Announcement Last Respects is banned from UUbers & Basculegion-F is now unbanned from UUbers

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Last Respects is an incredibly limiting move on the metagame and has single-handedly pushed many Pokemon’s viability sky-high, as it made these Pokemon stand out. At first, we had Basculegion-F as the primary (and only) abuser, which abused Swift Swim + Rain to outspeed the entire metagame and hit them with a boosted STAB Ghost move, which nothing shy of bulky resists, like Arceus-Dark, or Normal types like Cyclizar, could stand up to. This led to a massive surge of Tera Normal on Pokemon, as this was the most reliable way to counter Last Respects, and thus the council decided that Basculegion-F with Last Respects was too restrictive and uncompetitive in forcing the opponent to withhold their tera. It inevitably led to many games being a Basculegion vs. Basculegion speed tie.

We now face a similar predicament with Houndstone but with slightly less severity. Houndstone, too, has the move Last Respects, which can be up to a 350 bp STAB ghost move, which rips through all but the bulkiest resists, as noted earlier. Houndstone also has the similar trait of doubling its speed under weather, this time being sand, often set by Hippodown or Tyranitar. This means Houndstone can outspeed the entire metagame and KO the entire metagame with a supercharged Last Respects. A few things initially stopped the council from banning the move altogether: Firstly, Houndstone was significantly slower, being outsped by +1 base 120 speed stat Pokemon, most notably Arceus Formes. The next thing was that, so far, only Basculegion-F was broken with the move. However, we now find ourselves staring down at a similar problem, but with more dimensions. Houndstone sometimes runs bulky Last Respects sets with Fluffy, which makes it troublesome on the physical side to weaken, and even with its slow speed due to its ability & bulk it's able to find itself firing off strong attacks with not much worry, making it both offensively and defensively potent.

We have seen Houndstone thrive on Trick Room teams taking even further benefit from the ability Fluffy and extra HP bulk. We have seen Houndstone be threatening as a late-game sweeper with scarf. This from our view has only been possible due to Last Respects. We feel as of right now we don't have the ample counterplay or Pokemon to have this move be balanced in our tier. Our goal is too balance the tier as best as possible for our player base. We feel it is a restrictive highly uncompetitive move that currently has no place in the Ubers UU metagame. Thus, we the SV Ubers UU council elected to vote on Last Respects with the options being Ban, Do Not Ban, or Abstaining The results are as follows:

Last Respects

FinchleyDorronImperialOrder241Leo JusticeNap00QBKing3NJNPKineSquaredRubenPaceSwordIsBored

With a unanimous decision of votes in favor of a quickban, 1 abstaining, and 0 do no ban votes, Last Respects has been quick banned from SV Ubers UU with an 100% supermajority from the tiering council! We will also be unanimously unbanning Basculegion-F as we believe it will be a balanced Pokemon in the metagame without Last Respects. Tagging Kris and Marty to implement this as it is effective immediately in SV Ubers UU.
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