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Hoi Smogon, PyProd here! Damn.. What happened since this last RMT I got to do with the bro DarkAlex.. You know, I'm so bad I actually took a while to build a super nice team RMT-worth. But since you're here viewing this thread - and so meaning it exists, it means I finally succeeded! And this is not just a normal team, as it features an underrated supercool mon that's the figure of Smogon University too, with which I've had the success I could've just dreamt of: the beast named Koffing!

e - Copie.png

Teambuilding Process

So, I think the idea of this team dates from a bit long ago. So it all began when I accepted to help this guy named Naiike (shoutouts to you bro if you see this) who was at the time pretty recent in the tier. He had to prep against Xizaaa in a teamtour if I recall correctly, and we had the idea to use Koffing and Zigzagoon together: Koffing would burn mons and tank fighting type hits for the Goon to have better setup opportunities and then destroy everything as it does so well. Upon searching for ideas to build around I reminded of that exact core, and thought to myself: "Hey man why don't you give this a shot?". I ultimately began building around these two, meaning they would be the core I'd start with.

Then I needed hazard control, because why wouldn't I? Plus, it lets you play yet another time this chicken everyone seems to hate at the moment, Vullaby. So, yeah, just slap Vulla, and the rocker that can check the most reliably Vullaby: Onix. They bring speed control to the table with their Weak Armor abilities, Vulla is a great utility mon overall. Vulla was at the time HP Grass to get around opposing Onix much more easily, since Zigzagoon was Return so it couldn't hit the rock snake.

You all know at which point Abra is a fucker. And on paper it fucks the whole team if we're not careful, especially since it's a Koffing build. Scarfed Pawniard was added to mitigate that weakness as a Sash-broken Abra is much more easily dealt with. Plus, Koffing can damage Abra upon switchin because people tend to like to switch it on the stinky ball. Pawniard also brings some immediate speed which's really needed, this special set brings us a spore switchin, and I've read somewhere Pawn + Onix was a nice flycheck core (sorta) so I decided to run this.

Obviously! What would be a better icing on the cake than a fighter to wrap up the team? I chose TImburr there because of its ability to absorb ennemy status and get a nice boost from it, as well as the ability to boost itself with Bulk Up to attempt at endgame cleaning or midgame weakening, while setuping a lot more easily thanks to Koffing's burns. So Timburr was essentially the second wincon for the team.

Upon testing a bit with the team, which was already totally good I must say, I found myself wanting something that could be able to switch into Mareanie. Plus, I wasn't finding myself really using Zigzagoon that often, and had been wanting to replace this slot. In parallel, I watched a video where Luthier, a top LC player, destroyed jake with Staryu, and I was like "That's definetly what I want in the slot!". Staryu is a behemoth which can use his Psychium Z and good offensive capabilities to beat mons, and also benefits from Koffing's Will-O-Wisp to tank hits, as without Evio it's pretty frail! But this addition rounded up the team perfectly, thus making Timburr the only cleaner, and I'm totally fine with this slot! Of course, I had to make the Vullaby Heat Wave to take better on opposing Pawniards and Ferros, since they may be annoying for the team if I lose Timburr. That's it for the team.

In-Depth Team Sets Analysis


no kokoffing (Koffing) @ Eviolite
Ability: Levitate
Level: 5
EVs: 36 HP / 236 Def / 236 SpD
Bold Nature
- Will-O-Wisp
- Pain Split
- Sludge Bomb
- Thief​

I don't even know why this is so underrated. This thing has everything to be one of the nicest mons out there. Solo Poison-typing with a super nice physical bulk allows it to check Fighters all day, and to burn other physical attackers too if it's needed, such as Vullaby or Mudbray that don't do much damage when burned. It also has Levitate, meaning it's a nice Ground switchin, being notably one of the few mons Diglett can't trap, and being able to reliably switch on other ground types! Will-O-Wisp is also part of what makes this mon a niche. Imagine having already a super nice mon with an useful plethora of resistances and immunities, and with nice bulk. Now imagine this but with the ability to spread burns! Burn in LC is a super nice status, as little to nothing physically-oriented can break something when burned. It can also create some mindgames but I'll get to this later. Pain Split is a recovery, but the thing is it's kinda taken advantage of easily because of how it works, meaning if I'm not careful and my opponent sends in a low-health Pokémon, I could recover little to nothing. It's still a nice move to have as it can damage opponents too. Sludge Bomb is the STAB that's kinda nice to click when you don't know what else to click. Even with Koffing's lackluster Special Attack, you can get some nice chip and even Poison. You could run Sludge Wave here for pesky Chespins but Poison saved my ass so much times out there. Then, for the fourth slot, not Fire Blast, and fuck Toxic Spikes with all these Defoggers / Bulky Poison Types / Natural Cure Staryu Spinners out there. I'm introducing to you Thief Koffing! I've always been a fan of Thieving Defensive Mons such as Covet Spritzee and Mareanie or even Thief Snubbull, because they can just take advantage of the Knock Off play to remove an Eviolite (or even sometimes a Berry Juice which can also be nice since you'd have to click Pain Split less often), which results to, as I like to call this myself, The "You Knocked Yourself" shenanigan. Thief really is the safe option versus Knockers, even more than Will-O. Plus, sometimes, people tend to switch directly Abra in predicting a Will-O-Wisp just to get 2HKOed by Thief as they HP Fight predicting the Pawn switchin. Thief is overall an underrated move in an underrated mon, and is so strong because it's so unexpected. So yeah, Koffing is pretty much a mon that does almost everything. The name is the most obvious pun you can think of when looking at Koffing. It's a totally nice mon, you should play it, it legit cured my lack of confidence in the game, gotta love Koffing.

To sum up : Fightcheck, global physical check, Groundcheck, Statuser (burn or poison), Knocker (sort of due to thief).


midnight drunk (Staryu) @ Psychium Z
Ability: Analytic
Level: 5
EVs: 76 Def / 196 SpA / 236 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hydro Pump
- Psychic
- Recover
- Thunderbolt​

Ah, Psychium Staryu, that thing that just destroys everything, but then gets trapped by Diglett. What can I say about this behemoth.. It sits at a respectable 19 Speed Tier, only being outsped by the viable likes of Diglett, Scarfers, and the less viable Elekid. You don't even want to switch in on an Hydro Pump of this thing: it totally destroys everything that's weak to it, and anything neutral also takes a bunch. Psychic nails Foongus, Mienfoo, etc, but it's not that strong of a move against these mons when they're unknocked.. Unless you run the Z move! Able to KO the likes of Foongus after it switches in on an attack, while also taking proper care of Mienfoo, and even Timburr with a bit of chip I think, this thing generally takes an unexpected kill before being trapped by Diglett. Yeah, it's very Diglett weak after you reveal you're a Z-Move Star, but Diglett is momentum sink because of Koffing. Recover is super nice of a move, and takes advantage of a burned mon hitting less hard to recover some damage and continue to slay down several opponents. Unfortunately, I found myself not clicking this move that often, but I know it can be useful in a pinch when used well. Thunderbolt slays the likes of Mareanie, opposing Staryu and especially Vulla in one slot, which is the sole purpose I've been running the move. You can also put HP Fire somewhere on Recover or Thunderbolt to take better on this fucker named Ferroseed, but since it's Timburr bait.. It's always nice for the pesky Ferrospritz core that can fuck the team if they're played well. You can put Thunder on Thunderbolt too, as Thunder is an option that allows you to break through bulkier Water-types and to ohko the Vulla. The nickname was found because stars = night = midnight I think? And also that if I was a bit older I'd definetly get drunk before playing this team (haha jk.. or am I?). It joined the team last, but is definetly not least!

To sum up: Fast special breaker, Water-type.


egg fuck (Vullaby) @ Berry Juice
Ability: Weak Armor
Level: 5
EVs: 36 HP / 240 Atk / 80 SpA / 116 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Knock Off
- Heat Wave
- Defog
pardon the f-word

I think we all know this thing is the sole best mon in LC atm, and, at the time I'm writing this, is starting a controversial war on whether it should be suspected or not in almost every LC discussion threads and chats. But there are good reasons for this! Vullaby boasts anything you could ever dream of in one mon. Overall bulkiness but with strong offenses too, a customisable spread to go from full physical pivot to special sweeper to even mixed pivot or fuck even Flyinum Z, Overcoat Sets, SpDef Bulky Pivot (the best set to many people's minds, including mine) with almost all these sets able to knock items off, fire off strong brave birds, clear off hazards from the terrain with Defog, pivot, speed control with Weak Armor that boosts speed on physical hits.. This particular one, aside from Knocking, firing off strong Brave Birds and Defogging also somewhat takes on both Ferroseed and Pawniard with Heat Wave, but I had to give up my usual U-Turn Spam for this. It just does anything so great, and can also, if well played, annoy the shit out of U-Turners (even if bulkier variants are better to do so). And if you make a slight mistake you still have the Juice with the tankiness to still be able to pop back at full hp later on the game. The nickname is Vullaby's definition: an egg fucker, but I really love it, and it's more of a joke for me.

PS: The metagame should get rid of Vullaby to my mind. Now, pro-bans, you can hate on me.

To sum-up:
I can do anything.png


flycheck 1 0 1 (Onix) @ Eviolite
Ability: Weak Armor
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 236 Atk / 196 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Rock Blast
- Earthquake
- Explosion​

Onix, Onix, Onix. It um.. Does Onix things. Similarly to Vull it can use Weak Armor to speed boost itself when it is struck by a physical attack, and is also the hazard setter on par with Vull's hazard removing. I see people complain about people still playing Rock Blast on Onix but I've seen Stone Edge be less appealing vs Vullaby, missing out chances to K.O. Weak Armor variants (just for.. seriously.. better rolls vs Overcoat variants that aren't played that much compared to Weak Armor?), as well as overall.. Missing. Just missing. Do I really have anything to say about Earthquake? It's just a strong Ground-type STAB that you can click for reasonable damage against the predicted likes of knocked Mienfoo (easy with Koffing) or Foongus. Explosion can be a nice suicide option once opposing Vull is gone and/or you don't need Onix anymore, so you can bring in your Staryu or your Timburr in a boom. I really don't know what else is to say with this mon, aside from that the nickname is the most obvious thing ever, and that it's the best rocker at the moment, and a certain chicken might not mean nothing about that..

To sum-up: Rocker, Flycheck.

swiss knife.jpg

swiss knife (Pawniard) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Defiant
Level: 5
EVs: 236 Atk / 36 Def / 36 SpD / 196 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Knock Off
- Iron Head
- Sleep Talk
- Pursuit​

As I like to call it: the Swiss Knife! Scarf Sleep Talk Pawn is super cool like wow. It does normal Scarf Pawn things aka Knocking Off Fighters Evio when Koffing didn't steal them, Pursuit trap weakened Abras or 100% Abras for them to be left at 1% HP to be picked off by Mach Punch from Timb, locking itself into Iron Head when the switchin already is knocked (although I almost never lock Pawn into that move), and run for its life when it sees Timburr. But what's really interesting is that it also gifts you with a Spore Absorber thanks to Sleep Talk, and, upon resisting or being immune to all of Foongus moves, this makes it THE Foongus Switch that isn't bothered by Spore and can in fact let other mons such as Koffing or Vull (beware of Sludge Bomb for Vully though) switch in on Foongus. Let me add that the funny thing about Sleep Talk is that it can switch moves even if you're scarved. Scarf Pawn also gifts us with immediate speed due to the scarf, which can be useful when cleaning. The only thing I could say about this is that this Pawn doesn't have Sucker Punch but btw Sucker Punch Scarf Pawn is played around so easily by smashers. Btw, not being Sucker Punch made me win a game by some unexpected magic so that's bonus and I'll gladly take it. Still sucks to only have one priority user though.

To sum-up: Instant Speed, (sort of) secondary Flycheck, Foongus switchin, GasBra Trapper, Knocker.


dont mach (Timburr) @ Eviolite
Ability: Guts
Level: 5
EVs: 76 HP / 196 Atk / 236 Def
Adamant Nature
- Drain Punch
- Mach Punch
- Knock Off
- Bulk Up​

Last but not least in terms of visually seing the team, Timburr is the cleaner / setup sweeper of the team, that can work as a normal fighting type throughout the match too! Timburr is the best fighter atm, to the mind of a majority of people, and that's not for nothing: it actually has things over Mienfoo. Aside from having the extraordinary Guts that boosts Timburr's damage output (and even more if Timburr manages to get a Bulk Up - it kinda does easily from what I've played) when statused meaning it can absorb burns or even paralysis throughout a match: something Mienfoo can't claim to do, Timburr Knocks Off items pretty easily, sustains its own HP with Drain Punch, and is the only priority representant of the team with Mach Punch. It can also use Koffing's support to actually manage to setup easily and weaken or clean mid-game or late game. Timburr is, by the way, kinda bulky so it can already setup easily though, although you have to identify when you need to setup it. I'd like to note that normally, though, I find Mienfoo easier to use because I feel Timburr has to click too much Drain Punches meaning it's somewhat predictable if it doesn't want to die, on this team I've actually found a way to play Timburr super nicely! Nickname is because you just don't mach.

To sum-up: Fighter, priorities, setup cleaner, Knocker, status absorber.


That's it for this team! I actually had a lot of fun and success with it so I can just wish you the same when using it, even if there's not much time left in the seventh generation. The importable is just afterwards, and then there will be the shoutouts!

^ Click for Importable! ^


Now, it's time I speak frankly. Some time ago I was discussing with DarkAlex about how we evolved since the beginning of the metagame, by looking at some RMT's I had done. I started off with RMTing a very lackluster team as my first RMT on a very small French forum named "UnderUsed", which was the first team I ever built in LC, but since I was just beginning at the time in the tier, I just got something really bad built. There were some laughable techs such as Aromatherapy Spritzee which was meant to cure burns on the team, or Dazzling Gleam Chinchou which touched.. Litterally nothing at all aside from maybe KOing boosted Scraggy (and then again I don't recall seeing Scraggy in early SM), or even Poison Jab Mienfoo with all the Snubbulls running rampant, and since I was really really bad I didn't click Knock Off that often.. That team was the least successful piece of garbage you can ever find but looking to it now, it's just a bunch of funny memories.

Then, on the same forum, a decent amount of time afterwards, I gave a try to FightSpam, building my first only real good team (at the time). There were some kinda elaborate techs too such as Stone Edge Mienfoo because Larvesta was a bitch back then (and I was fond of Iron Fist Timb even if Guts has always been somewhat better). I've got really good memories fighting people with this team even if I was a bit bad too back then, and that's a team I've rebuilt a decent amount of times that's representative of my real roots in the LC tier. For these two teams, I was struck with the BJ Onix Syndrome: I knew Sturdy BJ Onix was kinda bad but to me Weak Armor Onix was even worse even if that wasn't the case and Weak Armor Onix actually is the best set, so I was running Sturdy BJ Onix on all my teams calling it a day when it came to flychecking. It was so bad at flychecking lol.

I've spent a lot of time during the seventh gen in a French community called Pokéland (I think I spent like a year and a half in PL, and the third RMT of mine got released in there. A RMT of a team around the broken piece of shit that's Shellos. I was really bad, and so kinda was the team, but nonetheless, I performed a nice win streak with Shellos, bringing down the likes of two men I just couldn't have dreamt to beat: the French iMox, who has always been a reference for me to the strategic Pokémon universe (it's even him who brought me to the LC universe), and even a win vs LilyAC, when I actually managed to setup a Shellos on a Foongus, and he didn't even crit ONCE, even if that win was just because Shellos is a broken and braindead piece of shit, and I lost the bo3 anyway.

Then there was this defining game of mine in the first Levi Premier League where I got to battle (and kinda destroy) the GOAT Amphareixon in a super nice game where everyone was so cheerful and there were the two GOATs from the HQ: lil uchi and DarkAlex! This game was definetly memorable because I got the proof I wasn't bad at all, and I just kept on improving since then. The fourth RMT (which is not of mine but only kinda half mine) was with DarkAlex and the Treecko Team I still proudly advertise on my signature. This was new grounds for me, as I got to write a RMT in English for it to be published in Smogon! This meant a whole lot of a new deal, but since I got to do it with a bro it was actually a very enjoyable moment.

So, now, at the end of the seventh generation of Pokémon, I'm there, and for that, the shoutouts are special thanks to all the people who have supported me and thanks to whom I'm actually at the level I'm at now! So, special shoutouts to..

Wolfein, told you you were going to be the first to know. c:

Then, I'm better off with shoutouting the greatest bros ever, the members of the HQ (the Discord Server "Le QG des BG"), because they were all very supportive to me. These include members like the GOATs -DarkAlex55-, lil uchi (aka 000s or whatever alt he decides to connect with), Fille, or even BlueEcho who just began playing Pokémon like a couple of months ago (and I think he already doesn't anymore), or even Sensei Bidoof who just doesn't play Pokémon, the two latter not being on Smogon, but being very enjoyable friends.

I can just shoutout them one by one too, so in that case I'll just begin with -DarkAlex55-, saying he's one of the greatest bros I've ever had, even if he's a bit dumb at times, and we kinda sometimes get mad at each other for nothing. He's just a so nice person I actually lack words to describe this. He was very supportive, and I supported him back too, and now he's kinda well-known in the LC community too, being notably Voiced (+) in the LPL chatrooms! I was there too since the beginning, and you truly evolved into someone great too!

lil uchi my son, or am I his son? Please, I don't even know anymore. You, too, were very supportive of me, missing close to no tournament match I've played: you were always here to support me even if I played like shit. On my side, I've always wished you the best in your Gen5 OU career and that's just not gonna change at all. You're a super nice person and you're actually able to defend your bros, you're so bg.

Fille, you were the one that especially taught me building, and on some high level tours, I've seen you actually spectating some of my battles! I think if I'm here now that's mostly because of you, because I've been able to build great squads ever since you taught me this aspect of the game, this team being one of them! That's just normal I'd have to shoutout you in here bro.

BlueEcho, don't let Homard kill your sanity lol. And don't stop the JoJo earrapes, I like 'em.

I'm sorry Bidoof, but what can I really say about you. You're like one of my best fams too, and you have a lot of cultural references so it's always funny to joke with you (it's always funny to joke with you, Blue, too). The only think I can ask is: Have you watched frickin Carnival Phantasm!?!??!?!!?!!!!?!?1!?

Then, I think I can totally shout the tyrant himself: taranteeeno. Seriously you were a super nice dude putting faith in me with my LPL Game (LPL1 Scrubs were hot though), and you actually made me want to win to the point I destroyed my oppo. I'd sum this up by saying you try hard to be mean but I know how you really are c:

I can also shout other bros like Midnight Howl: you're a super dude too, and I'm sorry I don't speak to you that often, it's just that you don't seem to be connected that much, or you play on alts, so I miss you each time I'm connected. Budew stronk.

Budew STR0NK.png

And also the rest of the Scrub Squad Snorunts who were really a very nice team, that just outclasses other LPL scrubs teams (Scrubinium Z Salandits and Sandy Scrubs, even if I played more times in the Sandy Scrubs Team and it really is a nice team nonetheless.) to my mind. Really sorry guys, but I'm trying to speak sincerely.

I could also ping other niceru communities like the RP Communities (Terria and PMD, notably), as well as Solgaleo28's server (even if I currently come by here times to times), even if Adlon from the RP is a submissive dude.

And with that being said, I'm finished with my last action of this seventh Pokémon Generation, and, hoping Galarian Koffing will be announced one day, I'll be out! Bya!

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