after a special fall. Tyranitar removes Kyurem's weather advantage, and has enough special bulk to stomache most Blizzards.

Once you incorporate these elements into your AC, you may go ahead and proceed to GP. Good work, Nollan!
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