Last Minute Building - Round 1

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The tournament will be OU / single elimination where opponents contact each other and declare 3 Pokemon that will be banned from both sides (so 6 will be banned in total). After that, both players will have 15 minutes to build a team and play Bo1 after the ban has been decided. This is where 'last minute' concept becomes relevant.
Round 1:

Lotus vs DeadYouAre
vs stableprince569
excelphantom vs JG Juan
Energy vs toytean
byronthewellwell vs agenS
Quaze vs neomon


Proof of bracket
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Sorry, didn't have proper access to internet for a while

excelphantom takes win for speaking up about opponent being unresponsive
Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 9.09.19 AM.png


Will post round 2 some time later today

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