PiC Landorus-I [GP 0/1]


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Offensive (Landorus) @ Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Tera Type: Poison / Steel
Timid Nature
- Earth Power / Sandsear Storm
- Sludge Bomb
- Substitute / Sandsear Storm / Imprison
- Protect

Landorus serves its role as one of the scariest wallbreakers in the tier, using its good stats and great ability in Sheer Force, as well as strong type matchup into prominent metagame threats like Incineroar, Gholdengo, and Iron Hands. Sludge Bomb hits foes such as Rillaboom and both Ogerpon forms, while Substitute allows Landorus to punish Protects, get around moves such as Spore, stop Fake Out while still being able to attack (unlike Protect), and stall out Trick Room. Sandsear Storm gives Landorus a spread option, while Imprison can be used to stop moves like Fake Out, Trick Room, and Protect alongside teammates like Incineroar, Sinistcha, and the multitude of Protect users respectively. Imprison can also help massively in the Landorus+Tornadus mirror, as you can block almost all of the opponents moves. Sheer Force can sometimes be a double edged sword for Landorus’s teammates, as it can remove important secondary effects, most notably Fake Out. Landorus struggles with Porygon2, as it can take its attacks well and fire back with a powerful Ice Beam, as well as being able to set Trick Room to help Landorus be out-offensed. Levitate and Earth Eater users like Orthworm and the Lati twins can also be a problem for Landorus, as it will grant its team an immunity to Landorus's Ground-type attacks and in the case of the Lati twins, outspeed Landorus and OHKO it with Ice Beam. Tera Poison brings extra power to Landorus's Sludge Bomb, while also providing a decent defensive type that removes a lot of Landorus's weaknesses. Alternatively, Tera Steel is a purely defensive Tera that notably gives Landorus a resistance to Chien-Pao's Ice-type attacks, but most importantly being an all-round good defensive type.

Notable Partners
**Speed Control**: Speed control such as Tornadus and Tailwind Latias help Landorus not be outsped and revenge killed, allowing it to wallbreak much more effectively. Tornadus in particular can also provide a spread Flying-type STAB for Landorus, while Landorus's Sheer Force can boost both Tornadus and Latias's firepower.

**Offensive Pokemon**: Landorus can share its Sheer Force with many offensive threats to boost their damage output, such as Chien-Pao, Volcanion, and Heatran. These teammates also may have typing-based offensive synergy with Landorus, with Chien-Pao beating the Lati twins and the Flying-types that can be problematic for Landorus.

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Only issue: Sheer Force plays more like a double edged sword because it can remove important 100% secondary effects (biggest offender is Sheer Force Fake Out, which happens more often than you think), so mentioning caution while Lando-I is active is pretty important.

It might be pertinent to slash Sandsear on earth power, especially since it synergizes well other common earth power clickers like Heatran and Volcanion

No other issues I can see aside from that

QC 1/2


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  • Mention Landorus not being able to do much into opposing Levitate / Earth Eater mons in general since its strongest weapon becomes either useless or detrimental, you can still mention a specific example but Landorus doesn't struggle with one specific one moreso the whole suite of them (except for like Rotom-Cut). (This is arguably a nitpick though)
  • I'd argue both Lati twins are equally viable at the moment and in the context you use Latias in, Latios works just as well (if not better), so if just "lati wins" isn't GP legal, mix them up (I.e keep Latias in the overview, but change it to Latios in the context of Sheer Force benefactors etc.
  • Don't forget to edit in the credits, you forgot HiZo's
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