[Language Proposal] We ought to stop saying retire


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Im a big believer that language plays a large role in the cultute of a community. Currently when we refer to a player who has moved on from Smogon and competitive Pokemon in general we use the word "Retire." This promotes a toxic culture of posting and participating. We ought to stop using this sort of language for a couple reasons.

  1. Highly offensive towards Americans who can never retire
  2. Implies the user is too old to play mons
  3. Ableist language
  4. A lot of users never truly "retire"

I have a few suggestions we could use to replace this term such as Indefinite Hiatus. This implies the user may still come back but leaves it open ended on whether they actually will or not. I believe this a step in the right direction in creating a more inclusive environment.
When the previous RO for the videogames room on showdown stepped down, they were given the washed role in the discord. I think we should start calling ex-staff washed.
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