LC LC Majors III - Stage 1 (Pools) [Tiebreaks post #300]


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Not going to make an act call on the games that don't matter for advancement, sorry.

Vulpix Pool:

Gay Lilith vs Hyssou - complete failure to schedule properly, flipped
Gay Lilith vs Grankie - act
Gay Lilith vs xavgb - act

Natu Pool:

RLplayer vs FP - what happened here? flipped

Magby Pool:

false vs zben - indications that zben only reached out yesterday in a two week round. act
JustCallMeJcm vs zben - missed time

Screenshot 2022-06-06 000018.png

Pool tiebreaks will be posted once all pools activity decisions are posted.


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Not going to make an act call on the games that don't matter for advancement, sorry.

Timburr Pool:
Nael222 vs Bless - Nael222 was given the win
billysmitr vs Bless - billysmitr was given the win
MOHAMEDALL vs Bless - MOHAMEDALL was given the win
Nael222 vs billysmitr - act

Diglett Pool:
Penguin-Pwince vs Mr.Bossaru - no public evidence of contact, flipped

Trapinch Pool:
OOz!? vs Ahmad Alfatih - act
Shao Yo vs Ahmad Alfatih - act
TheShoddyStrawman vs Ahmad Alfatih - act

Onix Pool:
Rakfnaanto vs Splash - minimal effort to schedule from both sides, flipped

Pawniard Pool:
theBigbrother17 vs Grimji - no extensions for two-week rounds, flipped
theBigbrother17 vs Camden - no evidence the game was played, and no further scheduling attempts, flipped
DuckeryDoodle vs Camden - minimal effort to schedule from both sides, flipped

Foongus Pool:
King Billu vs TheKingKarp - TheKingKarp called act but didn't reach out to his opponent at scheduled time, and King Billu said at a later time that he was online at scheduled time, impossible to disprove either, flipped

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As far as Trapinch pool goes many of us tried to play with Ahmad Alfatih/Mister Magnus however he wont show up. I tried twice but he didnt respond or say anything either while schedruling or when we chose to play.
The others have had a similar expirence.
We have reached the deadline.

Activity wins
Staryu Pool
jns0808 vs. Comedier - Comedier missed the scheduled time by over an hour.
jns0808 vs. AriJimo - While the initial scheduling was somewhat unclear, AriJimo hasn't been online since 27 May and did not respond to any scheduling or rescheduling attempts after that date.

Porygon Pool
EnzoLapras vs. Danny - EnzoLapras set a time, received no response, and then showed up at the time stipulated. Danny did not show up.

Ponyta Pool
GoldHunter vs. Misce11aneous - Not an activity win, but I'm posting the result because no replay was posted and I had to go look myself. GoldHunter won - link to game

Snover Pool
Garance, you are requesting activity wins but I cannot see any public proof of scheduling. I saw a mention of a group PM; if I could be added to that or be able to see it in some other way then I will be able to make a call.

Staryu Pool
- neither sides scheduled games

Porygon Pool
- no evidence of any scheduling
- no game was posted

Ponyta Pool
- no replay was posted by either player and I cannot find a replay through searching on Showdown

Snover Pool
- no evidence of this game happening and no activity call
- no proof of scheduling
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Tiebreak time to figure out exactly who advances.

Diglett Pool - top 1 advance
Penguin-Pwince vs Goblin
Nultiprise vs Goblin
Nultiprise vs Penguin-Pwince

Trapinch Pool - top 1 advance
OOz!? vs Shao Yo
TheShoddyStrawman vs Shao Yo
OOz!? vs TheShoddyStrawman

Pawniard Pool - top 2 advance
califlour vs Grimji
Camden vs Grimji
Camden vs califlour

Foongus Pool - top 1 advance
King Billu vs TheKingKarp
Kowasabii vs TheKingKarp
Kowasabii vs King Billu

Koffing Pool - top 1 advance
trace vs Nick.see
MK007 vs Nick.see
MK007 vs trace

Wingull Pool - top 1 advance
Sificon vs tob
natu vs tob
natu vs Sificon

Scraggy Pool - top 1 advance
Éric vs Leafium Z
Fluore vs Leafium Z
Fluore vs Éric

Ponyta Pool - top 1 advance
kythr vs GoldHunter
Marilink vs GoldHunter
Marilink vs kythr

Snover Pool
Chilly Winds vs Garance

Vulpix Pool
Voltix vs Hyssou

Natu Pool
RLplayer vs Swelter

Mudbray Pool - top 2 advance
chlo vs damien the genius
Aclios vs damien the genius
Aclios vs chlo

Frillish Pool - top 1 advance
Heysup vs Neblina
ikiarihS vs Neblina
Heysup vs ikiarihS

Amaura Pool - top 1 advance
ProDigeZz vs pppppp
Quiche Nuts Gandhi vs pppppp
Quiche Nuts Gandhi vs ProDigeZz

Magby Pool - top 2 advance
false vs zben
Huargensy vs zben
Huargensy vs false

Tiebreak Deadline: Sunday June 12th, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Replays are still mandatory, best of 1 games.
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yooo Merritt bro i called act againt Gay Lilith ?? why im in tiebreak
Mdrrrr c'est quoi ce site sur dieu zehma le gars est jamais co il réussi à m'activity nan nan
I see you misunderstand the activity decision I made here. I am happy to clear things up for you. You did not receive an activity loss, instead your matchup against Gay Lilith was judged to have insufficient effort for either side to be granted an activity win, and so the result of the match was coinflipped. You did lose that coinflip, giving Gay Lilith the coinflip win, the results of that flip are in the hide at the bottom of my activity decision post labeled as "flips".

If you understood what decision made was and are instead attempting to dispute that, I am happy to clear that up for you as well. To be blunt, your efforts in scheduling were well below the standards required to get an activity win. Your scheduling can be basically transcribed, not just summed up, as "im +1" and "i can play now". You have provided essentially no attempt to get the game done, aside from a weak 'right now' message, while your opponent provided a full list of their availability. You confirmed no time, made no real effort to get the game done, and so you do not have grounds for an activity win.

Same for me, the guy woke up at last hours of the deadline and i'm in tie with him
What you have provided for your game vs Chilly Winds indicates that he sent you a "want to play right now" message, you responded about 45 minutes later saying that you could play now, and that is it. This is not sufficient scheduling for an activity win - it's not scheduling at all - and so that game will stay as a flip unless you have some other information to provide.

I'm honestly not going to really go into detail about the evidence you provided about your game vs jcbc as you won that coinflip.

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