Late Night Gourmands

I am an avid cooker but sometimes I don’t crave “normal” food. I crave odd snacks, mostly made out of whatever it in my kitchen.

Please share your late night gourmands/weird snacks

i’ll go first, a late night gourmand from tonight. Nachos, but not just any nachos, white cheddar + garlic parmesan sauce (and some pepper) it was a solid 7.5/10 (my friend gave it a 8.5)I definitely think it could me optimized more, but tis the curse of the late night gourmand… if you try to make this snack i would recommend 1 thing I didn’t do, melt the cheese before you put on the sauce, my sauce became freakishly warm and knocked the nachos down a few points.

to quote my friend “this looks really bad, but smells and tastes really good”

anyways happy cooking!
Not exactly a "Late Night" snack, but something I threw together maybe an hour after dinner. We had leftover mashed potatoes, so I took a tortilla and plopped some mashed potatoes on it and sprinkled shredded cheese and bacon bits on top of it. After that, I microwaved it and then wrapped it up. As such, I present to you... The Loaded Baked Potato Wrap!*


*not actual photo, but representative of actual look


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Finally, a post where I can show off my crackhead recipes.

1. The Drifting Quesadilla

1. Grab some tortillas
2. On one half of the tortilla place some shredded cheese, sriracha, salt and pepper
3. Fold over and microwave for 100 seconds
4. Take out of microwave and cut into strips, eat with knife and fork



2. The Chips-Parmesan-Sweet Chilli Wrap

1. Put chips, parmesan and sweet chilli in a tortilla
2. Wrap it up and put it in the microwave for like idk like 30 seconds to a minute


The meals aren’t all that special. What really shines are my desserts:

3. Drifting Milky Treats

1. Make a glass of milk
2. Put some random bullshit in it




4. Chocolate Ice Cream a la Drifting

1. Fill a ramekin with milk and nutella
2. Let it sit in the freezer for 20 minutes


5. All’s Shell That Ends Shell

1. Make a glass of milk
2. Squirt in a lot of chocolate Magic Shell (Ice Magic in UK/Australia)
3. Stir rigorously



100 likes and I will publish the complete Drifting Cookbook.
My cousin always watches the wild kratts right before bed at 8PM which is late night for her, and there's a humble little fellow named gourmand who is an aspiring chef. Sadly his meals always get sabotaged by the green and blue furries.


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my late night (and early morning) go to is making toast w a v a seeded high-protein type bread, ca olive oil, local grey salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and maybe some cayenne or smoked paprika (depending on which i have and if im in a mood to ruin the perfect toast by adding an unnecessary spice).
Here is how to make a snack I call "Egg on Noodle." I do not think it is original or that weird but it is a tastey snack.

Instant Ramen Noodle
Soy Sauce
El Yucateco Hot Sauce

Boil the amount of water Instant Ramen Noodle directs in a small pot.
Place Instant Ramen Noodle into pot of boiling water. Let cook for the amount of time Instant Ramen Noodle directs.
At the same time heat up a frying pan and begin cooking Egg. I prefer to cook Over Easy Egg but you can cook Sunny Side Up Egg if you prefer.
After Noodle finishes cooking strain out the water in which it cooked.
Put Noodle in a bowl.
Finish cooking Egg.
Drip a good amount of Soy Sauce onto Noodle and mix.
Drip some drops of El Yucateco Hot Sauce onto Noodle and mix.
Place Egg on Noodle.
Salt and Pepper Egg.
Drip one or two drops of El Yucateco Hot Sauce onto Egg.
Cut Egg in half with a utensil.
Egg on Noodle is now cooked.
Eat Egg on Noodle with a utensil of your choice.


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i tried making mochi and i failed then i panicked and added a bunch of crushed snickers bars to it and made it worse and now it's sat at the bottom of my freezer waiting for death someone please help me salvage this


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OK I told myself I'd get a picture but I forgot once more, so time for my favorite junk food in a turbo specific savory crepe.
CW: an entire discord chat clowned me for the ingredients list but hey! don't knock it till you've tried it!

Ingredients are:
crepe mix
shredded Gouda
breaded chicken / chicken nuggets
french fries
ham (optional)

OK so you get your crepe base, then once you flip it you put on some shredded Gouda cheese; you can substitute or even add a different cheese! I'm just telling you what I use after 10 years of experimentation in my town where crepes are very popular as a broke student's dinner (nowhere near close France btw!). If your pan is small so your crepes are flimsy, you may need to add a second crepe to fortify the structure. Now, the chicken I've mentioned should OBVIOUSLY be precooked; you throw all the meat ingredients into a different pan to warm them up a little bit just so that the mouth-feel is consistent instead of having frozen nuggies in your mouth. Cut the breaded chicken into nugget-like sized bites or just straight up use chicken nuggets! I find that using my own chicken obviously is tastier but I understand not everyone wants to sit there and cook chicken breasts JUST for this late-night snack. Cut the bacon (and/or ham) into small pieces; you don't want to overwhelm your palette with that flavor, the chicken should be the star of the show! Once the cheese is nice and melted or at the bare minimum melty, you throw on the rest of the meats and add your fries and mayonnaise! IMPORTANT! Mayo should be added as a final ingredient so it stays as cold as possible: nothing is worse than warm mayo, after all. Fold the crepe any way you like; I personally go for the technique in the spoiler.

this crepe is NOT nutritional and may take longer than some people have the patience for. But you know what it is? It's portable af so if you live in any country but the US you can actually eat it as you walk around your city/town/village which isn't full of dogshit drivers and you have a very small chance of meeting someone from N*w J*rsey.

ooh crepes are fun, I’ve never made dinner crepes before, I usually opt for sweeter ones with stuff like raspberries, might try yours out though sounds good

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