LC RU Cup I - Round 2


LC RU Cup - Round 2

Update: LC RU will soon be submitting a request for a private room! If you aren't in the server but would like to join the room and show support for the tier, please DM me your showdown username. The more people we have, the more likely our request will be approved. Thank you so much!

Welcome to round 2 of the LC RU Cup. Congrats on your win last week and good luck on your matches this week!

Don't forget to triple check your teams to make sure all the Pokemon are legal.

Base LC Bans:
Abilities: Chlorophyll, Moody
Moves: Baton Pass
Pokemon: Cherubi, Corsola-Galar, Cutiefly, Drifloon, Gastly, Gothita, Rufflet, Scyther, Sneasel, Swirlix, Tangela, Vulpix-Alola, Woobat

Usage Bans (based on policy found here): Abra, Amaura, Archen, Baltoy, Carvanha, Chinchou, Corphish, Cottonee, Croagunk, Cufant, Dewpider, Diglett, Diglett-Alola, Drilbur, Dwebble, Elekid, Farfetch'd-Galar, Ferroseed, Foongus, Frillish, Goldeen, Grookey, Grubbin, Helioptile, Hippopotas, Joltik, Koffing, Larvesta, Lileep, Magby, Magnemite, Mareanie, Meowth, Mienfoo, Mudbray, Munchlax, Natu, Omanyte, Onix, Pancham, Pawniard, Ponyta, Ponyta-Galar, Porygon, Pumkpaboo-Small, Sandshrew, Sandshrew-Alola, Scraggy, Scorbunny, Shellder, Shellos, Snover, Spritzee, Staryu, Stunky, Timburr, Tirtouga, Trapinch, Tyrunt, Vullaby, Vulpix, Wingull

Additional RU Bans: Zorua, Zigzagoon

Please join the server for sample teams and metagame discussion.

The viability rankings can be found here.
The role compendum can be found here.

Speeds with max speed invest and beneficial nature (unboosted):
19: Buneary, Meowth-Alola, Poliwag
18: Anorith, Dreepy, Feebas, Magikarp, Minccino, Salandit, Wimpod
17: Arrokuda, Charmander, Combee, Electrike, Espurr, Litten, Purrloin, Remoraid, Sandile, Skorupi, Smoochum, Sobble, Tentacool, Treecko, Trubbish, Tympole
16: Axew, Barboach, Budew, Bunnelby Eevee, Fletchling, Growlithe, Horsea, Kabuto, Karrablast, Lillipup, Mime Jr., Noibat, Pichu, Psyduck, Riolu, Rockruff, Rookidee, Venipede, Wailmer, Zigzagoon-Galar, Zubat
15: Bagon, Binacle, Blipbug, Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Chewtle, Clauncher, Darumaka, Darumaka-Galar, Dratini, Hoothoot, Impidimp, Inkay, Jangmo-o, Krabby, Mantyke, Nickit, Nidoran-M, Pidove, Pumpkaboo, Pumpkaboo-Large, Shinx, Silicobra, Sinistea, Sizzlipede, Snorunt, Squirtle, Stufful, Swablu, Swinub, Torchic, Vanilite, Wooloo
14: Cosmog, Cubchoo, Cubone, Deino, Exeggcute, Fomantis, Gible, Golett, Goomy, Hatenna, Larvitar, Machop, Meowth-Galar, Milcery, Mudkip, Nidoran-F, Nincada, Phantump, Popplio, Pumpkaboo-Super, Ralts, Rowlet, Toxel, Tyrogue
13: Aron, Beldum, Bergmite, Bounsweet, Bronzor, Clobbopus, Duskull, Elgyem, Happiny, Honedge, Klink, Lickitung, Lotad, Munna, Oddish, Petilil, Rhyhorn, Rolycoly, Seedot, Shelmet, Skrelp, Skwovet, Spheal, Whismur, Wynaut, Yamask, Yamask-Galar, Yamper
12: Applin, Azurill, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Litwick, Morelull, Roggenrola, Sandygast, Slowpoke, Slowpoke-Galar, Snom, Solosis, Togepi, Wooper
11: Bonsly, Gossifleur

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Format: Gen 8 LC with additional bans listed in the spoiler above.
  • Bringing a Pokemon not legal for LC RU will result in a forfeit of that match, please double check your teams.
  • Best of three, single elimination
  • Battles should take place on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Standard battle clauses
  • Replays are required! Please post the replays in the post which states that you've won.

tko  vs  Lilburr
 vs  KM
Eonito  vs  Albinson
Nultiprise  vs  Decem
daniYSB  vs  Sciroccoo
Universes  vs  Inazuma-Fulgur
 vs  keppy
FP  vs  Elfuseon
 vs  Peachy07
TDK  vs  EviGaro
 vs  447323a
yellowfin  vs  gali
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d  vs  risi
 vs  megatyler30
boulicrok  vs  iKiQ
SergioRules  vs  Eve

Message me on discord if you have any questions: megatyler30#6446.
Deadline Sunday 25th at 11:59PM GMT-5
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