LC Core Laddering Challenge #4

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USM Challenge #4
4 Cores, Feb 7 - Feb 14

Mienfoo + Pancham
Tag: CCMp4
Hall of Fame Rankings:
Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1450+
Silver: 1400+
Bronze: 1350+

Wingull + Taillow
tag: CCWt4
Hall of Fame Rankings
Platinum: 1550+
Gold: 1450+
Silver: 1400+
Bronze: 1350+

Note:To register to participate in a core challenge, you must reply to this forum with the proper information to be eligible! This also applies for submitting peaks (with that said please keep all of your information onto 1 post)! Otherwise, refer to the Index Threadfor the official rules and info on this project.​
Challenge Registration:
PS Name: Pamplona
Laddering Alts: CCWt4 Pamplona

Coming off of a win so hopefully the success continues! I've never used either of these so let's see what happens haha.
F i l l e
CCMp4 Fillee

had to edit name cause colour was ugly

Already got that team boiiii


Didn't notice the lack of time for this one, rip my fav core :(
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