Lady Luck is my Lady (5th Gen. Wi-Fi OU)

I've tested this team quite a bit, and also its members under different teams as well.

To introduce this team I need to talk about my thought process:

I love stall, walling and annoying. I've never been able to figure out how to go full offense, heck, even having a single sweeper on my team can be troublesome for me to pull together.

I've been playing on Wi-Fi since shortly after Garchomp's ban during 4th gen., so I'm not a rookie, but I've never been perfect at team building. I took a break to do collage a little before HG/SS came out.

So with the 5th gen. release I felt like I should get back into the game. I've battled, and I'm rusty. And I can't devote all my time to battling, so bare with me here.

But let's run through my Paraflinchhax-Hazard team:

When I heard that some of the previous ubers had been allowed back into OU I realized that Skymin was back. When Platinum came out I was still using my DS and didn't use Shoddy much, so this was the perfect chance to use it. And I love this little critter. Good movepool and stats make for a fun time with Serene Grace.

Now I knew Skymin couldn't hax stuff by itself, so I pulled over another Serene Grace Pokemon I used during 4th gen.: Togekiss. This thing is not only bulky, but also haxy. My two favorite flavors.

So I looked at these two and thought "Sheesh, look at that Ice and Rock weakness!" so I grabbed my favorite Rapid Spinner and added Stealth Rock to it as well.

Well, now I needed Spikes, and a Paralyzer, and something to resist Rock. And in a ray of light my favorite 5th gen. wall, Nattorei, came. The most common wall of this gen. so far, if I remember right. It's really awesome I think.

Look at that awful Fire weakness (I'll come back to this later), I needed a Fire resister. And in my experience the wall combo Slowking/Nattorei have been game winning in previous teams (I've also had Slowbro/SpD Nattorei before, but I like working from Nattorei's better stat). Dream World made the Slows even better at walling with Regeneration. Plus, Slowking gets Slack Off, and Thunder Wave for some reason.

I needed another paralyzer, preferably one that can get Ground types, and from past teams Erufuun has been pretty tough (Erufuun "sweeps" have happened). Not to mention she causes a lot a switches.

Erufuun (Fuuni) @ Leftovers
Mischievous Heart
EVs: HP 16/Def. 252/SpD 236/Spe 4
~ Taunt
~ Leech Seed
~ Substitute
~ Stun Spore

My primary lead and general annoyer. While I usually use it as a lead, in team preview I have Togekiss in the top spot to throw people off. Besides being a nasty annoyer, it has proven to be a tough staller and team player paralyzing and Leech Seeding foes. SubSeed is of course there for maximum annoyance, and Taunt really helps shutdown walls and supporters. The biggest downside however, in spite of the EVs, is its general frailty and short life if not switched smartly. The EVs I have are based off of the Jumpluff Smogon set but are somewhat altered to fit the Pokemon (note the Speed difference), I'm very open to changes there.

Nattorei (Natt) @ Leftovers
Iron Barbs
EVs: HP 252/ Def. 252/ SpD 4
~ Power Whip
~ Leech Seed
~ Thunder Wave
~ Spikes

This metal plant is awesome. A great typing and useful ability. Thunder Wave for paralyzing foes, Leech Seed for some healing and support, Spikes for my hazards, and Power Whip for some form of offense. He is my secondary lead for when I feel Erufuun isn't needed (ex: Espeon). A great help, but his Fire weakness combined with the other THREE Fire weaknesses on my team isn't looking good. His EV spread is mostly an obvious 252/252/4, I feel it could be better, but nothing has come to mind since I first made it (for my first 5th gen. PO team).

Slowking (Kingu) @ Leftovers
EVs: HP 252/ SpA 4/ SpD 252
~ Surf
~ Ice Beam
~ Slack Off
~ Thunder Wave

The King. Well, kind of. He has a very interesting wall synergy with Nattorei, leaving Bug as the only problematic type (as King is weak to Bug while Natt is only neutral). Surf is for STAB and Ice Beam is for coverage. Slack Off is for healing and Thunder Wave is for spreading the love. While Slowking is a true king (takes Draco Meteors like no Dragon's business), and has healing in two forms discounting Lefties and possible Leech Seed carry-over, he has to shoulder the Fire resistance and most Ice attacks as Forretress can't heal itself. The EV spread is made for maximum SpD sponging, however, I'm open to changes.

(No animated sprite makes Forry sad)
Forretress (Joli) @ Leftovers
EVs: HP 252/ Atk 96/ Def. 160
Speed IV 0
~ Stealth Rocks
~ Gyro Ball
~ Rapid Spin
~ Volt Change

My Spinner to make life easier (seriously, hazards are everywhere), and SR user. Also, minimum Speed with Gyro Ball for max damage (3HKOs most Dory as a side note), and Volt Change for easy switching. It fills the spot for added resists, SR and Spinning mostly, though Gyro Ball does a lot of damage if needed. The EV spread is an altered version of the Smogon page one, but changes are welcome.

Togekiss (Lyndis) @ Leftovers
Serene Grace
EVs: HP 252/ SpA 60/ Spe 196
~ Air Slash
~ Aura Sphere
~ Roost
~ Nasty Plot

The closest thing I have to a boosting sweeper. Basically Nasty Plot then attack and heal as needed. Air Slash is fun because of that wonderful 60% flinch chance, and Aura Sphere makes for solid coverage with perfect accuracy. SR is handled by Forry, and paralyzing is handled by Eruf, Natt and King, to allow Kiss as much life and haxing time as possible. The EV spread in a very slightly altered one from the Smogon page, changes are welcome.

Shaymin-S (SkyWarrior) @ Life Orb
Serene Grace
EVs: Def. 4/ SpA 252/ Spe 252
~ Air Slash
~ Seed Flare
~ Earth Power
~ Hidden Power [Ice]

What's this? A Pokemon on my team without Leftovers? Yes, and it has Life Orb so I'm not stuck with one move then having to switch out over and over. Sure, it's life is pretty short, but it's purpose is to hax hard and fast. Really, my new favorite offensive Pokemon. I already liked Shaymin land from last gen., but Skymin takes the cake. Air Slash for STAB and hax, Seed Flare for mostly the same, and Earth Power and Hidden Power [Ice] for coverage. The lack of Choice Scarf also hurts less than it might because of the paralysis everywhere. The EV spread is the same as on the Smogon page as are the move choices (though it should be said I came to the conclusion of what moves to use before I check Smogon), changes are welcome of course.


I do understand I have a Fire weakness. Also, on weathers, Sun "dries" up the team unless I move fast. In Sand I have problems, but I can handle myself. Rain is fine as long as I don't switch King or Kiss in on a Thunder. I haven't even battled Hail yet, but I think I'd be able to deal with it a similar way as when I deal with Sand.

Thanks for your time and please be polite when responding. Here's a quick look at the team as I close:

Sprite credit goes to Bulbapedia,, and
Looks like you have some trouble with Rotom-H, who has a Super-Effective move on every single one of your Pokemon. Consider something that resists this combo, like Swampert.

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